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New paperYouth Contributions to Peacebuilding in Yemen: “The situation needs us to be active”, written by Kate Nevens, Marwa Baabbad and Jatinder Padda for Saferworld. The paper draws on our experience of working with youth organisations and activists in Yemen over the past decade, and looks at the heavy toll the conflict is taking on youth activism, as well as the vital roles that youth continue to play in their communities across Yemen. Please find the paper attached and a link to the Saferworld page here.

November  2019


2. Scotland Stop the War at the STUC St Andrews day anti-racist demo/rally

June 2019

The presentations from the NFLA Scotland Forum 10th May seminar in Dundee City Chambers can be found at –

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1. On the INF Treaty:


October 2018  : for their new report

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2nd May: Acronym  streamed  event entitled ‘Preventing nuclear use: the roles of the NPT, TPNW, security assurances and NWFZ‘ from the NPT PrepCom at the UN in Geneva
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Feb 2018 ase/stop-trident-war-crimes/

9th January 2018, Article by Edinburgh’s Paul O’Hanlon published in Australia: Nukes in Scotland: Peace camp maintains decades long vigil

6 December 2017, US: Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg reveals he was a nuclear war planner and warns of nuclear winter and global starvation if war breaks out between US and North Korea.

4 December 2017, UK: How arms companies influence the Trident debate.

23 November 2017, Scotland: Scottish MSPs and MPs formally back UN nuclear weapons ban: “A clear majority of Scottish parliamentarians at Holyrood and Westminster now formally back the United Nations (UN) Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, thanks to a mass signing at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Parliamentary Pledge of support.”

23 November 2017, UK: CND on the Budget.

21 November 2017, global: In modernizing its nuclear arsenal, the U.S. stokes a new arms race.

19 November 2017, US: Normalising nukes: How U.S. war planners and weapons manufacturers are making the US nuclear arsenal more “usable” in order to give the president additional nuclear “options” on any future battlefield.

15 November 2017, UK: CommonSpace opinion article explains how the nuclear ban treaty can encourage divestment from nuclear weapons producing companies.

12 November 2017, UK: the Sunday Herald reports on the UK government’s censorship of official warnings about the safety of the Trident nuclear weapons system based on the Clyde.

8 November 2017, Scotland: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon signs pledge to support the nuclear ban treaty, saying “We will never accept that a limit should be placed on the contribution Scotland can make to building a better world. Strong voices for peace and justice are needed now more than ever.”

3 November 2017, US: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports that the US will spend $1.74 trillion over three decades on its nuclear weapons “modernisation” programme.