Edinburgh CND Hiroshima Day Vigil

Photo by Balon Greyjoy – Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=109246076

Edinburgh CND will commemorate the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945, with a vigil at 5pm on Saturday 6th August on Princes Street at the Junction with Castle Street.

There will be a short set by the Protest in Harmony singers. 

We hope to see you there on this 77th anniversary.

Edinburgh CND monthly meeting – June 2022

Our next meeting will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 7th June. This will be an online meeting via Zoom – please get in touch if you would like to attend and haven’t received zoom details.


  1. International Solidarity Festival (Saturday 25th June)
  2. Report on recent events (May Day, Corstorphine Fair, Meadows Festival) 
  3. Leaflet printing costs
  4. Bursary for staff attending NPT review in Vienna
  5. 40th Anniversary of Faslane Peace Camp (Sunday 12th June)
  6. Fringe play re Hiroshima – “The Mistake” (Saturday 6th August?)
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Fundraising 
  9. Date of next meeting 
  10. AOB
Image credit: CND UK

Edinburgh CND Monthly Meeting – May

Our next meeting will take place at 6pm on Wednesday 4th May. This will be an online meeting via Zoom: all are welcome to attend. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to join the meeting, please email us at edinburghcnd@yahoo.com.


  1. May Day (Saturday 7th May)
  2. Local Elections (Thursday 5th May) 
  3. Corstorphine Fair (Saturday 4th June)
  4. 40th Anniversary of Faslane Peace Camp (Sunday 12th June)
  5. Fundraising 
  6. Date of next meeting 
  7. AOB

Edinburgh and Lothians May Day 2022

Edinburgh and Lothians May Day March and Rally will take place on Saturday 7th May. 

Assemble 11.30 at the top of Johnston Terrace.

March at 12.00 to Rally at the Pleasance Theatre.

Speakers   Iona Soper (C.N.D.)

                   Pauline Rourke (S.T.U.C.)

                   Carmen Simon (Edinburgh T.U.C.)

                   Coll Mccail (Fridays For the Future)

                   Brian Reynolds (R.M.T.)

Music        Penny Stone

                   Calum Baird

Compere   Susan Morrison

This year we are also supporting The Great May Day Cabaret , a cultural celebration of International Workers’ Day and the 125th anniversary of the Scottish Trade Union Congress.

This will take place on Sunday 1st May at the Southside Community Centre at 7.30 p.m.

Performers include          Rab Noakes

                                            Becci Wallace

                                            Calum Baird

                                            Ghazi Hussein

                                             Saber Banatraf

                                             Iona Lee

Hosted by                           Susan Morrison

Tickets available at

Minutes of Edinburgh CND Meeting – 5th April

Edinburgh CND Minutes of April Meeting, Ryries Bar 6pm 5/4/22

Present: Ken Benjamin, Malcolm Bruce, Anne Milne, Rob Patterson

Apologies: Akiko Haga, Barbara Mavor, David Somervell

1. Chernobyl 1986  Anniversary Tuesday 26th April. We agreed to publicise the SNP CND hybrid event on Saturday 30th on Ukraine, Nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

2. Mayday Events. There will be a Mayday cabaret on Sunday 1st, South Side Community Centre, RP to circulate details.

Edin CND will have a stall at the Pleasance rally, the destination of the Mayday march on Saturday 7th May.

RP to circulate details. March starts 1230

3. Fundraising Report. Corstorphine Fair Saturday 4th June.

All present agreed to help on Edinburgh CND stall.

Agreed MB to spend up to £100 on stall merchandise from SCND (sale or return).

Advertising postcard for the group; MB to ask Pete Cannell if he knows a suitable designer.

MB donated £100 to the Red Cross from bike sales on behalf of the group.

Bike repair and sales continuing slowly.

4. Treasurer’s Report. BM reported by email amount in Edin CND account.

5. Date of Next Meeting. After discussion it was agreed next two meetings would be on Zoom.

DONM: Wednesday 4th May at 6pm on Zoom (to allow for SCND Exec meeting on the Tuesday night)

and Tuesday 7th June at 6pm on Zoom (as we’ll have met in person at the Corstorphine Fair).

6. Any Other Business. 12-1 Friday Don’t Bank On The Bomb demo at RBS Nicolson Sq. MB to bring Edin CND banner.

KB to circulate Exec minutes.

STW meeting on Zoom Tuesday 26th KB to forward details.

MB to contact David Somervell who has Edin CND material to drop off.

KB to circulate photos from Ukraine demo.

Day of Action – Friday 8th April

Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland and ICAN have called a day of action on Friday 8th April 2022 to urge Scotland’s largest bank, NatWest Group, to divest from companies that make nuclear weapons. The group, which includes subsidiary RBS, holds investments worth £2 billion in nuclear weapons producers and has so far resisted calls to change its investment policy.

A protest will be held outside RBS, 30 Nicholson Street, Edinburgh from 12 until 1 pm and demonstrations are planned at other locations TBA. Sign up here to get involved: https://divest.icanw.org/natwest_day_of_action

Please share these details. NatWest is due to review its investment policy over the summer so the more people that take part in this action, the greater the pressure will be on the bank to change.

Minutes of Edinburgh CND meeting – Tuesday 1st March

Present: Anne Milne, Akiko Haga, Ken Benjamin (Chair), Malcolm Bruce, Lynn Jameson, Isobel Smith, Lee Gates, Mary Archibald, 

Apologies: Barbara Maver

1. Ukraine. There was a discussion of the war in Ukraine after introductions. 

The group agreed to donate £100 to the International Red Cross Appeal.

MB to ask BM to send ICRC a cheque.

2. Ukraine Demo Sunday 6th 3pm, assemble junction of Castle Street and Princes St.

Bring placards etc, blue and yellow. MB to deliver Edin CND banner to KB before Sunday.

3. Mayday Saturday 7th May 

Rally at Pleasance after march from Johnstone Terr.

Speaker from Peace camp, tribute to Eileen Cook, Penny Stone to sing.

Edin CND stall at Pleasance.

4. Corstorphine Fair

Saturday 4th June, Edin CND stall selling plants etc.

Lee Gates may provide cards for sale.

Volunteers needed on day and before.

5. Treasurer’s Report

MB to request report for February from BM

6. Website. MB to ask Lauren if she’s consider doing light touch regular updates.

7. Date Of Next Meeting. Tuesday 5th April 2022.

Some discussion of Face to face vs Zoom or alternating.

Face to face agreed.

Suggested venues:

LG to investigate Walpole Hall

KB to investigate Ryries Bar and Mercat Bar

KB to decide venue and inform Lauren by Tuesday 29th April

8 AOB. MB suggested a getting a small business card or postcard printed with group info and contact info on it.

For handing to people at stalls etc and pinning on notice boards.

ACTION ALL: copy for this please, also artwork. Have you any designer contacts?

There was further discussion of the situation in Ukraine.