Edinburgh CND News 21st July (updated 26th)

Edinburgh CND are holding their annual Hiroshima day vigil on the 6th August, Foot of the Mound, North West corner at 6 – 7 pm.  Everyone is invited.                                                         We will not be having a formal meeting on Monday 1st August but do contact us on Edinburghcnd@yahoo.com if you would like to join an informal get together.


Parliament has decided to replace Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system, at enormous expense and without a full consideration of the security implications.
MPs last night voted in support of government plans to build four new submarines for the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. In an ill-informed, head-in-the-sand debate, short on facts and ignoring Trident’s irrelevance to the security challenges that we face today, Parliament gave the go-ahead to a weapon of mass destruction which will cost at least £205 billion.

Politicians from every major political party voted against the plans, including 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs.

CND’s key arguments were clearly heard in the debate. The Prime Minister was repeatedly challenged to state the lifetime cost of Trident replacement but was unable, or unwilling, to do so. Conservative MP and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Crispin Blunt said that ‘the cost of this programme comes at the expense of the rest of the defence programme’ and warned ‘costs are likely to rise much further’.

Ronnie Cowan MP was one of the speakers to point out that nuclear weapons do not keep us safe, saying Trident kept the country ‘locked in our cold war mentality of maintaining weapons to counter threats that do not exist’.

On the issue of jobs, SDLP MP Margaret Ritchie said there must be ‘better ways of investing in growth for their communities which do not involve nuclear weapons’. CND Vice-President and Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP called for the re-establishment of a Defence Diversification Agency to ‘support industries that have become over-reliant on defence contracts and wish to move into other contracts and other work’.
The decision demonstrated a failure of vision on the part of our government. This was a once in a generation opportunity to break with this antiquated weapons system and address our defence needs in ways appropriate to the twenty first century.

All the facts stack up against Trident – and they continue to do so, irrespective of this shameful and ill-informed vote. CND will continue to campaign against replacement, working with those broad forces across society who wish to see an end to Britain’s possession of weapons of mass destruction.
“They voted for a cold war system on the basis that it underpins our standing in the world. They have failed to notice that the overwhelming majority of states in the world – those without nuclear weapons – continue to insist that we comply with our international treaty obligation to disarm. Far from enhancing our status, our continued failure to disarm does us enormous harm in the eyes of the global majority.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“Parliament has had an ill-informed, head-in-the-sand debate, short on facts and ignoring Trident’s irrelevance to the security challenges that we face today.

“Committing £205 billion to a system that will be rendered obsolete by technological challenges inspires no confidence whatsoever in this government’s ability to spend public money to good purpose.

“Too much of this has been driven by party political point scoring, both within and between parties. Playing politics with Britain’s national security is to be deplored. And imposing these weapons on Scotland – which clearly rejects Trident replacement – renders the decision devoid of any legitimacy.                                                                                                     end note: UKCND has extended the deadline for conference motions

Scottish CND said: We are being forced to keep another generation of nuclear weapons on our land. We will continue to work flat out and this will include supporting efforts to secure a second independence referendum as a route to get rid of nuclear weapons from Scotland.Support our work, join Scottish CND today!

Follow-up: some news in the paper today: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/secret-papers-reveal-british-government-sought-undermine-peace-movement-1980s/

and 2 petitions: (1) Tony Blair and War Crimes: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/159996 (2) Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/osborne-dont-waste-billions-nuclear?source=em&subsource=20160725egem01&utm_source=gpeace&utm_medium=em&utm_campaign=20160725egem01

House of Commons briefing on the nuclear convoy, which was probably in response to SNP inquiries (especially Owen Thompson and Margaret Ferrier, who should be thanked!) http://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/CBP-7542/CBP-7542.pdf

This Saturday sees the opening of a new exhibition at the Glasgow Women’s Library on women peace crusaders.                                                                                                                               The monthly vigil sponsored by the Scottish Peace Network will take place at Glasgow’s Dewar’s statue on Thursday, July 28, from 5 to 6pm. They have shifted from the fourth Wednesday of the month to the fourth Thursday to avoid conflicting with a weekly vigil at Faslane every Wednesday.

UN Open Ended Working Group Update: Most non-nuclear countries favour a nuclear weapons convention or ban treaty, while most allied countries favour a hybrid approach (which they call ‘building blocks’). See OEWG: Momentum grows to outlaw nuclear weapons.
What you can do
Come to Geneva for the OEWG. Register through UNFOLD ZERO or through the OEWG website;
Call on your government to support the key proposals to the OEWG;
Organise a public action/event to highlight the OEWG;
List your action/event on Chain Reaction 2016, which links anti-nuclear actions undertaken around the world between July 8 and October 2.

Updates 16th/18th July: thanks but more to do!

Addition: Faslane Wednesday vigil
Wed 20 Jul 2016 4:00pm – 5:00pm (possibly 6.00pm to allow for those coming after work)

Weekly vigil outside the Faslane Trident base – North Gate, Faslane – organised by Helensburgh CND, Faslane Peace Camp and Trident Ploughshares
Come to show your concern for yesterday’s vote


Today is the day:

Today of course is when MPs will vote on whether we go ahead with a new nuclear weapons system. The vote is likely to take place at 10pm.
Nuclear weapons are not only immoral but also illegal under international law, as they kill innocent people indiscriminately.
A new nuclear weapons system would cost at least £205 billion, money which would be better spent on hospitals, homes or education.
The government itself declares that the current threats we face today are terrorism, climate change and cyber-attacks. Trident would be useless against these.
Developments in underwater drones will make nuclear submarines detectable and an easy target.  Come to the Edinburgh Protest:  Edinburgh Protest 6pm East end of Princes Street (Wellington Statue)


36 (or more) Trident No More demonstrations were held across Scotland today. 500 gathered at the Mound in Edinburgh.
More Protests against government plans to replace Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system, are set to take place across the UK on Monday.

Protests in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham and a number of other locations are timed to coincide with MPs debating a government motion on Trident replacement. Write to your MP: http://act.cnduk.org/lobby/StopTridentvote

There will also be an event at Faslane on Wednesday 4-6pm

CND has been campaigning hard against Trident, along with voices from across society, from trade unions to faith communities to military figures. Now we’re two days away from the final vote and we need you to support our emergency protests on Monday.

Campaigners say the £205 billion replacement scheme is a cold war relic and doesn’t address 21st century security threats.

Representatives from CND will hand in over 40,000 signatures collected for a ‘Stop Trident’ petition to the Ministry of Defence at 12 noon Monday (Today). And rally will take place outside Parliament from 6pm as MPs debate Trident inside Parliament. MPs opposing the government motion are expected to address the rally.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to break with this massively expensive yet redundant old technology and instead spend Britain’s valuable resources on meeting the security challenges we face today, like terrorism and climate change.

We must have an honest debate. Politicians, like defence secretary Michael Fallon, say Trident replacement will cost £31 billion. But this is the cost of replacing Trident submarines, just one part of the total cost of the new system.

In addition to the submarines there is a £10 billion contingency fund. Then there’s the missile extension programme (£350 million), replacement warheads (£4 billion), infrastructure capital costs (£4 billion), in service costs (£142 billion), conventional military forces directly assigned to support Trident (£1 billion), and decommissioning (£13 billion).

It is completely dishonest for the government to hold debate about Trident without telling the public the full cost.

For full costings, view the CND report which brings together the most up to date figures available in the public domain  http://www.cnduk.org/index.php option=com_k2&view=item&id=2447&Itemid=26

“We need our government and parliament to show the kind of vision and wisdom necessary in our rapidly changing political environment: to have the courage to abandon the totems of a bygone age and vote down these militarily useless weapons of destruction.”
In an open letter, world-renowned scientist Prof Stephen
Hawking joins other leading UK scientists and engineers to call on MPs to
vote against the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons systems in a
parliamentary vote scheduled for Monday 18th.

And the Bishops of Scotland have called on the UK government to honour its commitment as a key signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferations Treaty (1968) and work towards the disposing and elimination of all nuclear weapons. In a statement, Scotland’s eight Catholic Bishops highlight the ‘immorality of the use of strategic nuclear weapons due to the indiscriminate destruction of innocent human life’ that their use would cause, and endorse Pope Francis who has said that “Spending on nuclear weapons squanders the wealth of nations”.

After the demo:
Edinburgh Stop the War meets 7.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace on Monday 18th July

And the following day: Tuesday 19th July – Unpicking Prevent Workshop – organized by SACC and sponsored by Edinburgh Stop the War Come and unpick PREVENT with SACC on Tuesday 7.30pm @ Augustine church, Studio, Edinburgh
More details @ https://www.facebook.com/events/936912189768325/


Trident Vote 18th July; Flashmob 16th

David Cameron has used a speech at the NATO summit in Warsaw to announce that the long-awaited vote on Trident replacement will take place on Monday 18th July. The vote will be on the replacement of all four submarines, to continue to operate on a so-called ‘continuous at-sea deterrence’ basis, at a lifetime cost of at least £205bn.                    Opposition to Trident is strong in Scotland with the majority of people and parliamentarians opposing it’s renewal. Only one Scottish MP, David Mundell, is expected to vote in favour of renewal. However our anti-nuclear parliamentarians need to know we are behind them. They may be facing great hostility in parliament.                                          Chair of Scottish CND, Arthur West, says,
‘It is really disappointing and depressing that the Tory Government have tabled a parliamentary vote on Trident replacement on July 18th. It would be highly irresponsible for a majority of MPs to vote for a very costly Trident replacement programme at this time of austerity and hardship for so many people in this country.’
Arthur West also said, ‘Trident is completely irrelevant to the key security threats we face today such as terrorism and climate change.’ The majority of Scots are against the renewal of Trident. Our position as a country which does not want nuclear weapons but had them imposed on us and placed on our soil is unique. We say, respect Scotland, don’t renew Trident.

Edinburgh CND and Scottish CND are calling on our members and supporters to take the following actions in the run up to the vote on July 18th-

1. Edinburgh CND is part of the Scrap Trident Coalition, an organisation which links together peace and anti war organisations in working together to make the case for Scrapping Trident. The Scrap Trident Coalition is calling for flash demos across Scotland on Saturday July 16th at 12 noon and we are asking our members and supporters to support this flash demo activity.You can check their website for activities in your area. The Edinburgh Flash demo will be at 12 noon at the Mound.

Other local CND groups or members and supporters to organise Flash Demos in their own area. <http://scraptrident.org/trident-no-more-demonstrations-across-scotland-saturday-16-july-12noon/&gt;

2.Contact your MP and ask them to ensure that they are in the House of Commons on July 18th to vote against Trident replacement.
Nearly every Scottish MP is against Trident replacement, so if your MP has previously taken a Scrap Trident position please acknowledge their past support when you contact them, and stress the importance of being in the House of Commons on July 18th for the vote. Contact your MP either by email, letter or phone. You can find their contact details using this website. On Wednesday 13th July a Scottish delegation will be taking part in the mass lobby of MPs in Westminster to make the case against trident replacement: more about this in our previous post. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:”Members of the public are travelling from constituencies across the UK to remind MPs that a majority opposes replacing Trident because it’s bad for our security, and it would be ridiculous to spend £205 billion on what is essentially a cold war relic.

3. Please use use every opportunity to raise this issue in social and national media.On the Saturday we need people to take – and tweet and post – photos and also to share them to the Scrap Trident Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Please Use the Hashtags #TridentNoMore and secondly #ScrapTrident.

We have support from The Proclaimers who wrote ‘A Letter To America’ … ‘ Bathgate no more, Linwood no more, Methil no more, Irvine no more.’ This time, it’s TRIDENT NO MORE
Labour is currently considering the party’s stance on Trident, which leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to scrap. Its internal review of Labour’s defence policy will keep open the possibility of retaining Trident, BBC Newsnight understands. It is expected to suggest five tests which nuclear weapons must satisfy.

Rebecca Johnson of acronym has done a Trident Briefing for The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom which was founded in 1915 and has consultative status with the UN. WILPF is a founding member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and works for peace and justice, against war. Available on request edinburghcnd@yahoo.com

UNFOLD ZERO and Basel Peace Office thank Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for cosponsoring Chain Reaction 2016, a series of events and actions at nuclear-weapons and nuclear-disarmament related sites, political offices and symbolic locations around the world from July 8 – the 20th Anniversary of the historic World Court case against nuclear weapons – until October 2, the International Day for Nonviolence and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Chain Reaction 2016 will be launched on July 8 at the International Peoples Tribunal on the Nuclear Powers and the Destruction of Human Civilisation in Sydney, Australia. Nuclear disarmament actions and events between July 8 and October 2 are being posted on the Chain Reaction World Map and Events pages.
Chain Reaction 2016 includes a range of creative actions around the world from July 8 until October 2. During this period are a number of significant dates to commemorate:
July 8: 20th anniversary of the International Court of Justice historic case on nuclear weapons
July 16: 71st anniversary of the first nuclear test at Alamogordo, USA
August 6: 71st anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima
August 9: 71st anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki
August 9: International Day for Indigenous Peoples (Indigenous peoples’ lands have been used for nuclear testing, uranium mining and other activities in the nuclear weapons infrastructure)
August 12: International Day for Youth (nuclear weapons threaten youth and future generations)
August 29: International Day Against Nuclear Tests
September 21: International Day for Peace
September 26: International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
October 2: Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and the International Day of Nonviolence


On the 2015 Walkatjurra Walkabout a short documentary was made by Rez Nez Films.Come and join members of the Walkatjurra Walkabout team for a sneak, private viewing of the documentary “Walking for Country”, hear stories of the walks, and get updated on the curent status of the Anti-Uranium Mining campaign in Western Australia. Further details available from Edinburgh CND


Edinburgh CND News 7th July with important update

STOP PRESS:  There will be Parliamentary vote on Trident on Monday, July 18th. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36754911

The Scrap Trident Coalition have called Flashmobs for 12 noon on the Saturday before (16th). The one in Edinburgh will be at the Mound.

On Wednesday 6th July Edinburgh CND joined others at the Mound as UKCND, Stop the War and many others gathered in Westminster listening to the revelations of the Chilcot report.                                                                                                                                                                  We will also be leafleting on Saturday 9th July 1230 at the East End of Princes Street    No to NATO No to Trident Jail Blair               Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:  “The report shows that Tony Blair had no respect for cabinet procedure, no respect for Parliament, and no respect for international law.  “A country was destroyed, millions of innocent Iraqis were killed, British soldiers were killed, and terrorism has spread across the Middle East. “Chilcot reveals the evidence that must now be used to bring Tony Blair to justice. This is our demand. “Only when justice is served can we prevent disasters like the Iraq war ever happening again.”

On Wednesday 13th July, hundreds of constituents will lobby their MPs to persuade them to change their minds ahead of the parliamentary decision on whether the government should replace Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system. Sign up to lobby your MP. In the evening CND will host a Stop Trident public meeting in Parliament to discuss the political situation going forward. Speakers include: John Hilary, Bruce Kent, Kate Hudson, Lindsey German, and Caroline Lucas MP. 6 – 7.30pm Wednesday 13th July Committee Room 10, House of Commons                                                                                                                               Members of Scottish CND will be present as a representative lobby as part of CND Mass Lobby (see stop press below for more info)

CND has launched the Trident and jobs report which sets out the employment implications of cancelling Trident replacement. The report, written by economist Michael Burke, reveals the significant potential for industrial development and jobs creation in the UK if the £205 billion planned for Trident is invested elsewhere in the economy. Full report is available on the CND website.

Edinburgh CND will be holding a commemoration on Hiroshima Day. This will take place from 6-7pm on 6th August at Mound Place (adjacent to Princes Street) there will also be an International Hiroshima Fast and supporting a presence near/at the Parliament            Other Events currently scheduled:      Ayrshire CND Gatherings and Vigils to remember the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Saturday August 6th- 1030am – 1130 am in Bridgegate Irvine  Saturday August 6th- 12noon – 1pm at the Cross Kilmarnock Sunday August 7th- 1pm – 2pm at the Wallace Tower Ayr

nuClear News No.86 July 2016 is now available for downloading at www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo86.pdf

Latest Drone Campaign Network news: https://dronecampaignnetwork.wordpress.com
Don’t Bank on the Bomb: SCND & Ayshire CND EP&JC will organise stalls at RBS & Edinburgh will add RBS leaflet & template letter to its stall Saturdays.
Andrew Feinstein book The Shadow World film at Ed Int Film Festival
Next meeting P&J Tues 6 Sept 1:30 – 3pm. BL to email date to list & ask if other time is better

UNFOLD ZERO and Basel Peace Office thank Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for cosponsoring Chain Reaction 2016, a series of events and actions at nuclear-weapons and nuclear-disarmament related sites, political offices and symbolic locations around the world from July 8 – the 20th Anniversary of the historic World Court case against nuclear weapons – until October 2, the International Day for Nonviolence and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  Chain Reaction 2016 will be launched on July 8 at the International Peoples Tribunal on the Nuclear Powers and the Destruction of Human Civilisation in Sydney, Australia. Nuclear disarmament actions and events between July 8 and October 2 are being posted on the Chain Reaction World Map and Events pages.

The next meeting of the Scottish Peace Network will be in the Electron Club in Glasgow city centre. It will take place on Tuesday, August 16 at 2pm.
From ICAN: Amidst all the other news this week, we just wanted to check in with you all about the convoys project and ask for a couple of favours.
They’re keen to feature campaigners and experts who have been doing such important work laying the foundations for this project – as well as other people who are just downright scared of the dangers involved in the nuclear convoys. Here are some ways you can add your voice:
1. Picture quotes
It would be great if you could send a good quality photo of yourself and a quote about the convoys, which I will magically transform into a picture-quote-thingy to be posted on Twitter and Facebook. No longer than this quote from Owen Thompson MP:                               2. Vox pops
Get a friend to film you (or do it in selfie mode!) using a mobile phone, answering the question: Why do I want nuclear weapons off our roads? We’re looking for roughly 30 seconds of film; here’s Matt’s video as a guide. Please post it to the Nukes of Hazard Facebook page and tweet it using the hashtag #NukesofHazard so that we can share it further.

The Shetland to Scilly – New Technologies for Peace Journey
started in the Shetlands on 26th May has now reached the English midlands (near Chesterfield in Derbyshire).
The website http://www.shetlandtoscillyforpeace.com has recently been updated. More news and photos are being added all the time.


  1. Proposal for 13th July: A small (Scottish) representative group attends. (In Scottish national dress?)
    They could make a statement thanking all the Scottish MPs who are committed to opposing Trident and its replacement. It would also point out thatthe democratic deficit of control over what happens in Scotland has been intolerably extended so that Scotland is to be misrepresented on the world stage in addition to being ignored in how we manage our own affairs, and MPs would be asked to press the UK Government on its refusal to participate in the UN working group on nuclear weapons ban. We could get someone from each constituency in Scotland to agree a one-line statement with their name and the name of their MP. The statements could be appended to the letter/statement The group would hand this over at the lobby
    CNDuk Council (who organised the lobby) is enthusiastic about our doing this, and would highlight it to the press and so is the MP,.
  2. Chain Reaction 2016, a series of events and actions at nuclear-weapons and nuclear-disarmament related sites around the world, was launched today in Sydney during an International Peoples’ Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons and the Destruction of Human Civilisation.
  3. Edinburgh CAAT minutes of last meeting available. Updates to a few things since the meeting:What does everyone think of the name we had for the event in April, “Anti Arms Trade Fair”? I started thinking of shorter, catchier and more positive options and thought of “Peace Fair” – I might ask other groups about it too, but do tell me if you think it should be changed or kept the same. It’s mostly for promotion reasons I started thinking of it, of course, in the context of discussions about changing the narrative to make it more attractive to the general public and to get more people involved.

    And the good news: on 30 June, CAAT was allowed a judicial review of the government’s Saudi arms exports, so we’re up to a big but exciting challenge!

    We’ve had great feedback from the Shadow World screening There will be another screening of Shadow World on Weds 21 September in Glasgow, worth pencilling in.

    The next meeting is on Monday 26 September, 7-8.45pm.

Edinburgh CND News 23rd June UPDATED!


Wednesday June 6th: Chilcot report

After a seven-year wait the Chilcot Report is finally going to be published on July 6th. Despite its astounding length (2.3 million words) it is highly likely that it will fall short of an outright condemnation of the Iraq war and fail to apportion blame to those who were truly responsible for the catastrophe. o ignored

Protest as the report is released: 6 – 7pm at the east end of Princes Street close to Register House and opposite the Balmoral Hotel


Thanks to everyone who helped with and supported the successful Benefit on the 21st.                           We still have copies of Edinburgh poet Allan Crosbie collection of poems ‘Outswimming the Eruption’ sold in connection with the benefit. You can order it from edinburghcnd@yahoo.com for £8.50. Until 4th Julyall proceeds will go to Edinburgh CND.

Our next meeting is on Monday 4th July at ACE.    The following week-end July 8th we will be out leafleting.

Other events:

  1. Don’t forget : Trident Ploughshare month of action is still in progress. Details can be found at tinyurl.com/BurghfieldAction It runs until 30th June

2. SCND have arranged to have a stall at the Great Scottish Walk and Run in the car park near Holyrood House on Sunday 26 June, when Big Sandy is taking part in the 10 k walk. The stall will be set up at 9 am. The runs start at 0930 and the walks at 1130. There are other events in the early afternoon. (NB minutes of last executive are available) Other SCND stalls:
Kelburn Garden Festival (Largs), 3 – 4 July
T in the Park (Strathallan), 7 – 11 July
Belladrum Festival (Inverness), 3 -7 August

3. The next Don’t bank on the Bomb meeting will be Wednesday 29th June at 1:30pm at the Peace and Justice Centre in Edinburgh.

4. The next meeting of the Scottish Peace Network will be held on Tuesday, June 28, at 2pm at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre. They will be discussing the upcoming event to remember the battle of the Somme (including 1st July at 5pm at the Dewar’s statue on Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre) and future plans as well as assessing the counter protest at the armed forces day show in Stirling.

Other News:

A new Peace and Justice Newsletter is available: Peace and Justice – Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre

Government won’t answer Trident questions – facts would shock even own MPs Responding to shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry’s speech at the Royal United Services Institute, CND’s Kate Hudson said: “These are precisely the questions the government needs to answer, and we congratulate the shadow defence secretary for asking them. It seems it’s a deliberate strategy for the government to avoid giving honest answers about Trident. They know that if more people knew the facts about Trident many, including Conservative MPs, would be outraged.

“Our research shows that it will cost at least £205 billion to replace Trident, a particularly staggering figure when we consider the enormous cuts being made elsewhere in the public sector; it’s out of date technology, and far from addressing the real security threats we face from terrorism, global pandemics, cyber warfare and climate change, it actually makes us a target.”

Some Brilliant news form London: the Stop Trident lobby on July 13th is set to be our biggest lobby of parliament yet. But it will be the last chance we’re likely to have to meet MPs in big numbers before they vote on Trident. So we need your help to step up the work now.
The more MPs we can reach, the closer we’ll get to halting plans to replace Trident.

For information on CND conference: http://www.cnduk.org/about/cnd-conference/item/1647-conference-registration-pageNB nominations for officers to be received by 1st July

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, gave testimony to the People’s Chilcot Tribunal alongside the former UN envoy to Iraq, Hans von Sponeck; British soldiers who served in the war; relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq; as well as journalists and leading figures in the anti-war movement.

Round the World:

Albuquerque — 21 June , a panoply of nuclear officials and generals convened in Albuquerque to discuss and promote US nuclear weapons plans and New Mexico’s role in them. The meeting has been organized by the “Strategic Deterrent Coalition” (SDC) and is being funded by Northrup Grumman, Boeing, Orbital ATK, BAE Systems, and others — and directly by the Air Force, through the time of its officers and airmen if not also in other ways. Support is being mustered for an amendment offered by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) to the Defense Appropriations Bill, which would strip $76 million from the Long Range Stand Off (LRSO) missile — a proposed new, stealthy nuclear cruise missile that is probably the single worst new nuclear weapon in President Obama’s outrageous trillion-dollar nuclear weapons investment package.

Australia: After and epic week adventure in the Karlamilyi National park with Martu elders and people from across the country.Martu people to march 140km in protest against Pilbara uranium mine
The Martu people from Indigenous communities in WA’s Pilbara region are setting off on a week-long March to protest against a proposed uranium mine.

Don’t forget the Benefit on the 21st!

Only a day to go to our Benefit! don’t forget to buy your ticket. These are available from eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/comedy-benefit-night-for-edinburgh-cnd-tickets-25980994855     and from the Stand.

Host – Liam Withnail
Phil O’Shea
Danny Bhoy
Robin Grainger
Daisy Earl
Keir McAllister

Tickets will be on sale at the Edinburgh Stop the War AGM tonight (Mon) 7.30 at the Quaker Meeting House Victoria Terrace.

We are also holding a raffle with many great prizes: Wine, Books, Tickets, Cake, CND merchandise and there will be a stall (with CND badges, materials and a new poetry book).

Edinburgh CND Benefit and other news (Updated)


  1. Bookings for the Benefit (above) can be made through:      https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/comedy-benefit-night-for-edinburgh-cnd-tickets-25980994855                             ************************************************
  2. There will be a meeting of Edinburgh CND this Monday 6th June in ACE 17 W Montgomery Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5HA. We will also be helping on stalls at the Meadows Festival this week-end (4th-5th June).
  3. Next Saturday (11thJune) we will be leafleting at the East end of Princes Street at 1230 and helping on both the SCND stall and the ESTW stall at the Leith festival from 1030 to 4.30. Please come along to visit, buy a plant, a benefit ticket, a book or to help for a bit

3. Mordechai Vanunu was recently arrested and charged for some petty infringements of his restrictions that continue 12 years after his supposed “release” after serving his full sentence for divulging the details of Israel’s Nuclear arsenal.

4. A book launch on 17th June:

5. The next CAAT Edinburgh meeting is on Monday 13 June, 7pm to 8:45pm at the Quaker Meeting House at 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh.

6. Edinburgh Stop the War is holding its AGM on Monday 20 June, 7.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. It’s a chance to take stock, look at what we have been doing and make plans for the future. They will also elect officers for the group. They’d really welcome the views and insights of CND activists in Edinburgh and hope some of you will be able to come along.

7. Kate Hudson commented on Obama’s visit to Hiroshima “President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is very welcome. It’s a truly historic moment for a US president, for the first time, to visit the place where the United States caused so much devastation and suffering by its use of nuclear weapons’. A twitter storm greeted the visit.

8. “Doomsday forum” and related activities in Albuquerque New Mexico June 20-21, all are invited (email for further details)
9.Drone Campaign Network newsletter available https://dronecampaignnetwork.wordpress.com

10.The UK section of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons has pledged its support to this month’s planned nonviolent disruption of the British nuclear weapon assembly plant at Burghfield in Berkshire. CND are also supporting the month of action: Kate Hudson, CND’s general secretary, will be joined veteran peace campaigner Pat Arrowsmith on site on 6th June. 
Full details of  protest and the Trident Ploughshare month of action can be found at tinyurl.com/BurghfieldAction ++++++++urgent request for more help this week-end.

11. Want to help influence decision makers on Trident? (a) Get involved in the Stop Trident lobby day, July 13th (more info to follow) cnduk.org. (b) There have already been a large number of submissions, to the Labour party review, calling for Trident replacement to be cancelled. There is still time to make your own submission before the deadline on Wednesday 8 June. You do not need to be a member of the Labour Party to take part. You can find more information and read the CND submission to this and the Liberal party review on the website. http://www.cnduk.org


13. The Scottish Peace Network is drafting a leaflet for the 18 June Stirling Military Show. They are also looking for new members.www.scottishpeacenetwork.org.uk

14.The Shetland to Scilly – New Technologies for Peace Journey has now begun.
It started in the north of Unst in the Shetlands on 26th May. See the website http://www.shetlandtoscillyforpeace.com for more details, including the latest
blog and a video message.

15. Syria Network: 1 June • Break the Sieges • Protect Civilians. Join us at Downing St, 6pm daily all this week as we call for UK humanitarian air drops to Syria.http://www.syriauk.org/2016/05/break-sieges-air-drops-now-join-us-6pm.html

Downing Street 29 May 2016