Edinburgh CND News 20th March 2017

Later this month negotiations will begin at the United Nations to formulate a ban on nuclear weapons. http://nuclearban.org

UN talks on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons has the overwhelming support of the British public, a new poll reveals.
The YouGov poll, commissioned by Abolition 2000 UK, asked a representative sample of UK adults, “Do you personally think the UK government should or should not be participating in [the upcoming nuclear ban treaty] negotiations?”. 75% of those polled said yes. Full results can be found at: https://yougov.co.uk/
It comes in the wake of news reports suggesting that the Government would not attend the talks beginning later this month. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:
“The hypocrisy of the government’s position is staggering. These are UN multilateral negotiations for a treaty to ban all nuclear weapons. The government says it supports multilateral nuclear disarmament, so why is it boycotting a serious attempt by the overwhelming majority of the international community to do just that?

There is an open group of campaigners in Scotland who have formed a working group to support ICAN and the Ban Treaty
negotiations that are starting in New York in a couple of weeks. The working group is FOCUSSED ON THE DISTINCT OPPORTUNITIES FOR CAMPAIGNING HERE IN SCOTLAND. Next meeting is TODAY 20th March in the SCND offices at 10am or it is possible to join by Facebook https://scottishcnd.org/

N B Signatures are still needed for the e-petition:
And you can write direct to your MP (see previous post more details)

In addition to the 123 countries supporting the ban, inspiring advocacy has emerged from the Hibakusha. They are the survivors and descendants of those affected by the Hiroshima nuclear bomb in 1945.
Reiko Yamada, a Hiroshima survivor, and Midori Yamada, a second generation Hibakusha, will begin a tour of the UK later this month to coincide with the opening of the treaty negotiations.
Reiko remembers the moment the bomb dropped: ‘The children in the sports ground started to shout “It is B29! B29!” […] Suddenly the rain started which made us completely wet – we were told later that this was the black rain. The sun had disappeared in the sky and a grey cloud had spread all over.”

Liberal Democrats have voted at their Spring Conference on Trident replacement. They decided to support the building of three submarines rather than four and an end to the practice of continuous deployment of submarines.
Delegates rejected an amendment from grassroots party members which opposed Trident replacement. The vote comes after a year-long review to which CND contributed.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “Whilst we recognise that the Liberal Democrats do not support the full folly of Trident replacement, they have today missed an opportunity to join the many voices in British politics opposing Trident replacement and calling for the programme to be cancelled.”

Other News:

Please join the call to appoint Ministers for Peace and Disarmament to avoid the dangers of history repeating itself.
Click this link to sign petition … https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/178703
There should be a mechanism that would make it easier to achieve peace than to achieve war, easier to facilitate peace in Northern Ireland than to start a war in Iraq. It is my proposal that all UK governments must include the senior cabinet positions of Ministers for Peace and Disarmament.

Meetings and events:
1. Edinburgh Stop the War are meeting today (20th) 7.30pm at the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House Victoria Terrace

2. 1. Fly Kites Not Drones: Sat 25th March 1pm at the Meadows

3. May Day organising committee (Edinburgh CND is part of this): Monday 27th 7pm at Edinburgh’s Hepworth Halls Nicholson Square

4. Next Scrap Trident Meeting 5th April 6pm at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre

5. Next Edinburgh World Justice Festival meeting: 6pm Thursday 6th April at the Peace and Justice centre

6. The next Scottish Peace Network vigil will take place this Thursday 23rd from 5-6pm at Glasgow Dewar’s statue

Edinburgh CND News 14th March 2017

STOP PRESS: Scottish CND welcomes the First Minister’s move to hold a second independence referendum: see https://scottishcnd.org

Nuclear Ban Treaty Discussions start this month http://nuclearban.org.

CND has been urging the government to play a constructive role in the negotiations. Last week representatives were joined by MPs to hand in 2,000 postcards to Boris Johnson and MPs from all parties expressed support for the initiative at our lobby event in parliament.
If you haven’t yet contacted your MP asking them to urge the government to attend these talks you can do so through the CND website http://www.cnduk.org. We know from past experience that campaigns like this really work. In 2014 the UK government was set to boycott a conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons in Vienna, but the groundswell of opinion in parliament and across society meant that a representative did attend.
You may also wish to add your name to a petition urging the UK government to attend the talks, if you haven’t done so already: http://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096

Scottish CND https://scottishcnd.org are working very hard to raise awareness of the Global Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty discussions and are asking us to raise awareness of these negotiations in press and public meetings.
There is also a working group, meeting at the SCND offices, and the minutes of the last meeting are below. All welcome to join.
Here is a message from one member of that group:

It’s only a couple of weeks till the ban treaty negotiations start, and we just had another positive and energetic meeting at the SCND office about what we can be doing in the next wee while. Please have a look at the minutes for our ideas and plans and feel free to share them with others.

There will be another meeting at 10.00am on Monday 20th March for those who can make it, or can join via facebook (let us know beforehand if you want to do that). We are aware that this is not good time for people with jobs but it was a time we could all make – its not a representative’s meeting, its a working group so we are happy to hear from anyone that can help out. If you have suggestions or questions please get in touch even if you can’t make a meet up……… Leaflets, briefings and cards from us- email or phone!

We can also supply a draft letter for MPs etc: e-mail edinburghcnd@yahoo.com or look at the Reaching Critical Will website: http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org.
Reaching Critical Will also has a New publication—Banning nuclear weapons: principles and elements for a legally binding instrument.

+++++ The March 2017 edition of CND’s Campaign magazine is also available. Spring is most certainly here and we have been very busy, promoting our NHS not Trident campaign, commemorating the Fukushima disaster and preparing for the global nuclear ban negotiations. Catch up with all our news in the magazine, and read about why Trident doesn’t keep us safe:http://cnduk.org/cnd-media/campaign-magazine

p.s.Drones Campaign News March is at:https://www.dronecampaignnetwork@riseup.net

Minutes of the Global Nuclear Weapons Ban working Group:

Noted that Earth Hour, an annual global celebration where people switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about the future of our planet, falls on March 25th, with potential to make links to global nuclear disarmament. Social media opportunity!

Getting reps to the June/July session.
It is important that we do what we can to ensure the widest possible representation from Scotland at the main conference in Jue and July. One member has secured personal funding outside SCND and will attend both March and June/July meetings through WILPF’s accreditation. Arthur will seek exec approval for SCND to issue a special appeal fund to raise up to £5K so that SCND can have four additional accredited campaigners there under SCND’s registration for the June/July sessions of the conference. We will advise and encourage other organisations to register and support attendees as well. At this point, we are aware that MEDACT and CAAT are each sending representatives from Scotland, Bill Kidd MSP will attend in his role with PNND. We will ask ther MSPs (especially CPG members) to consider self-funding and attending in July (recess)
The possibility of finding accommodation through social and peace networks as well as budget travel costs must be explored. Flavia will research travel and accommodation options and likely costs.
It is very important that all potential participants are aware of the level and the nature of the work required in New York as well as the expectation in writing, reporting and speaking at meetings that will need to be undertaken afterwards.
The four will be expected to take on different areas of responsibility and work as a team both at the Conference and as campaigners after they return.
Janet will draft a role descriptor and an outline of the skill/experience for each of the four attenders which will include a staff member (Flavia was suggested and would be happpy to go). There should be team meetings and other preparations for the group of attendees.

Visit of Hibakusha 28th to 30th March
This will be a good opportunity to spread information about the negotiations. Ellen, Flavia and David will work on a joint press release on morning of 20th March. David will send a note to media planners. Flavia will send info about the visit to SCND contacts.

Public Meeting (s) in May
These meetings should be social events with input on the ban from prominent people and fundraising. They should be scheduled for after the May council elections. We will work on this at the next meeting.

New A7 cards are on order (funded by Northern Friends Peace Board). There will also be cards and a banner on a new common design (Flavia). There might also be scope for a large disc image for stunts and the TP Nessie might also be allowed an outing. It would also be good to have banners for the Scottish attendees use at the Women’s March on 18th June in New York (to highlight Scottish attendance at the UN) – though they could be made on the spot!

Everyone was encouraged to utilise the images and messages available from the international campaign and to post and repost on social media.

Next Meeting: 20th March at 10 a.m. In the SCND office.

STOP PRESS: The theatre production ‘Faslane’ which will be at the Summerhall on the 10th and 11th April. More details to follow.

And two more things: 1. The monthly vigil of the Scottish Peace Network will take place on Thursday, March 23, from 5-6pm at the Dewar’s statue on Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre.
2. If you are in Australia: This years Walkatjurra Dates are now set for the 4th of August leaving Fremantle and returning on the 3rd of September. They are hoping for a really good turn out this year ad hopefully it will be a celebration of a Ban on uranium mining. If Labor have not done it by then they need lots of people to come and demand that they keep their promises..

Edinburgh CND News 1st March 2017 (with a few updates on 10th March)

2.There will be leafleting on Saturday 11th March 1230 at the East End of Princes street.Please join us. We will be leafleting for the Global Nuclear Ban (continued below). (For other updates see +++++ especially item 6)

1. Our next meeting: ‘Trident, Truth and Trump’
A free talk by Veronika Tudhope, Organiser with the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (SCND), on her work to oppose the lunatic immoral waste of money that are Trident nuclear weapons, and build for the momentuous period till July when the UN will vote in New York on a global treaty to ban all nuclear weapons. Questions and discussion after.
Tuesday 7th March 7-8pm in the Peace & Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN, all welcome.
info: edinburghcnd.org contact: edinburghcnd@yahoo.com FB/twitter
There will be a short business meeting before hand at 6.15pm

In one month negotiations will commence at the United Nations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The initiative has the support of more than 120 countries and represents the chance to take a huge step towards a world without nuclear weapons. http://nuclearban.org.
Despite the international consensus, the UK government continues to oppose the process and is set to boycott the negotiations. This isn’t good enough and will leave the UK among the international pariahs on this important issue.

Scrap Trident http://scraptrident.org reported on the Week of Action for the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty: It was great that so many of us got out on the streets last week to back the global ban. We’ve heard about events in Biggar, Forres, Inverness, Irvine, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Helensburgh, Dunoon and Ullapool, which is pretty impressive! It isn’t very easy campaigning on an issue on which the public have (so far) mostly no background information at all. The conventional media have been fed that information by the big international agencies but they haven’t yet understood its importance and relevance. This week we were told by one senior journalist that there is not much interest in “do-goodey stuff at the UN”. Of course, we have been there before, put in the effort and eventually the thing has taken off, and the media have then played catch-up. One good recent indicator was the mention of the ban made by MSPs in the recent Trident debate.
The ban treaty work in Scotland is continuing and here are a few of the activities from different organisations:
A. A letter has gone to all MSPs to inform them about the negotiations, to point out Scotland’s unique position, and to suggest a number of things they can do. The letter is copied below and it would be good if you could jog the elbows of your own MSPs about it.
B. A number of Scots may travel to the June sessions of the negotiations (as accredited civil society representatives).
C. SCND set up a ban treaty working group , and it needs some extra input ­ (not exclusive to SCND). Next meeting 8th March in Glasgow: contact SCND
++++++Added: notes on 8th March now available. Next meeting 20th March 10am, also in SCND office
D. UK CND report that they held a lobby of MPs followed by 2 meetings.
There are more leaflets and postcards if you need them and people who are ready to travel to speak at public meetings about the ban.

N B Signatures are still needed for the e-petition:

++++3. Added on 2nd March:
You are invited to the Scottish Parliament on the 14th March at 2.00 pm
for an unusual and special opportunity which the Scottish Parliament
nuclear disarmament cross party group is hosting with Bill Kidd MSP.
Marzhan Nurzhan of Kazakhstan who is the PNND Coordinator for the
Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet countries) will make a
presentation about the important events that began in Kazakhstan in
1991, when a huge civil society movement in Kazakhstan was successful,
firstly in moving the Soviet government to close down the nuclear tests
site. Then, upon the break-up of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan sent the
nuclear weapons on their soil to Russia for demolition and negotiated a
Central Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. This is an exciting and hopeful
story which I am sure you will want to hear. Please allow 20 minutes to
get through Parliamentary security.Please download the attached flier.
REGISTER if you intend to attend this event: To register contact Janet Fenton: janet@wordsandactions.scot or call 07795594573.
Spaces are limited and as such we ask that you RSVP by 9th March 2017 5pm.
+++++++ added on 10th NB still a few places left, but hurry.

4.The MOD is to shut bases to pay for Faslane taking the subs with upgraded Trident missiles (Fallon under fire over MOD upgrade plan, 25 February).
At least two of the eight Scottish bases that will shut are stopover points for the convoys taking the Nuclear warheads between Reading and Faslane. Will these convoys now stop off at Motorway services for comfort breaks, or will drivers spend longer at the wheel and increase the risks communities are already subject to? Will the convoys be rerouted to the more dangerous roads which link the few barracks which are to stay open?
As the UN starts to debate a global ban on nuclear weapons next month, let’s hope for a future free of the unacceptable risks to humanity these hellish weapons pose.

5. (a)Campaign Against Arms Trade and the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre have launched a petition to the City of Edinburgh Council to do everything within its power to require that Lothian Pensions Trust divest from all arms companies. The petition can only be signed by Edinburgh residents aged over 16 and you can sign the petition by clicking onto the link below.
Disarm the Scottish Pension Fund: Sign the Petition now!
If you’d like to add your support to the campaign and get involved with the Edinburgh CAAT group, please email outreach@caat.org.uk to find details of the next meeting.
(b) CAAT are also organising an event outside the Scottish Parliament to raise the profile of the arms made in Scotland currently being used against Yemen by Saudi Arabia If you would like to register your interest in attending part or all of this action, or if you would like more information, please email Mark at eventscaatedin@gmail.com. SAVE THE DATE: WEDNESDAY 19TH APRIL 2017 – FROM SCOTLAND WITH SHAME

++++++Added 6 on 10th. Six years ago, an earthquake and tsunami hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, releasing radioactive material into the atmosphere in what was the biggest nuclear disaster since the explosion at Chernobyl twenty five years earlier. Events in London:Friday, March 10th, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Outside Japanese Embassy, 101 Piccadilly, London Fukuishima March Saturday, March 11th, assemble 12 noon Outside Japanese Embassy, 101 Piccadilly, London Followed by a rally at Richmond Terrace (opposite Downing Street) with speakers including Kate Hudson and Bruce Kent Fukushima Parliamentary Public Meeting
Wednesday, March 15th, 7pm-9pm Committe Room 9, House of Commons, Westminster, London
EVENT IN GLASGOW Scottish CND will hold a short vigil between 3 pm – 3.30 pm at the Donald Dewar statue on Buchanan Street, Glasgow on Saturday March 11 .

0. Nuclear News No.93 March 2017 is now available to download here: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo93.pdf
1. MPs debated Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain in response to a petition signed by 1.85 million people calling on the government to cancel the invitation.
2.Early notice of the Trident Ploughshares disarmament camp in July (8th to 16th) at Peaton Wood near Coulport. http://tridentploughshares.org/coulport-disarmament-camp-july-2017/
3.Latest Bulletin from the Los Alamos Study Group:
4.Something on Democracy:
5.In London at the Weekend? Join the CND banner to say NHS not Trident on the national demo to save the national health service. Gather at the Gandhi memorial in Tavistock Square, 12 noon on 4 March 2017.
6.The next meeting of the Scottish Peace network is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Tuesday 11th April in Glasgow at the Electron Club in the CCA, Sauchiehall St. BUT if this time and date is not convenient please suggest alternatives and they can consider changing
7.New update from Australia https://walkingforcountry.com/ ++++++The Bad news this week is that the Federal Environment Minister gave environmental approval for the Mulga Rock uranium mine. Check out CCWA’s media release here. The good news is we still have a chance to stop this mine – particularly at the State election this Saturday where we can get rid of a pro nuclear Liberal Government.
8.The Stand Comedy Club has helped us and now needs our help:http://www.thestand.co.uk/news/699/25-02-2017-1106/stand_up_for_the_stand_comedy_club_%E2%80%93_we_need_your_help
9.Welcome to Argyll & Bute – what an attraction to promote! http://www.thenational.scot/comment/15123918.Kevin_McKenna__Welcome_to_Argyll_and_Bute__Europe_s_capital_for_weapons_of_mass_destruction/?ref=rl&lp=2
10.(passed)After the Independence Convention- Organising IndyRef2 Meeting tonight at the Augustine Church. 7pm

Edinburgh CND News 19th February 2017

The next meeting of Edinburgh CND will be on Tuesday 7th March in the Peace and Justice Centre. It will be a special meeting with Veronika Tudhope (one of the Scottish CND co-ordinators) and we are sure that what she has to say will be of interest to many of our supporters. Veronika will be speaking from 7pm and one of the topics will be the continuing work on the Global Ban Treaty http://nuclearban.org. Before that (6.15pm) we will be having a short business meeting to discuss our future activities (including our input into the meadows festival). All are invited to that too.
+++We are interested in hearing from you, if you find the 1st Tuesday of the month a difficult time to get to meetings. Please e-mail edinburghcnd@yahoo.com

Before our next meeting there are 3 other events that may be of interest:

1. Speaking up for Women Internationally. Event organised by the Scottish Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom as part of the Audacious Women festival. Wednesday 22nd Feb 7pm to 9pm Augustine United Church George IVth bridge EH1 1LB. Scottish wilpf also are also showing their ‘Dangerous Women’ Exhibition at ‘The Little Shop of Memories’ Ocean Terminal 1st February to 3rd March.

2. Open day at Faslane Peacecamp 25th February: https://faslanepeacecamp.wordpress.com/
++++ We are also planning another another EdinburghCND trip to the camp in March

3. One day without us 20th February. EdinburghCND members will be at the Mound at 5.30pm

Other News:
1. Edinburgh CND has a new recruiting card and we hope to get it out to as many as possible over the next few months.

2. CND (UK) has published a new report which examines the security implications of Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system. The report was published in Parliament on 8th February at a meeting with Caroline Lucas MP (Green), Kelvin Hopkins MP (Labour), Margaret Ferrier MP (SNP), Paul Ingram (BASIC), and Richard Norton-Taylor (writer for the Guardian on defence and security).
Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian journalist, said:
“Trident, of course, is supremely irrelevant to combating the main threat to Britain’s security, a threat which, according to Cameron, will last a generation. So violent jihadist groups, now manifest by Isis, will still be the main security threat when a new Trident fleet starts to sail in the 2030s. And such groups are not going to be deterred by any nuclear weapon, least of all such intercontinental ballistic missiles as Trident.”
This report looks into the many ways that Trident fails to protect us, with quotes from experts. The nuclear weapons system is vulnerable to emerging underwater drone technology; one of the unique selling points – that they are undetectable under water – soon won’t exist. Our report also shows why it is vulnerable to cyber attack and why it’s not an independent system.
Read the report today and share on social media, using the hashtag #StopTrident
+++++ On this website you will also find info on a Lobby of the UK parliament on 1st March and demo on 4th

3. Edinburgh CND has been active on the anti-Trump demos in Edinburgh. Here is a report of the one held on Saturday 11th February: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-38933037

4. Edinburgh CND has also been active in building the Global Ban campaign http://nuclearban.org.http://banthebomb.org/. Here is a reply from representatives of the UK government that was received by one of our members who wrote urging the government to participate in the talks:
‘ I am replying as the Desk Officer from the Counter Proliferation & Arms Control Centre responsible for international nuclear issues.
The UK is committed to a world without nuclear weapons in line with our obligations under Article VI of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). We share the deep concern at the humanitarian consequences which could result from the use of nuclear weapons. We have a strong record on nuclear disarmament – we have steadily reduced the size of our own nuclear forces by well over half since our Cold War peak and the UK stockpile now represents around 1% of the total global stockpile.
However, we firmly believe that the best way to achieve a world without nuclear weapons is through gradual multilateral disarmament negotiated using a step-by-step approach and within the framework of the NPT. We do not believe that now is the right time to start negotiations on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons, as the right political and security conditions that would allow the nuclear weapon States to relinquish their nuclear weapons do not yet exist. For these reasons, we, along with the other NPT nuclear weapons States and NATO allies, did not support the resolution establishing negotiations on a nuclear weapons ban treaty at the UN General Assembly.
We remain determined to work with partners across the international community to prevent proliferation and to make progress on multilateral nuclear disarmament, to build trust and confidence between nuclear and non-nuclear weapon States, and to take tangible steps toward a safer and more stable world in which countries with nuclear weapons feel able to relinquish them.
Yours sincerely
Counter Proliferation & Arms Control Centre
++++Don’t forget the petition urging UK government participation in the talks: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096
+++++f you need more information, There is a working group, so
email janet@wordsandactions.scot or come to the next meeting which
will be at the SCND office at 4.30 27th Feb

5. Another petition worth signing: APPOINT MINISTERS FOR PEACE AND DISARMAMENT
There should be a mechanism that would make it easier to achieve peace than to achieve war, easier to facilitate peace in Northern Ireland than to start a war in Iraq. It is my proposal that all UK governments must include the senior cabinet positions of Ministers for Peace and Disarmament. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/178703
Following the appointment of Fabian Hamilton to the position of Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament – a post created in 2016 by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn – it is my proposal that from now on all UK governments must include the senior cabinet positions of Ministers for Peace and Disarmament.

6. The Campaign against the arms trade are also sponsoring an important petition:
A pension scheme managed by Edinburgh City Council for it’s staff is sitting on arms investments worth £128 million. The Lothian Pensions Trust invests in major arms companies including BAE Systems, whose weapons are currently playing a central role in Saudi Arabia’s devastating attacks on Yemen. BAE’s weapons have been used to commit human rights abuses across the globe, from suppressing pro-democracy protests in Bahrain to Israel’s deadly attacks in Gaza. So why is Edinburgh Council investing for the future with them?
Campaign Against Arms Trade and the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre have launched a petition to the City of Edinburgh Council to do everything within its power to require that Lothian Pensions Trust divest from all arms companies. We need 200 signatures to get our petition accepted and appear before the Lothian Pensions Trust to present the petition- and we’re already nearly halfway there! Please add your name today, and share with friends to help Edinburgh Campaign Against Arms Trade group reach their goal. The petition can only be signed by Edinburgh residents aged over 16 and you can sign the petition by clicking onto the link below. https://crm.caat.org.uk/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=2164&qid=1007694
Edinburgh CAAT are asking you to forward to friends and also asking us to ‘save a date’:Saturday, 15th April,when they will be holding a day training event (between 10:30pm and 3:30pm) with external facilitators to explore creative campaign approaches and develop a strategy for campaigning against the arms trade in Scotland.

7. The next meeting of the Scottish Peace Network will take place on Monday, February 20, in the Peace and Justice Centre just off of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Their monthly vigil will take place on Thursday, February 23, from 5-6pm at the Dewar´¨s statue on Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre.

And yet more:
1. The following motion will be going to the SNP conference:
UN NUCLEAR WEAPON TREATY BAN: Conference welcomes the UN Treaty Ban Conference taking place this month (March 2017) to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination; understands that the UK Government voted to oppose this discussion happening as a Nuclear Weapon State without any consultation with Scotland or the Scottish Government.
Conference reaffirms its commitment to ridding Scotland and the world of nuclear weapons; welcomes any new instruments that will add urgency to the need for unilateral nuclear disarmament to create a safe and peaceful environment in Scotland that we all aspire to; and in the event of independence, calls on the Scottish Government to make international, unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons a top priority of its international relations strategy.

2. Support for independence surges to 49% as the roof caves in on Theresa May’s “Scotland will have to lump it” doctrine
SCOT goes POP!: Support for independence surges to 49% as the roof caves in on Theresa May’s “Scotland will have to lump it” doctrine from James Kelly’s Tweet

3. For the latest news from Australia: https://walkingforcountry.com/

4. A campaign has been started to lift the sanctions against Zimbabwe. Contact
jeanpierrebarrois@gmail.com for more details

Edinburgh CND News 8th February 2017

The International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)has called for a “Week of Action’ from the 10th to 17th February (further details below). As part of this Edinburgh CND will be holding a stall on Saturday 11th at the anti-Trump event at the Meadows: meet 11.45 on Middle Meadow Walk outside Sainsburys (see below)
We will also be leafleting from 1230 at the East End of Princes Street before Women in Black
On Monday 13th there will also be leafleting at East End of Princes Street 5.30 to 6pm (prior to Scottish wilpf meeting) and on Friday 10th a stall from 5pm also at the East End of Princes Street.
More events on http://banthebomb.org and more information on http://nuclearban.org. and below:

The United Nations is starting to negotiate a nuclear weapons ban treaty at the end of March in New York. This presents an opportunity to end the threat of nuclear annihilation and for the nine countries that have nuclear weapons to join the international consensus in favour of scrapping them. The negotiations are supported by a huge majority of the world’s governments but the UK Government say they want multilateral disarmament and they won’t take part. The Scottish Parliament would support the treaty, but is misrepresented by the UK. The international campaign, ICAN, has supported ordinary people across the world as well as at the UN to get the ban treaty this far, and has called for the Week of Action. Everyone should know about the ban, but the UK media are not reporting it so far, so it is up to us. There is now a Scottish working group to support activity here, and provide information and resources. We hope you will join in. Add the Ban twibbon to your profile. http://banthebomb.org
The recent revelation that a Trident missile test had to be aborted after the missile veered off course towards Florida highlights the continuing danger nuclear weapons pose to the world. Coupled with the many erratic statements from President Donald Trump, the time has come for international action to eliminate nuclear weapons everywhere.Contact your MP to arrange a meeting and make sure the voice of those who support a ban on nuclear weapons is heard.
On March 25th – the eve of the conference CND will print an advert in a national newspaper, to raise awareness of this vital development. If you can help fund the advert with a donation, we’ll add your name to it. If 500 people donate £20 each, the ad will be fully funded, but any amount will help towards getting it published. http://www.cnduk.org

Reminder: If you haven’t signed the petition urging UK government participation in the talks: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096

+++CND has published a new report this week which examines the security implications of Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system. The Security not Trident report was published in Parliament yesterday at a meeting with Caroline Lucas MP (Green), Kelvin Hopkins MP (Labour), Margaret Ferrier MP (SNP), Paul Ingram (BASIC), and Richard Norton-Taylor (writer for the Guardian on defence and security).

Scotland Against Trump – National demo Saturday 11th, 12 noon at the Meadows, Edinburgh
With the exception of Iran, Trump’s ban targets countries that the US has bombed. He is continuing bombing campaigns across the Middle East. There have already been confirmed US attacks in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, where one US commando was killed and two were injured in a failed US raid. US policy towards Iran has returned to the hostile and aggressive posture that was the norm until recently. Furthermore, 350,000 children are trapped and at risk in the US-supported siege of Mosul.
Since Trump’s election, CND has stood in solidarity with the protests against racism, misogyny, and we now stand in solidarity with those protesting against Islamophobia. Our message of stopping Trump’s nuclear arms race and ending the special nuclear relationship between the US and Britain are a vital part of these new movements. There is a report and 20 photos from last Saturday’s Edinburgh march against Trump’s Muslim ban.Edinburgh March Against Trump’s Muslim Ban | Aotearoa Indymedia
Edinburgh CND has participated in the Edinburgh protests and will also be there on Sat 11th (see above)
Other Actions: Sign the letter from the world to Donald Trump https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/president_trump_letter_phtesttr/
Petition: Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

Other News:
1. Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to news about further reliability issues with the Trident II D5 missiles.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:
“It’s time for the government to end its silence about the Trident missile crisis. It’s not enough for officials to send out press statements saying we ‘we have absolute confidence’ in Trident when there is now a catalogue of very serious failures that the government needs to address.
“We are calling for a Trident Inquiry. The public have a right to know the details of these cover-ups and failures.”
Ask your MP to sign EDM 877 calling for a Trident Inquiry
As news emerged over the weekend that Trident missiles have been experiencing issues with navigation for some time, the government remains silent on the failed test and the cover-up that followed.
The Sunday Times reported that a United States test of the Trident missile also failed and was covered up by the US administration.

2.nuClear News No. 92, February 2017 is now available for downloading here: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo92.pdf

3.Peace and Justice Centre February news with a Women’s Day theme http://peaceandjustice.org.uk/

4. Drones Campaign News Feb: dronecampaignnetwork@riseup. net

5.(a) Faslane peace camp is holding an open day you are all most wholeheartedly welcome to come along and please feel free to share this information with whomever you would like to.
We are visiting on the 12th also.
(b) Starting at 06.30 AM on 2 Feb 5 anti-nuclear activists blocked the morning traffic at the south gate of HMNB Clyde in Faslane. The activists locked-on to one another using arm tubes and formed a blockade on the road leading to the gates. The MoD police cutting team arrived at the scene at 07:00 AM, while MoD officers blocked legal observers’ access from the activists. The morning traffic was directed to the North Gate of the naval base. At 07.30 AM, at the time of the first arrest, the tailback of the traffic stretched from the North Gate beyond Shandon, a distance of over two miles.

6. Benchmark 6 is an old Ministry of Defence term for a worst case accident with a Trident submarine. A Scottish film-maker, David Newbigging, is planning to make a fictional documentary exploring just such a scary scenario, right here, on the Clyde. David approached the Executive of Scottish CND to explain his project and they have agreed to lend it their support. https://socialscreen.co.uk/films/benchmark-6/support

7.Campaign Against Arms Trade is challenging the UK government in a judicial review for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia for the production of a humanitarian disaster in Yemen. The hearings started yesterday, more to follow today and on Friday.
Please write to your MP here, today:
And please sign the petition, too: https://www.caat.org.uk/get-involved/act-now/petition/stop-arming-saudi !

8. We are saddened to announce that Atsuko Betchaku died suddenly last week.
Atsuko was a much loved and valued volunteeer at the Peace and Justice Centre. She organised and ran many peace cranes workshops around Edinburgh remembering Hiroshima and the wish of a little girl called Sadako for future peace and disarmament. The workshops were always a joy, with much laughter, happiness and beauty. The last post she created on her Cranes project website announced the hope that there will be an exhibition of the 140,000 Cranes in Scottish Parliament in 2018. Atsuko’s website is at:https://origamicraneproject.jimdo.com/
Her funeral will take place: Thursday 16 February 3:30pm at Warriston Crematorium

9. The next meeting of the Countering Recruitment of under-18s to the armed forces campaign will be on Tuesday 14th Feb

Edinburgh CND News: 25th January 2017

Following the huge anti-Trump demonstrations in Edinburgh and across the country last weekend, as well as a media frenzy following the news of the Trident missile crisis cover up (see 1 below), it is an extremely busy time for all CND groups. It’s also a huge opportunity to get our message out wider too.
+++++ See our Facebook page for more Trump activities:https://www.facebook.com/EdinburghCND/

The next Edinburgh CND meeting will be on Tuesday 7th Feb 6pm Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow EH1 2NJ. All invited. We will be discussing our future activities including our contribution to the worldwide Week of Action from 10th to 17th Feb (see 2 below).
STOP PRESS: also see 13 below for a Parliamentary debate on the 8th and 14 for a meeting in Inverness on the 3rd

1. Trident is a disaster waiting to happen:
The news that Theresa May covered up a failed Trident missile test in 2016 is a crisis for our democracy as well as a crisis for the security of Britain. Michael Fallon continued the denial.
As CND’s Kate Hudson said to the media: “this is a very serious failure of the Trident system and there’s absolutely no doubt this would have impacted on the debate in Parliament on Trident replacement. The government’s motivation for holding back this vital information is therefore clear.
“Instead of crucial information being given by the government at the appropriate time to inform the MP’s debate, it’s been revealed by a senior naval figure months after it took place.” Write to your MP to demand an inquiry into this crisis.
“Both Parliament and public have the right to the truth, which is why we’re calling for a Trident Inquiry. Thousands of letters have already been sent to MPs to demand that an inquiry is conducted. It’s time for the government act.”
Parliamentary CND Chair Caroline Lucas has tabled an Early Day Motion calling for an inquiry.

2. Last year Scotland held numerous demos to oppose the Trident vote. Now we found out that Theresa May covered up this failed Trident missile test right before the vote. We must challenge the UK’s bad decision. Negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty start in March at The United Nations meeting in New York. The Ban is supported by most member states – but not the UK, and the UK media are not reporting it so far. It is up to us to tell the good news.

ICAN call for a worldwide Week of Action from 10th to 17th Feb.
SCND and others are working with the Scrap Trident Coalition to make a big impression!
Are you willing to organise a street stall or arrange a photograph opportunity in your local area after work one evening or during the weekend in the week of action?
We have postcards and leaflets to tell the Ban Treaty story (from the SCND and Edinburgh Peace & Justice offices). We need everyone in Scotland to see them. You can ask your local MSPs to get involved and get everyone to register on http://nuclearban.org.
SCND and the Scrap Trident Coalition will post about activities and the contact person in each area. Please let us know if you’d be interested in coordinating a stall. We will offer support.
We are asking everyone to make sure that we can get pictures of the whole week, make Facebook events and share these on Facebook, Twitter etc. If this is new for you we can help you get started. We will use social media to publicise all the activities, and it is really important that ICAN has our photographs with placards or statements supporting the Global Ban Treaty to share in New York!
Reminder: If you haven’t signed the petition urging UK government participation in the talks: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096
There is a lobby of MPs organised on Wednesday 1st March to call on the UK government to play a constructive role in the negotiations, and this is your chance to persuade your local MP.

STOP PRESS: (I)Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to the announcement made by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that the Doomsday Clock has moved to 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “The Doomsday Clock has moved closer to midnight. The twin threats of nuclear war and climate change pose a greater danger to the world in 2017 than in 2016. We agree that the provocative statements made by Donald Trump have broken international conventions and made a new arms race a real possibility.It’s now absolutely vital that Britain supports negotiations for a global nuclear ban taking place at the United Nations this year”. Meanwhile, a few blocks away in Washington DC on the same day as the Doomsday Clock announcement, UNFOLD ZERO and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) held a consultation with arms control experts and disarmament activists on how to reduce nuclear risks and advance nuclear disarmament. The meeting was part of a series of consultations in Geneva, Vienna, New York, Washington, London and other centres, focusing on upcoming multilateral processes, including United Nations negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, the resumption of the Non-Proliferation Treaty review cycle and the 2018 UN High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament.

STOP PRESS: (II) Anti-nuclear campaigners called for an end to the Special Relationship – particularly its nuclear elements – ahead of Theresa May’s meeting with US President Donald Trump. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “There is widespread recognition that President Trump poses an increasing nuclear threat to the world. He has encouraged proliferation and a new nuclear arms race, and calls for a major increase in the US nuclear arsenal. This is a disastrous direction for US foreign and military policy – and for ours too, as we are tied to the US in the Mutual Defence Agreement. Signed in 1958 this is the most extensive nuclear sharing agreement in the world.

3. On Tuesday morning (24th) at 06.45 AM, four anti-nuclear activists blocked the ongoing morning traffic at the south gate of HMBB Clyde in Faslane. Action was recorded by activists from the nearby Faslane Peace Camp, a protest site dedicated to campaigning against nuclear weapons since 1982. The protesters interrupted the morning routines by walking into the line of traffic and pulling a banderol over the road. Edinburgh CND will be visiting the camp in February (watch this space)

4. Audacious Women festival : Scottish WILPF Exhibition at Ocean Terminal
If you haven’t seen the Dangerous Wome Exhibition yet it will be at ‘The Little Shop of Memories’ Ocean Terminal 1st February to 3rd March. If you are not in Edinburgh and would like the Exhibition for a local venue please contact Scottish WILPF.

5. Peace and Justice Centre News:
(a)Burns Supper and Ceilidh Sat 28 Jan 2017. 6pm. Burns Supper. 8 – 11pm Ceilidh.
(b) Alternatives to the local authority debt crisis Friday 27th January. 6 – 8:30pm. Augustine’s United Church on George IV Bridge.
(c) Another reminder: Ask your MP and MSP to sign these parliamentary motions on Military Recruitment of Under 18s (see earlier post on this site).
(d) Paper crane-making every Saturday afternoon from 2pm.

6.January’s Nuclear News at http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/news/21-january-2017

7. Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) are taking the government to Court.
For nearly two years the government has refused to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia, ignoring overwhelming evidence that UK weapons are being used in violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen.
Campaigners put the government under unprecedented pressure – but it has continued to do all it can to maintain its relationship with Saudi Arabia, the UK’s biggest arms customer. CAAT are asking people to write to their MPs.

8. Join Helesnburgh CND Life after Trident Conference on 11 Feb, 1 – 5 pm (Helensburgh Parish Church Halls, Colquhoun Square, G84 8UP).

9.The monthly vigil of the Scottish Peace Network will take place this Thursday, January 26, from 5 to 6pm at Dewar’s statue, Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre. This year the official Armed Forces Day event will take place in Liverpool on June 24. Stirling is holding its usual military show on Saturday, June 17, this will be raised at their next meeting on February 20.

10. CND is organising an ‘NHS Not Trident’ block at the ‘Our NHS’ march to Parliament on Saturday 4th March. We are anticipating massive interest and a huge turnout, and we want all CND groups to be part of it too.

11.++++++News from Italy: Submarine Crashes Through Streets Of Milan In Creative Publicity Stunt: http://www.boredpanda.com/submarine-crash-milan-mc-saatchi-europ-assistance-italia/

12.More News from Australia:
Last week the Environment Minister approved the Yeelirrie uranium proposal – ignoring the EPA advice that the project doesn’t meet objective under the Environmental Protection Act – as the project could make 11 species extinct!!!!+

13. Trident and its Successor Programme – The Case for non-renewal, employment diversification and contributing to peace
The Jimmy Reid Foundation published the above Report on 24 November, read at http://reidfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Trident-Report-24th-Nov-1.pdf .
Bill Kidd MSP with cross party support has tabled the motion below supporting the findings of the Report. Jackie Baillie MSP has tabled an amendment opposing the motion. The motion will be debated in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 8 February at 5.00pm. There will also be a public discussion afterwards in Committee Room 5 from 6.00pm to about 7.30pm. The lead author of the Report, Professor Mike Danson will be present to facilitate discussion. MSP’s will also be invited to attend. The Committee Room is booked in the name of Bill Kidd MSP.
My purpose in writing to you is to invite you to attend the debate in the Public Gallery and/or participate in the discussion afterwards. Also please forward/facebook/twitter any acquaintance you think may be interested in attending.
If attending the debate arrive no later than 4.30pm to allow time to go through security. If attending the discussion you require a visitors pass and need to email your name to JennyElisabeth.Holt@parliament.scot .

14.The HANT (Highlands Against Nuclear Transport) AGM
When: Friday 3rd February, 19:30 Where: Concourse Room Spectrum Centre
1 Margaret Street Inverness IV1 1LS (Ground floor with disabled access)
Refreshments: will be provided! Everyone welcome – come along to learn about our efforts in stopping the transport of nuclear waste by rail, sea and air!

Edinburgh CND news 20th January

Apologies: this one is rather long (but worth it)

1. Stop Trump’s Nuclear Arms Race protests: assemble 5.30 today (20th) at the East End of Princes Street and march to the US consulate Regent Terrace. There is also a demo at US Embassy London
CND is also taking part in the Women’s March in Edinburgh, London and other cities. Organisers have called the protest “to unite and stand together for the dignity and equality of all peoples, for the safety and health of our planet and for the strength of our vibrant and diverse communities.” Edinburgh assemble 11am outside the US consulate 3 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5BW

Edinburgh CND will be at both events with our Arms are for Linking banner and some trump masks.
CNDs Kate Hudson said: “Donald Trump has sparked fear across the world with a series of provocative statements. He has called for the expansion of the US nuclear capability, the tearing up of the Iran nuclear deal, and he appeared to welcome a possible arms race in Asia.

2. 2017 is set to be an historic year as negotiations begin at the United Nations on an international treaty to ban nuclear weapons.
However, despite the treaty negotiations receiving the backing of 120 countries, the UK voted against and has not indicated whether it will attend the talks beginning in March in New York.
CND is calling on the UK government to play a constructive role in the negotiations and has called a lobby of MPs to give you the chance to persuade your member of Parliament.
Making progress on international disarmament is particularly urgent given the fast changing international situation, including the growing tensions between the US and China.
We urge as many of our supporters as possible to back this important lobby. The CND team will be in parliament on the day to give any information or support you may need. You can come along in your lunch break of after work if you are nearby. Otherwise why not get a group together and come to parliament?

More on both the above campaigns in

and for even more on the global ban:http://nuclearban.org/

If you haven’t signed the petition urging UK government participation: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096

3. Stop the War Meetings in Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy:
Edinburgh public meeting What the Trump presidency means for the anti-war movement Monday 23rd January 7.30pm At the Quaker Meeting House
7 Victoria Terrace EH1 2JL There will be plenty of time for an open discussion on the challenges we face in 2017 and what action we can take. Hope to see you there.

Kirkcaldy Public Meeting War and Refugees 26 January at 19:00
Old Kirk, Kirk Wynd, KY1 1EH Kirkcaldy

4. Peace and Justice Burns Supper and Ceilidh
Sat 28 Jan 2017. 6pm Burns Supper. 8 – 11pm Ceilidh.
Full three course Burns’ Supper, with speakers, peace activist and author Alastair McIntoshwith the Immortal Memory, musician and inspiring educator Stan Reeves giving the Address to the Haggis, and political activist, writer and dreamer Zara Kitson responding from the lassies. Dancing until midnight with Hud Yer Wheesht Edinburgh Ceilidh Band, and support acts Various Moons playing Norman MacCaig-inspired tunes, and Kenny Vass singing Burns.
Full licensed bar with organic and local delights and the raffle with Gandolf. Raising vital funds to keep the campaining going for Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.
Come to the full Burns Supper & Ceilidh or just the Ceilidh
Supper & Ceilidh (supporters) £25 / Standard £20 / Concession £15
Ceilidh Only: Supporters £15 / Standard £10 / Concession £6.50 / Advance concession £5 / under 12 £3.50
Book Tickets at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2

5. CND general secretary Kate Hudson has responded to the announcement that Chelsea Manning will be freed in 2017.
“Chelsea Manning is a heroine and a truth teller of our times, and I’m absolutely thrilled to hear that she will be freed from prison.
“Because of her bravery we obtained yet more evidence of the horrors conducted in our name under the guise of the War on Terror. After her arrest a solidarity movement grew around the world to demand her release. I’m delighted that that day will soon be upon us.”

6. Faslane Peacecamp Wishlist:
Following Edinburgh CNDs visits we include something that we can all do to help the peace camp:
If anyone has anything just lying in the shed or is taking any of this to the dump then just drop it in to us and we can make use of it
ply and chip board, 4x4s 4x6s, Firewood Wood, Wooden Pallets for building, Chicken wire, Tarpaulins, Rope, Wood Nails & screws, Fencing, Binoculars/telescope, Wheelbarrow, Shovels, pick axes, Wood burners, Leisure batteries/car batteries, Still saw (petrol), axes, metal bins, Sledge hammer, Petrol chainsaw, Any tools at all!, Canoes/kayaks & paddle, A boat, Bicycles, Brushes/brooms, Climbing gear, Ladders (as high as a base fence), Paint (all colours, Paint brushes, Quilts/bedding/mattresses, Candles, Bicycle/car pump,LED battery lights, Sturdy pots and pans, a good sized Frying pan, Wooden spoons,Tin plates, bowls, cups, Tin box’s (bread box), woodcarving tools, Camo clothes, boots, thick socks, Night vision, Anvil,AA & AAA batteries
People to come for Direct Action
And Visitors!!!

7. Quakers in Scotland and other peace groups have been working on the progression of a joint petition through Scotland’s Public Petitions Committee. This petition calls for greater scrutiny, transparency and guidance around armed forces visits to schools.

8. Next CAAT Edinburgh meeting:
Wednesday 12th April 2017, 7-8.45pm, Quakers Meeting House
CAAT are urging contributions to the Edinburgh Labour Manifesto at http://www.edinburghlabour.com/edinburgh_labour_draft_manifesto_2017 by 28th January!
Minutes of Jan meeting now available.

9. Minutes of the recent Scottish Peace Network meeting are available. The monthly vigil of theScottish Peace Network will take place on Thursday, January 26, from 5-6pm at the Dewar’s statue on Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre. We will bring a banner, placards and flyers.
May Day 2017: Planning already underway in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Contact us for details.

10.News from Australia:
A bigger update soon and let you all know what is happening, but for now we just wanted to let you know that Yeelirrie just got Ministerial approval – that’s the one that the EPA rejected.