Edinburgh CND News 25th July 2017

The next meeting of Edinburgh CND will be on Tuesday 1st August at 6pm in the Peace and Justice Centre. All welcome. We have plenty to discuss, including all the issues below:
With the upcoming anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki next month, many CND groups (including Edinburgh)  have started to organise events in your area to commemorate the two catastrophes. 
Please check http://www.cnduk.org to see what events have been planned so far, across the UK, and to get involved.
The details of the Edinburgh Hiroshima event are as follows: Edinburgh CNDs annual event to remember the tragic dropping of a Nuclear Bomb on Hiroshima in 1945 6th August 6-7pm at the Mound Precinct/Princes Street: Next to the National Gallery. All invited. Music, Candles, Crane-making, Speeches, Poems, Banners
On Saturday12th August (3 days after Nagasaki anniversary) we will be leafleting from12 30 at the East End of Princes Street.
For those in the west there will be an event at Barshaw Park Peace Garden on Sunday 6th August. Meet at the car park off Glasgow Road at 5pm to walk together to the Peace Garden. 
Edinburgh World Justice Festival. This is taking place from 30th September to 16th October and Edinburgh CNDs event is on Wednesday 11th October.

+++++++STOP PRESS 26th July: Breaking news from Dumbarton++++
The PF dropped his insistence on the 100m exclusion zone around Faslane & Coulport so Angie & Brian are being released (see news item 3 below for further explanation)

1. On 7th July 2017 a powerful step toward a nuclear free world was taken at the UN headquarters in New York. After the last few months of negotiations, The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has passed the UN General Assembly with 122 countries in favour! This is great news and we look forward to the opening of the treaty for signature on September 20th.
The official UN statement hopes the treaty will provide an “unambiguous political commitment” toward achieving global disarmament and developing a dialogue about nuclear weapons. CND recognises the hard work that went into making this become a reality. It was a global effort and it’s great to see tangible results.
The spotlight is now on the UK government which opposed the negotiations and says it won’t sign up. This exposes the emptiness of its claims to back multilateral disarmament. Now we need to exert all our efforts to make the government change course and get on board with the global majority.
CND handed in 7,000 petition letters to 10 Downing Street. The letters, addressed to Theresa May, call attention to the attempts by the UK to undermine the Global Ban talks and the failure to engage in the process. The stack of paper was so big, it was taken down there in a suitcase so thanks to all of you that signed or helped us with the process. We will keep you updated as to the government response.
2.The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) today welcomes the publication of a major new report by Med-act that focuses on the UK’s harmful reliance and dependence on maintaining nuclear weapons at a time when the large majority of UN members have formally called for a ban on such weapons.  Med-act is a public health charity that inspires the medical community to act on the social, political, ecological and economic determinants of health. Like NFLA, it is a supporting member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).   
The Med-act report  ‘A Safer World – Treating Britain’s harmful dependence on nuclear weapons’, calls to account the UK Government for its aggressive nuclear weapons policies and the continued funding of the Trident nuclear weapons programme. 
Key points from the report include: 
·        A new international treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons, agreed by 122 countries on the 7 July 2017, re-opens questions about Britain’s continued possession of nuclear weapons. 
·        Despite claiming to want a world without nuclear weapons, by boycotting the treaty negotiations, the UK is sidestepping global efforts to achieve genuine multilateral nuclear disarmament.   
·        The UK has 120 ready-to-fire nuclear warheads in deployment; with a further 95 in reserve, but the credibility of these weapons for deterrence is crumbling. 
·        Britain has an opportunity to demonstrate its diplomatic prowess and soft power to take a lead on multilateral disarmament and make the world safer – but only if the government is prepared to abandon its reliance on an increasingly redundant and dangerous approach to national security. 
NB The NFLA also have an interesting media release on The confusion over the UK’s plans to leave the Euratom Treaty (see their website)
3. Angie Zelter and Brian Quail are still in prison flowing the actions at Coulport 11th July. Brian Larkin of the P and J writes: On Tuesday July 25h July Sheriff Noran McFadyen denied an appeal of special bail conditions by Angie Zelter at the Appeal Court in Edinburgh. She and Brian Quail both remain in prison. She is grateful for all the cards and letters of support.
Neither Angie nor any supporters were allowed to attend the Appeal hearing but immediately the hearing lawyers told Jane that Sheriff Macfayden barely listened to arguments put forward by Counsel acting on Angie’s behalf and seemed to see Angie’s many years of principled nonviolent campaigning as a reason to keep her in prison.

Angie and Brian will appear in Dumbarton JP Court tomorrow, Wednesday 26th July, for an Intermediate hearing, and Angie will have a further opportunity to submit a second appeal in the coming week. The case has attracted considerable media attention in Scotland. And the comic book writer Mark Millar, creator of Civil War and other Marvel comics, has paid Angie’s legal fees.  An online petition has gained over 4,200 signatures. Westminster SNP group voiced its support for Zelter and Quail and SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor, a member of Scotland’s Justice Committee, has contacted the Lord Advocate of Scotland to call for a review of the case. [6] Brian Quail has not so far appealed and will remain in custody at least until the intermediate hearing scheduled for Dumbarton Justice of the Peace Court on Wednesday 26 July. Brian and Angie are both scheduled to appear for trial in Dumbarton Justice of the Peace Court on 3 August. Supporters are encouraged to attend the trial. Read the full report on the TP blog at:

http://tridentploughshares.org /trident-protester-angie-zelte rs-appeal-of-bail-conditions- denied/  Please Share this article and keep sharing our Facebook posts about developments to help spread news of the story as it develops. We are posting from https://www.facebook.com/tride nt.ploughshares/  page which is the one with our logo on it so please LIKE that page if you have not done so. You can also support the action by Following @TridentPlough on Twitter and Retweeting any of our Tweets, and writing to Angie and Brian. NB Brian also had a letter in The National on 24th July

4. Bite the bullet and call a halt to Trident Sunday Herald, 23rd July 2017 http://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/sunday_herald_view/15428311.Bite_the_bullet_and_call_a_halt_to_Trident/

The full programme can be found on the Medact web site, where you can also register for tickets.

1.The ‘War on Terror’ In An Era Of Crisis: A Critical Response
A one day conference hosted by New Foreign Policy. A unique event bringing together academics, researchers, campaigners – and you. This event examines and exposes the legacy of the ‘war on terror’ – from Iraq to Islamophobia – and sets out a new approach. Be part of the discussion. Date: August 5th Venue: CCA Glasgow, 350 Sauchiehall St Time: Registration from 10am
 NOTE: Please book tickets in advance to help the organisers prepare the best possible event:www.newforeignpolicy. eventbrite.com
2. Edinburgh CAAT: Upcoming events and activities
Tuesday 1 August, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, Pavillion Cafe in The Meadows, Edinburgh
Super fun workshop for beginners or pros
Tuesday 8 August (exact time tbc), Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh
Demonstration against the Festival of Shalom
A letter from the Drummond Community High School Parent Council objecting to the festival can be found attached to this email. Contact Mark or Colin for more details. 
Thursday 17 August, 7pm to 8.45pm. At the Castle Arms (just along from Quaker House)
CAAT planning meeting for the Yemen/Saudi campaign
We’ll be making detailed plans for the next campaign activities. All welcome! Contact Kate for more details.
Sunday 3 September, 7pm to 9pm. The Strathie, 17 Iona Street, Edinburgh
A relaxed chat with members of CommonWeal Edinburgh North and Leith about current CAAT activities.
Monday 4 September, 7pm to 8.45pm, Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh
CAAT Edinburgh Quarterly Meeting
Our regular quarterly meeting.
3. Medact’s conference is in YORK on the 4-6th September, this could be a good time to convene a meeting for ICAN UK partners and others that want to work on the ban treaty in the UK. It is likely to be on the Monday 16.30 to 18.30. ++++++The full programme can be found on the Medact web site, where you can also register for tickets.
4. Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre: International Peace Day Ceilidh – Fri 22 Sept. Don’t forget about the P and Js regular crane-making sessions.
1. LOS ALAMOS: Bulletin 232: Nuclear power for your home and business http://www.lasg.org/ActionAlerts/2017/Bulletin232.html
2. AUSTRALIA: the activities against Uranium mining continue:For the latest update: https://walkingforcountry

Edinburgh CND News: 17th/18th July 2017 (including Ban Treaty updates)

STOP PRESS: Message from CND UK Parliamentary Officer Russell Whiting:

A Parliamentary Question was answered yesterday (17th) which appears to harden the government’s opposition to the ban treaty further. Nuclear Weapons: Written question Asked by Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North). To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, pursuant to his oral Answer of 10 July 2017, Official Report, column 23, to the hon. Member for North Ayrshire and Arran, for what reasons it is Government policy that the nuclear ban treaty should not apply to the UK.  Answered by: Sir Michael Fallon                                                                                                                                                      The UK will never sign, ratify or become party to the treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. We do not believe that it will bring us closer to a world without nuclear weapons as it fails to address the key issues that must first be overcome to achieve lasting global nuclear disarmament. We consider that the best way to achieve a world without nuclear weapons is through gradual multilateral disarmament negotiated using a step-by-step approach within existing international frameworks. The UK continues to work towards global nuclear disarmament through the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-question/Commons/2017-07-12/4753/

Scottish CND have also issued a Statement and this can be found in the main post.


Edinburgh CND’s annual Hiroshima Commemoration will be at Mound Place/ Princes Street 6th August 6-7pm and 
A report back from the Nuclear Ban negotiations is planned for the near future and we will keep this site up-to-date on this.                                                                                                        
UK CND are  visited Downing Street on Tuesday 18th July to deliver thousands of letters written about the Ban Treaty.
CND visited Downing Street today to deliver over 7000 letters you wrote to Theresa May, calling on her government to sign up to the UN treaty banning nuclear weapons.
They’ve made a short video about the day so you can see what happened. They’re expecting a response to the letters from the government soon and will let us know when they hear back.
But it’s vital that we keep the pressure up. Please share the link with your contacts asking them to tell Theresa May to support the ban treaty.
Earlier CND had said: The government’s response to the treaty is one of the most incoherent things we’ve ever heard about nuclear weapons – it amounts to them saying you can’t get rid of nuclear weapons by banning them.
But we’re in a time of political turmoil. The government is weak and u-turns are aplenty. Pressure at this critical time could reverse the government’s decision.
The government’s response to the treaty is one of the most incoherent things ever heard about nuclear weapons – it amounted to them saying you can’t get rid of nuclear weapons by banning them.
But we’re in a time of political turmoil. The government is weak and u-turns are aplenty. Pressure at this critical time could reverse the government’s decision.
A Freedom of Information request on Tuesday 11th revealed that spending on two AWE nuclear weapons sites in Berkshire has doubled from a budgeted £2 billion to almost £4 billion.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “Spending on Trident is in chaos. Today we learn that the cost of upgrading the nuclear bomb factories in Berkshire has doubled in a single year to almost £4 billion, compared with £2 billion in the budget. “Last year, when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament added up the publicly available figures for replacing Trident – including the cost of the submarines, the in-service costs and infrastructure – we discovered a total spend of £205 billion on Trident. This already astronomical figure is set to rise even further if the government continues to write blank cheques for component parts like the AWE sites reported on today.
“Why does the government have such a cavalier approach to spending when it comes to nuclear weapons? Imagine if those billions were spent instead on the NHS, ending the public sector pay cap, and investment in tackling terrorism and cyber-warfare?”
p.s. the EDM is still open (see last post)
Meanwhile in Scotland: 
Two Trident Ploughshares activists have been remanded in custody until August 3 for taking part in a blockade of the nuclear warhead store at Loch Long (on Tuesday).
One of the activists detained is Brian Quail a member of the Scottish CND executive . The other person is well known peace and environmental campaigner Angie Zelter.
Background information on the case and details of how can support our two friends is available by using the link Tridentploughshares.org. Please also sign the online petition.
Send cards and letters of support: (a)Brian Quail,  Number 13977
H M Prison Low Moss Crosshill Road Bishopbriggs Glasgow G64 2QB
(b) Angela Zelter Number 50463 HM Prison Edinburgh
33 Stenhouse Rd Edinburgh EH11 3LN
4 more protesters were arrested on Thursday, but have not been jailed.
Tuesday 18th: SCND Statement:
Following the adoption of the UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons, Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND, has made the following statement on our behalf,
Scottish CND will continue to work with our partners in the Peace Movement to follow up the recent historic vote by 122 nations to adopt a global treaty banning nuclear weapons.The treaty is open for signatures on September 20 and will enter into international law after 50 nations have signed it. Nations signing it must ratify by putting it into their own national legal system through their own parliamentary and decision making processes. Given the overwhelming support for the treaty at the recent Conference set up by United Nations to create it, the threshold for its entry into law will easily be reached.
It remains disappointing that the nuclear armed states continue to be opposed to signing the treaty, which will have a practical impact on their operations regardless of their membership of the Security Council.
Past experience with other Weapons of Mass Destruction shows that elimination follows on from a legal ban and this treaty will make any nuclear weapon activity illegal.
It will also stigmatise nuclear weapons , making use, transportation , stockpiling or facilitation illegal, which makes it harder for states outside the treaty to justify their position.’

Elayne Whyte Gomez from Costa Rica who was president of the sessions which discussed the treaty summed up its importance when she said-
We have managed to sow the first seeds of a world free of nuclear weapons . We are saying to our children that it is possible to inherit a world free from nuclear weapons.’ 
UNFOLDZERO  explained: The nuclear-armed and allied States opposed the treaty and none are likely to join. As such they are not bound by its provisions, and will not be directly affected by it. However, the new treaty could be used to impact on the policies and practices of the nuclear armed States and their allies in two key ways:                                                                                                 1. through national implementation measures that prohibit financing and transit of nuclear weapons.                                              2. by putting political pressure on these States to adopt nuclear risk reduction and disarmament measures, including through the Non-Proliferation Treaty process and at the 2018 UN High-Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament.
UNFOLD ZERO and their partner organisations are therefore stepping up the  Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign in order to dramatically increase the number of countries divesting from nuclear weapons corporations, focusing on those countries joining the nuclear prohibition treaty.
The 2018 UNHLC could also be an opportunity for non-nuclear countries to announce their ratification of the nuclear prohibition treaty. If 50 ratifications are achieved by the 2018 UNHLC, then this could be the occasion to announce its entry-into-force.
UNFOLD ZERO is coordinating civil society action for the 2018 UNHLC in cooperation with the Abolition 2000 Working Group on the 2018 UNHLC. Please contact us if you would like to be more involved.
Abolition 2000 adds the the Parliamentary Action Plan for a nuclear free world notes that ‘Parliamentarians also have a role to encourage their colleagues in States that have not joined the treaty to do so.‘ And the Action Plan identifies the 2018 UN High Level Conference (HLC) as a unique opportunity to elevate the ban treaty. States could announce their ratification of the treaty at the HLC and encourage other countries to sign and ratify..
Other useful reading can be found at:


News from other organisations:
1. The next Edinburgh Stop the War Meeting at 7.30pm Monday 17th July is a public meeting on: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and the Arms TradeSpeakers from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Stop the War at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace.  
2. URGENT Message from Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, International Secretariat :We are shocked that at the UN’s summit on Sustainable Development taking place in New York there is a huge exhibitionpromoting nuclear energy, which is not sustainable (you can find more information here: http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org/resources/fact-sheets/critical-issues/5445-nuclear-energy )
Please sign the petition of WECF and the Women’s Major Group before the end of today (Monday 17th July), so that it can be handed over to the Secretary General of the UN next week. 
3.News from the Los Alamos Study Group: July 17, 2017 — the day after the 72nd anniversary of the first nuclear explosion (July 16, 1945)

Bulletin 231: Dr. Strangelove and the Los Alamos Nuclear FiascoThe title of this Bulletin – the first of two or three short bulletins we hope to get to you this week – is taken from a July 13 article in The American Conservative (TAC) by managing editor Kelley Vlahos. We recommend it.                                                                                                          4. WALKATJURRA WALKABOUT Australia also notes July 7 this year marked a historical day around the world as the United Nations adopted a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.  The very worst of weapons of mass destruction are banned as 122 countries said ‘yes’ to humanity. See earlier posts for more of their work.                                  +++++5. Scottish CND would like to draw your attention to the following forthcoming activities you may wish to take part in:

EdinburghCND News: Nuclear Ban Special

Actions following the Ban:
NEW: CND are visiting Downing Street on Tuesday 18th July to deliver the thousands of letters you have written to the UK government.
There’s still time to write your own letter – it takes two minutes on our web site.
8th to 16th of July: Coulport Disarmament Camp http://tridentploughshares.org/coulport-disarmament-camp-july-2017/
 During the week activists will carry out actions to disrupt Faslane & Coulport as well as holding vigils and protests and having workshops to share skills & knowledge.   Edinburgh CND will be travelling down on the Wednesday 12th when we will take equipment to the Faslane Peace Camp, visit the Coulport camp and join the Faslane vigil at 4pm. Please contact edinburghcnd@yahoo.com for transport details.
UPDATE: we will be leaving at 1030 am on Wednesday and we have at least one more space.

The next Edinburgh Stop the War Meeting at 7.30pm Monday 17th July is a public meeting on: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and the Arms TradeSpeakers from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Stop the War at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace.                                                                                                                             Watch this space for: (1) Hiroshima Commemoration 6th August and (2) report back from the Nuclear Ban negotiations                                                                                                                          ————————————————————————————————————

CND: 122 countries have agreed an historic United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The treaty follows decades of grassroots campaigning across the world. CND has been calling for a global ban on nuclear weapons since its founding in 1958 and we are delighted at the development.
Nuclear weapons are the last weapon of mass destruction not to be banned under international law following the adoption of chemical and biological weapons bans in the last century. The new treaty will make it illegal under international law to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess, stockpile, transfer, use or threaten to use nuclear weapons. It also makes it illegal to assist or encourage anyone to engage in these activities. http://cnduk.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=50a46ed98fb9032bd46d11880&id=9f8df8bcb7&e=96dcf14be7The treaty introduces various bans including the possession, development and use of nuclear weapons. During a debate in Parliament last year Theresa May said she would be willing to use a nuclear bomb while Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said a first strike would be considered.
Theresa May’s government is attempting to block the ban. It boycotted the talks, taking the lead from Donald Trump who has condemned multilateral negotiations, as well as the Iranian nuclear deal.With a minority government and a weak Prime Minister, we have a chance to put this treaty right at the top of the political agenda.
Use the tool on CND web site to Tell Theresa May to support the ban. It takes less than one minute, and pressure from civil society at this key moment can make a big difference.

General Messages for the Adoption from ICAN:
In order to prepare our messaging for the adoption, we have developed some talking points on the text which will translate to a broader audience the importance of the treaty. A of some general talking points has been attached to this email. Here are the key points:
  • The process to develop the treaty was motivated by the catastrophic humanitarian impacts that would result of any use or detonation of a nuclear weapon. It makes nuclear weapons illegal as well as immoral.
  • This treaty builds on other treaties that prohibit weapons, and builds on the norm of humanitarian disarmament. With this treaty, it completes the prohibition on all weapons of mass destruction.
  • This process has recognised the responsibility of all states to prevent a global humanitarian catastrophe, given that any use transcends national boundaries.
  • Around 130 states participated in the negotiations. It shows that even though nuclear weapon states boycotted the negotiating conference, the majority of the worlds states support an international prohibition on nuclear weapons.
  • This treaty is anticipated to have an impact on all states, whether they join immediately or not, by stigmatising nuclear weapons and making the continued maintenance, development, and possession of nuclear weapons unacceptable.
Here are some tips from the Social Media Team:
  • Let your partner organizations know about what’s going on and ask them to also tweet, share and like. A social media post about the ban from them would be very helpful
  • When tweeting: it’s always good to tweet to a specific state that is doing well – let them know we support them! Your tweet generally do better with a photo and remember to always use the #nuclearban
  • There are lots of great photo and video material for you to use. Movies are uploaded to ICAN’s Facebook profile and photos are available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/
  • Let’s keep the message positive – what we say and do outside the conference room is the way most people will perceive this treaty.

Here is ICAN’s article about the adoption of the treatyhttp://www.icanw.org/campaign-news/the-united-nations-prohibits-nuclear-weapons/Of the countries present Only Netherlands voted against, and Singapore abstained

From UNFOLD ZERO: they have  promoted the negotiations, and taken an active part in them, especially on the issue of financing of nuclear weapons (see below) and on national implementation measures, in cooperation with Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (PNND) and the http://unfoldzero.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b24250dac623a8bc5da1b0664&id=97482ea324&e=7597fb1ac4
Also: On July 5, PNND held a press conference at the United Nations on the Nuclear ban treaty and impacting the nuclear-armed States. The event include the launch of a Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World.The press conference came one day after the North Korean test of an inter-continental ballistic missile, which has raised nuclear tensions in the North East Asian region, and reminded the world of the need to reduce nuclear dangers and move toward global nuclear disarmament.
Los Alamos Study Group Director Greg Mello: “We join so many others in congratulating Ambassador Gomez and the UN staff supporting her, and all the states who participated with such evident good faith, for this Treaty.  “The Treaty could not have been possible without the leadership of, and engagement by, literally hundreds of civil society organizations, ably coordinated by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), underpinned by the untiring work of the Reaching Critical Will (RCW) program of the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF). The ban campaign, the fruition of which we see today, really began and was co-led throughout by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). Dozens of other organizations could be mentioned, without which this Treaty could never have been produced. 
UNFOLD ZERO has joined with PNND, the World Future Council and International Peace Bureau in a project ‘Move the Nuclear Weapons Money‘ 

From the Basle Peace Office: See The ban treaty, NPT and the 2018 UN High Level Conference.

From the Nuclear Information Service: http://www.nuclearinfo.org/article/nis-reports/nis-release-new-briefing-paper-uk-and-nuclear-ban-treaty

From Rebecca Johnston

As a follow up to the Ban Treaty negotiations, Medact is going to be engaging in an attempt to re-energise the medical and health campaign against Trident (details from edinburghcnd@yahoo.com

ICAN issued a very good press release following the ban. Here are links to some of their photos.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35610094271/in/dateposted/ – President of the negotiating conference Elayne Whyte confers with advisor during break in negotiations

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35537207612/in/dateposted/ – Full conference room, diplomats, and civil society

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35264590640/in/dateposted/ – The international steering group of ICAN has a meeting in the East Lounge in between conference sessions

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35362206910/in/dateposted/ – Civil society section of conference room

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35322481242/in/photostream/ – ICAN group photo with Ban the Bomb banner

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35597933375/in/dateposted/ – Activists bring the leaders of the nuclear-armed states in one place outside the UN building.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/35375123910/in/dateposted/ – Ban the Bomb banner in Central Park

https://www.flickr.com/photos/30835738@N03/34952833373/in/photostream/ – P5 taking a stroll in Manhattan 

STOP PRESS: A Freedom of Information request revealed on 11th July that spending on two AWE nuclear weapons sites in Berkshire has doubled from a budgeted £2 billion to almost £4 billion. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “Spending on Trident is in chaos. Today we learn that the cost of upgrading the nuclear bomb factories in Berkshire has doubled in a single year to almost £4 billion, compared with £2 billion in the budget. “Last year, when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament added up the publicly available figures for replacing Trident – including the cost of the submarines, the in-service costs and infrastructure – we discovered a total spend of £205 billion on Trident. This already astronomical figure is set to rise even further if the government continues to write blank cheques for component parts like the AWE sites reported on today.

+++++nuClear News No.97 July 2017 is now available for downloading at:

More news from Edinburgh Stop the War (also see meeting on 17th at top) The ‘War On Terror’ In An Era Of Crisis: A Critical Response Check out the speakers and book a place on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-war-on-terror-in-an-era-of-crisis-a-critical-response-tickets-35728636313             A general leaflet and petition on arms sales to Saudia Arabia and the impact on Yemen can both be downloaded from the resources page at www.scotlandstopwar.org

Reminder Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre Events:                                                            i) John Dear: Nonviolent Resistance in Trump’s USA
Thursday 13 July. 6pm Light meal in the Peace & Justice Centre. 6:45pm Talk & Q&A with John Dear. Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Followed by    
ii) P and J AG
iii) Inspirations for Peacemaking 
Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence Conference14—16 July 2017. St. Mary’s MonasteryKinnoull, Perth, PH2 7BP2.

Edinburgh CND News 4th July 2017

1.. Saturday 8th July Edinburgh CND leafleting 1230 East End of Princes St. This day is also the start of the anti-nuclear events at Coulport (see previous post about the singing). Watch this space for Edinburgh Transport
2. 8th to 16th of July: Coulport Disarmament Camp (see below). Edinburgh CND will be travelling down on the Wednesday 12th. Please contact edinburghcnd@yahoo.com for transport details.
3. Wednesday 19th July 7pm Edinburgh CND Special Meeting POSTPONED: watch this space
4. Watch this space for: Hiroshima Commemoration 6th August and report back from the Nuclear Ban negotiations see below
5. See below for Peace and Justice Centre Events, including:  Maya Evans: Report from Afghanistan. Thursday 6 July. 7 – 9pm.  Univ of Edinburgh Library. Rm 1.07.
The UN Treaty Ban Negotiations
++++STOP PRESS 6th July
1.There will be a live Q&A session on ICAN’s Facebook page July 6th at 10am New York time which is 3pm London time. Beatrice Fihn, Director of ICAN will be on the panel, along with Richard Moyes of Article 36 and Abacca Anjain-Middleton who experienced nuclear weapons testing on the Marshall Islands.
Questions can be submitted on twitter using the hashtag #nuclearbanQA or emailed directly to Clara on the social media team here at: clara.levin@slmk.org
Where: https://www.facebook.com/ icanw.org/ 
When: 10 am EST
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1. Update from Scottish CND: The UN Treaty Ban negotiations are going well and the second draft was published on Tuesday 27th. You can read more about this on our dedicated websiteYou will also find information there about the Scottish Side event they organised in New York; discussions with representatives of the UK Mission office about the  UK’s position; and other events they took part in.
Most of the Scottish Delegation has returned to Scotland now, where they are already spreading the news. Janet is still in New York, to be joined there by Bill Kidd MSP today. He will be delivering a message of support from the First Minister.
In Scotland on Tuesday, Flavia gave a presentation to the Cross Party Group on Nuclear Disarmament at Holyrood, aided by Amy and Michael. She repeated her presentation to SCND supporters in Glasgow on Wednesday. There will be further public events in Glasgow and Edinburgh during the course of the summer. If you would like a copy of Flavia’s written report please contact us edinburghcnd@yahoo.com
Meanwhile Patricia Gibson MP, with encouragement from active campaigners on Aran, has lodged an Early Day Motion at Westminster supporting the ban. You can check whether your MP has signed here, to thank them, or encourage them to do so.
+++++The 3rd version of the treaty is now available https://s3.amazonaws.com/unoda-web/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/A-CONF-1.229-2017-L.X-E-tracked-from-Rev.1-03.07.17-1824-formatted.pdf  (please see end of this post for a critique).
The treaty is expected to be adopted next Friday, the 7th July. Due to the time difference celebrations will commence on Saturday.
Further background can be found on the Los Alamos Study Group website http://www.lasg.org/BAN/BAN_open.html devoted to these negotiations and their precursors, as well as from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and that of Reaching Critical Will.
2. Trident Ploughshares Coulport Disarmament Camp 2017.
From July 8-16th Trident Ploughshares will be having a camp in a beautiful woodland, Peaton Wood, just half a mile from the main gate of the arms depot at Coulport where Trident warheads are stored. 
A Trident Ploughshares group called Rise Up Singing are going to be opening activities with an afternoons singing of anti-nuclear songs at Faslane on July 8th from 2pm
https://www.facebook.com/ events/1373667829346925
During the following week activists will carry out actions to disrupt Faslane & Coulport as well as holding vigils and protests and having workshops to share skills & knowledge.  
You are welcome to join us for the whole time or just come for a day. (Edinburgh CND are organising a day visit)
More information at http://tridentploughshares. org/coulport-disarmament-camp- july-2017/
There will be singing at Faslane on Saturday 8th from 2 – 5 pm. Gather outside North Gate to sing your opposition to Trident Nuclear Weapons Faslane Naval Base All are welcome – bring a banner, bring a song or an instrument, or just bring yourselves. Penny Stone will be there to lead some group singing. This will start the week long disarmament camp at Peaton wood, by Coulport. The Bomb is about to be Banned! Photos can be seen on the dedicated website facebook and twitter. More general daily updates from the negotiations are available from http://banthebomb.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=10dbaa09a07b0e9ec8dfed893&id=54bc4b6072&e=370920f071
3. ICAN and Social Media
After the success with the thunderclap on Monday  ICAN have many suggestions for the use of Social media. 

We’re in the last week of the #nuclearban negotiations. It is up to us to make sure that this ban treaty is heard, seen, talked about and known outside the conference room, so please get your social media game on! 
Share this social media update; We need lots of campaigners and organizations make a noise about the negotiations, so please use this week to make a last reach out to your partner organizations and members to do a final support over social media. Please use the many videos we’ve made that you can find on ICAN’s Facebook page, and the many great photos our photographers have uploaded to our Flickr account. Please use it, share it, tweet it and like it! 
 is an important tool to make people feel our love and criticism, so here are some sample tweets you can use for the coming week. Ooops: remember to address it to YOUR country and add the attached photos if you want: 
For boycotting states: 
Historic #nuclearban negotiations are supported by 130 states, but @NorwayMFA is not here. Where are you now? http://bit.ly/2tIuvlo ”                                                                                           “130 states are negotiating a #nuclearban treaty. This is historic! But @NorwayMFA is not here. Lets outlaw nuclear weapons! #wishyouwerehere add attached photo”                         In general and for supportive states: 
“The world wants a nuclear weapon free world! Thank you @MFA_Austria for making it a reality. The #nuclearban is coming!”                                                                                     “History in the making! Thank you @MFA_Austria for the #nuclearban! Your support is taking us towards a nuclear weapon free world!”
“Thank you @MFA_Austria for being a humanitarian champion! The #nuclearban is important for the victims of use and test of NW and the world!”
“We did it! The #nuclearban is here! Thank you to supportive states for your incredible efforts in banning nuclear weapons once and for all!”
Lastly, we have a new great film up on Facebook today, with Jody Williams. Once again, please share, like and tweet! It will be published at 3pm New York time. It is already on twitter, just look at the hashtag #nuclearban.

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/icanw.org/videos/1903408636342713/

Earlier information from ICAN:

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/icanw.org/videos/1892820360734874/             Attached are some of the great graphics they’ve made for social media. Please use them and find more in the Google folder. These are great to use for example to highlight certain points in the second draft of the treaty. Use visual effects when you can! Also, don’t forget about ICAN’s Flickr account where all our photographers’ great photos will be uploaded. Feel free to use them as much as you want!                                                      Don’t forget our blog – we have a new post out written by Peter Mburu from IPPNW Kenya. Please share it!  [facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/icanw.org/videos/1895331153817128/                               There are great new videos that explains our three priority issues and ICAN:s position on them. We need to get them out to the state delegations for them to get on board. Please send/tweet them to Scottish and UK parliamentarians, any journalists or high profile activist friends and small local press contacts as well as your own social media.                   It will be important that they understand what the treaty can do after it is completed and we want to pressurise the UK about their so-called multilateral step by step approach, and highlight what democratic deficit Scotland is in on the subject.                                  Victim assistance/environment, article 2-5 and military preparation. Also share them from ICAN:s Facebook! – Susi on military preparation Link to ICAN tweet with video: https://twitter.com/ nuclearban/status/ 880503188004241409                                                         -Positive obligations: Link to ICAN tweet with video on language  https://twitter.com/ nuclearban/status/ 880189755794759684                                                                                                                         Link to ICAN tweet with Erin explaining https://twitter. com/nuclearban/status/ 880545587212562432

Pyongyang announced on Tuesday that it had successfully tested its first “intercontinental ballistic missile” (ICBM). These tests are highly provocative and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament strongly condemns them.
The missile was fired from Kusong and flew 578 miles, landing in the Sea of Japan.
Both sides are taking steps to escalate the crisis. Previously, Donald Trump said that “all options are on the table,” suggesting that he is prepared to go to war. The US has already upgraded its military position in South Korea and, along with Seoul, responded to the tests with military drills. The deployment of the US Thaad missile system in May 2017 was also seen as a highly provocative move.
CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “We condemn the missile test and we urge the DPRK government to put an end to further missile tests. The US military drills are a reminder that both sides are acting to escalate this crisis.
“We call on the international community to strengthen efforts to seek an end to the growing tensions in the region. The Six-Party talks need to be resumed as a matter of urgency. The Iran nuclear deal shows what can be achieved through engagement and dialogue.”
1. Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre Events:
i) Maya Evans: Report from Afghanistan. Thurs 6 July. 7 – 9pm.  Univ of Edinburgh Library. Rm 1.07. 
ii) Carolyn Affleck Youngs Walking to Japan Sat 8 July 2 – 3pm. Book Talk
Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre 
followed by
iii) 3- 4pm. Origami Cranes Workshop with Carolyn Affleck Youngs.   
JOIN and SHARE the Facebook Event Here
iv) John Dear: Nonviolent Resistance in Trump’s USA
Thursday 13 July. 6pm Light meal in the Peace & Justice Centre. 6:45pm Talk & Q&A with John Dear. Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Followed by 
v) P and J AGM
vi) Annual Inter-faith Ocassion for World Peace Tuesday 4 July 7pm. St Mark’s Unitarian Church. Castle Terr. Edinburgh. 
vi) Inspirations for Peacemaking 
Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence Conference14—16 July 2017. St. Mary’s MonasteryKinnoull, Perth, PH2 7BP2.  
The P and J are asking to please review how you support the work of the Peace & Justice CentreCheck out all the upcoming events (below) and all our current activities, from Cooperative Games and Conflict Resolution in Schools to the Conscientious Objectors Memorial project at www.peaceandjustice.org.uk . You will see how Peace & Justice activities have considerably expanded over the past two years.  
2. AustraIia against Uranium mining: Janice’s call to action could not be clearer: “Let’s stand strong against uranium mining. This thing can only be stopped if we all come together and stand strong against it.”  Check out Janice’s video here
End note: Some Criticisms of the draft UN treaty (with thanks to Martin Butcher):

This draft is definitely a lot better than the previous two but

  • It doesn’t prevent non-nuclear states being part of an Alliance like NATO that operates a collective policy of nuclear deterrence, as long as the non-nuclear states don’t allow stationing of nuclear weapons on their territory.
  • It doesn’t prevent the equipping and training of non-nuclear States forces for the use of nuclear weapons, they just have to give 12 months notice of withdrawal OR, as NATO argues for the NPT, say that when a ‘general war’ breaks out the Treaty is no longer controlling as its purpose has failed
  • It doesn’t prevent research work such as computer simulations of nuclear explosions or hydrodynamic testing, fusion research in an apparatus like the NIF, or sub-critical testing as these do not require the use of nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive devices. Much fundamental research might be valubale in other areas but should be subject to a ban for the purposes of researching nuclear weapons technology, and a verification regime to ensure that.
  • It doesn’t require states like Sweden, Argentina or Brazil to reveal all the details of nuclear weapons research and development work they did in the past
  • It still doesn’t explicitly reference the parts of international law that would underpin the treaty, leaving it to States to decide which law is applicable

 The problem with all of this is that it means that a State can maintain a significant break out capacity, and that in a world with fewer and fewer nuclear weapons there would be every incentive to do so. It also entrenches the current situation with nuclear alliances.

More on this interesting discussion available on request.

Edinburgh CND News 27th June 2017

1. Saturday 1st July: Edinburgh CND will be sharing a stall with the May Day Committee at the Radical Fair: 1-5pm at the Augustine United, George IVth Bridge.
2. Tuesday 4th July Edinburgh CND monthly organising meeting 6pm at the Peace and Justice Centre
3. Saturday 8th July Edinburgh CND leafleting 1230 East End of Princes St. This day is also the start of the anti-nuclear events at Coulport (see previous post about the singing). Watch this space for Edinburgh Transport
4. Wednesday 19th July 7pm Edinburgh CND Special Meeting Peace and Justice Centre led by Lynn Jamieson of the SCND executive
1.Any of you who do Twitter please sign on to ICANs Thunderclap about the Ban Treaty.
https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/58394-be-the-resistance-nuclearbanIt makes a Tweet go out to all the accounts signed up to it at once so long as the critical number of accounts is reached. This one will be on 3 July.
                                          2.Also there is an Early Day Motion just lodged about the Ban Treaty.
Ask your MP to sign it
See more at http://www.nuclearban.scot/edm-on-global-ban-at-westminster/

3.ICAN Flickr photos are here:
Please use and spread far and wide the photos from action on 28th featuring the leaders of all nuclear-armed states protesting outside the UN! With a bomb!
1. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has criticised the government for continuing to boycott talks at the United Nations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.
Caroline Lucas, Chair of Westminster Parliamentary CND attended the start of the second round of talks, which began on Friday 16 June. More than 130 countries took part in the first round of talks in March. While successive UK governments of all colours have stated support for multilateral nuclear disarmament, no representative from the UK has attended any of the sessions, choosing instead to stand with Donald Trump’s representative as she denounced the efforts.
Caroline Lucas MP, Chair of Parliamentary CND said: “The beginning of the talks in New York demonstrated the significant level of support for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Many of the more than 130 countries involved are incredibly disappointed that the UK government isn’t attending, but it’s reassuring to see UK civil society contributing to the talks. I hope that the UK government will have a change of heart and look forward to working with Parliamentary CND colleagues to bring this about”
 Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary said: “We’re delighted that Caroline Lucas was able to attend the start of the talks in New York. There is huge support for the UK government to attend, but while it is in a state of inertia it is important to send a message to the international community that MPs and civil society stand with them as they work to create a nuclear free world.”
The talks on the draft treaty, which was published in May, are set to continue into July.
You can stay updated by subscribing for the Nuclear Ban Daily or follow the action live on Twitter through @RCW
and at Scottish CND http://www.nuclearban.scot/  Scottish CND is planning report backs from the conference and Edinburgh CND hopes to host one too.
The revised draft of the CPNW is now out.  Read it here:  http://www.icanw.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/A-CONF.229-2017-CRP.1-Rev.1.pdf
Worth the read: it is already generating debate!
UNFOLD ZERO is at the United Nations participating in the negotiations, engaging with governments and organising a number of side events. (Click here for the full list of side events).
They point out that there are three aspects which could impact on the nuclear armed states, if included in the treaty.These are the proposals to prohibit transit, threat of use and financing of nuclear weapons. Ironically, these are turning out to be the most difficult to negotiate, with a number of States resisting the adoption of these measures.
Transit: UNFOLD ZERO has joined with other NGOs and like-minded countries to support a prohibition of the transit of nuclear weapons through the territorial waters and airspace of States parties to the ban treaty.
Countries opposing this measure argue that it’s not possible to verifiy or enforce such a ban. However, New Zealand prohibited nuclear weapons including transit, from its territory (including territorial waters and airspace) in 1987, and has been able to enforce this. So a ban treaty should be able to do the same.
For more information see The ban treaty, transit and national implementation.

Threat of use: The threat to use nuclear weapons is central to the nuclear policies and practices of the nuclear armed States and their allies. As such, UNFOLD ZERO supports the proposal to include a ban on the threat of use of nuclear weapons in the ban treaty. Some States in the negotiations oppose the proposal to prohibit threat of use, arguing that it is hard to define such threat. However, a prohibition on the threat to use force in international relations is part of the UN Charter. The International Court of Justice used this, in conjunction with other customary law, to affirm in 1996 that the threat and use of nuclear weapons is generally illegal.                                                                                    Financing: A considerable number of States support the proposal for the ban treaty to prohibit financing of nuclear weapons. However, some other States in the negotiations argue that such a prohibition is too difficult to implement.                                                       It is likely a specific prohibition on financing will not be agreed, but alternative language would be adopted that prohibits States parties from assisting, encouraging or inducing anyone to undertake activities prohibited in the ban treaty. This could be interpreted as including investments in nuclear weapons corporations. 

2. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is calling for a halt to the construction of new nuclear power stations in light of a damning report from the National Audit Office.  Commenting on the report, CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “It is becoming increasingly clear that successive governments’ obsession with developing new nuclear power stations poses a threat to the economy, consumers and the environment. It’s time for the government to start investing in renewable energy which can power the UK towards a greener, sustainable future.”
The report warns that British consumers have been locked into a “high cost and risky” deal, adding that it isn’t possible to say if the government has “maximised the chances that it will achieve value for money”.
The NAO states that since the original White Paper on nuclear power published in 2008 “the economics of nuclear power have deteriorated: estimated construction costs have increased while alternative low-carbon technologies have become cheaper”. This comes after repeated cuts in government support for renewable energy.
Government involvement in the project is also criticised, as the report notes that by taking a 50% stake in the construction of the plant, the government could have achieved a strike price of £48.50 per megawatt hour. As it currently stands the strike price is a guaranteed £92.50, around twice the wholesale price.
A full report (and audio) of the conference held on 17th June is at http://cnduk.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=50a46ed98fb9032bd46d11880&id=bb06e7545b&e=96dcf14be7
 Here’s just a few of the the memorable things we heard throughout the day:                 +”Why are the economic costs of nuclear accidents never factored in by governments?” asked Professor Tim Mousseau.
+An audience member asked “after last week’s fire, we know the government can’t be trusted to keep us safe in our houses, so how can we trust them with nuclear power?”
 +”The silence about routine radioactive emissions from nuclear reactors is a national disgrace,” said conference organiser Dr Ian Fairlie.
 +”Electricity consumption has gone down by 15.2% in the last 10 years. So why do we need nuclear?” asked Andrew Warren.
1. Join Edinburgh CAAT and learn how to drum (against the arms trade) – everyone welcome, all ages, from complete novices through to samba pros! The sessions will take place in Edinburgh meadows corner near Lonsdale Terrance TUESDAYS 6.30 to 8.30pm on: 4th July 18th Jul 1st August
 You can come to any or all of the sessions. The workshops are completely free, however any donations for them will go towards the work of Rhythms of Resistance and Edinburgh Campaign Against Arms Trade.
2. Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre Events:
i) Maya Evans: Report from Afghanistan. Thurs 6 July. 7 – 9pm.  Univ of Edinburgh Library. Rm 1.07. 
ii) Carolyn Affleck Youngs Walking to Japan Sat 8 July 2 – 3pm. Book Talk
Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre 
followed by
iii) 3- 4pm. Origami Cranes Workshop with Carolyn Affleck Youngs.   
JOIN and SHARE the Facebook Event Here
iv) John Dear: Nonviolent Resistance in Trump’s USA
Thursday 13 July. 6pm Light meal in the Peace & Justice Centre. 6:45pm Talk & Q&A with John Dear. Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Followed by
v) P and J AGM
vi) Annual Inter-faith Ocassion for World Peace Tuesday 4 July 7pm. St Mark’s Unitarian Church. Castle Terr. Edinburgh. 
vi) Inspirations for Peacemaking 
Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence Conference
14—16 July 2017. St. Mary’s MonasteryKinnoull, Perth, PH2 7BP
1. USA: The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) is publishing its blockbuster series on lax safety at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The first parts of the series focus on safety at LANL’s main plutonium facility (Building PF-4). So far two installments have been published (shown in reverse chronological order here):  Safety problems at a Los Alamos laboratory delay U.S. nuclear warhead testing and production, by R. Jeffrey Smith and Patrick Malone A near-disaster at a federal nuclear weapons laboratory takes a hidden toll on America’s arsenal, by Patrick Malone
Los Alamos say look at these important articles and “staying tuned” for the ones to follow. Patrick has been working on this project for the past year and has developed unparalleled insight into the events he chronicles and their background. We helped with this project, as did many others. We think Patrick did a great job overall. We don’t like the titles, and the articles do not get into any of the deeper issues that might have been raised, but that is the nature of mainstream publishing in the U.S. today. 
These articles are also being published in abridged form elsewhere, for example in the Washington PostSanta Fe New Mexican, and 
Albuquerque Journal. Other national outlets will follow. 
2. Australia:  the activities against Uranium mining continue:For the latest update: https://walkingforcountry. ++They have an important event at Parliament House Perth on the 29th
1. Potential story about life in the Royal Marines message fromJohn Sutherland
Author – No Place For Gentlemen
I have recently written a book and published it on kindle about my time as a Royal Marines Commando. I talk about my time in training, to my time in Iraq and back home up at Faslane naval base. It reveals many things that should not have been, and how the life wizens and warps men’s characters. If you want to buy it I would be delighted and if you want to talk about the events and occurrences I talk about then even better
Newsletter number 11 also available

Edinburgh CND News 20th June 2017

The Global Ban Treaty Negotiations started last week in New York, attended by our five-strong Scottish delegation, including Scottish CND organiser, Flavia. They have been sending  back daily reports which are posted at  nuclearban.scot with photographs.The following are some highlights from the first days of the conference:
Day 1
We had the first discussions on the preamble which focuses on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. Both states and civil society representatives participated. Suggestions were made to strengthen the references to international environmental and humanitarian law.
One of our delegates attended the side event on ‘Verification of the ban treaty: articles 3, 4, 5 and beyond’
Day 2
Four of our group together with Dave from UK CND and Tim from Quakers UK participated in a meeting with the UK –UN mission which was organised by the world council of churches. Our concerns over the UK’s refusal to participate in the conference were expressed. 
We also attended a Pugwash conference panel discussion on the challenges of being a host state to some one else’s nuclear weapons. That was particularly relevant for Scotland. the Netherlands were the only host state attending.
Janet spoke at the book launch of Tim Wallis’, ‘Disarming the Nuclear Argument’. Also taking part were Rebecca Johnstone and Dave Webb. We intend to promote the book here on our return.
 Day 3
This was the day of the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb. We had prominent Scottish banners and despite very heavy rain marched through New York for an hour .
 Day 4
The delegation took part in an American Friend’s Service Committee event. There were speakers from Hiroshima, the Marshall Islands and Israel. This was followed by discussion on past treaty activities. Alyn Ware, from New Zealand explained their shiftd from a pro- to anti-nuclear state and stressed the importance of showing how nuclear weapons make you a target.We welcomed Caroline Lucas MP and discussed our campaign in Scotland . More next week!
Photos can be seen  on the dedicated website face book and twitter
More general daily updates from the negotiations are available from Reaching Critical Will 
What can you do to support the Scottish team?
  • Contact the Press! Despite the New York delegation and Scottish support literally working around the clock to  post updates and photos on our websites  and social media channels. We have so far failed to attract the interest of the mainstream media but perhaps you’ll have more success!
  • Contact your parliamentarians! Some MPs and MSPs have already sent us video messages of support for the Scottish delegation. We have posted them at nuclearban.scot. If your  MP/MSP isn’t there yet please contact them to ask them to send a message of support – preferably as a 15-20s video.
There was broad agreement on core issues in the first negotiating session among the 130 or so states attending, which augurs for success in the present, final session. ‘Some thorny issues remain, of course. Amendments to the text can be accepted or rejected on the basis of a two-thirds majority vote of states present, which will help avoid deadlock’. Los Alamos Study Group director Greg Mello continues: “We are cautiously optimistic that the Conference will produce a final treaty. Extending negotiations past July 7 – which realistically means well into 2018 or beyond – is neither necessary nor desirable for this relatively straightforward Convention.
“These negotiations are unprecedented. They are momentous for humanity and civilization. The present opportunity, created by the work of thousands of people over many years, may not come again. No issue, even ones we have raised in our comments on the draft treaty text, should be allowed to get in the way.
++++Los Alamos latest bulletin available http://www.lasg.org/ActionAlerts/2017/Bulletin230.html
Follow the news and sign up to Scottish CNDs e-mail list at http://www.nuclearban.scot/
 If you want all the details you can get new briefing papers and the Nuclear Ban Daily newsletter by subscribing to Reaching Critical Will   www.reachingcriticalwill.org/news/subscribe!
Follow the negotiations as they happen on Twitter  #nuclearban
Added information from ICAN:  1. there is an amicus memorandum from a colleague, Professor of Law, Dan Joyner, University of Alabama, who has taken an interest in the ban treaty. He makes six recommendations for amendments to the draft treaty text, with his reasoning, which may be useful to explore and discuss with colleagues in New York. It is available on his website, Arms Control Law: https://armscontrollaw.com/ 2017/06/12/amicus-memorandum- to-the-chair-of-the-nw-ban- treaty-negotiating-conference/

2. A new update to SGR’s beginner’s guide to nuclear threats is now online to coincide with the start of the next stage of the Nuclear ban negotiations: http://www.sgr.org.uk/resources/nuclear-weapons-beginner-s-guide-threats           3.Theresa May says she would kill ‘100,000 men, women and children’ with a nuclear bomb. Previous prime ministers have avoided answering the hypothetical question of whether they would ever press the nuclear button

And some Scottish News: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/15/cuts-could-leave-trident-nuclear-base-at-risk-of-attack-says-police-boss?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H+categories&utm_term=230673&subid=5499840&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2
Future Activities: There will be an afternoon of singing our opposition to Trident Nuclear Weapons outside Faslane Naval Base (outside North Gate) on Saturday July 8th, 2017 from 2-5pm. All are welcome – bring a banner, bring a song or an instrument, or just bring yourselves. Penny Stone will be there to lead some group singing. 
 The singing will be on the first day of Trident Ploughshare’s Disarmament camp. There will be direct action happening during this week, but the singing gathering will be a fluffy, non-arrestable event. All are welcome, kids welcome, adults welcome!
 The camp will be happening all week, from July 8th-16th, so if you’ve got more time to spare in July and want to meet some lovely people and be involved in some creative nuclear disarmament, do bring your tent and stay for longer. 
This is an important time to take action of all kinds for nuclear disarmament.
Everyone who opposes Trident,  its grim replacement and the nuclear ban is invited to join us for ten days of camping, plotting and taking direct action to disrupt this monstrosity. 
All welcome for as little or as long as you can stay. Bring friends, make friends, and enjoy camping in an ancient oak woodland adjacent to MOD Coulport, where the nuclear weapons are stored in sinister bunkers deep inside the hillside by one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland.
Edinburgh CND will be arranging transport on another day that week day(watch this space)


The first major anti-nuclear power conference in Britain for 30 years took place in London on the 17th June. As Women demonstrated for the Nuclear Ban, nuclear power and renewable energy experts, and politicians and activists campaigning for change,set out an alternative to government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power reactors. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous, expensive and absolutely unnecessary. Renewables now demonstrate that final point beyond all question. The idea that nuclear power is worth the risk is finished. Many countries already recognise that and it’s time for the UK to kick its nuclear addiction in the interests of people and planet.” Issues discussed included: what’s wrong with nuclear power, the politics of nuclear power, energy demand & energy efficiency, the scope of renewables in the UK.  A full report of the conference can be read at
There is excellent report prepared by Youth and Student CND: What You Missed at the #NoNeedForNuclear conference

 1. After the election the Radical Independence Campaign, Edinburgh is hosting an event which we hope will be an opportunity to discuss the way ahead for the left in Scotland. We  have an exciting line up of speakers: George Kerevan former SNP MP,  Jonathon Shafi RIC,  Lyn McCabe, community education worker and women from the Stop the Evictions Campaign in North Edinburgh,  Peter McColl Scottish Green Party,   Holly Rigby, Momentum London,  Sarah Collins, RISE,  ETUC speaker tbc Eileen Cook, Edinburgh CND will facilitate. I hope you will come along and join the discussion!                                             2. Countering Militarisation of Youth : 2 Films & Discussion
22 June. 7 – 9pm. Augustine United Church.
George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL
 https://www.facebook.com/events/1050691738365148/                 3. Peacemaking in Kabul: Maya Evans: Report from Afghanistan.

Thurs 6 July. 7 – 9pm.  Please come along and SHARE the event on Facebook.
 4. Fri 7 July. 10am – 1pm. Maya Evans : Fly Kites Not Drones workshop. 
All Welcome but this is especially suitable for children and families.

Venue to be confirmed.
5. Sat 8 July 2 – 3pm. Carolyn Affleck Youngs Walking to Japan Book Talk
Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre

3- 4pm Origami Cranes Workshop with Carolyn Affleck Youngs.   
JOIN and SHARE the Facebook Event Here
4. John Dear: Nonviolent Resistance in the USA in the Age of Trump
Thursday 13 July.
6pm Light refreshments in the Peace & Justice Centre.
6:45pm Talk & Q&A with John Dear. Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace.

John Dear is an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence.

6. (Glasgow) The monthly vigil of the Scottish Peace Network will take place this Thursday, June  22, from 5-6pm, at Dewar’s statue, Glasgow city centre. The focus of this month’s vigil will be the UN conference to develop a treaty banning nuclear weapons. The conference is taking place now in New York. We will have flyers explaining the treaty as well as our usual banner and placards. We will also be remembering the horror of the Grenfall tower block fire, a disaster that should have never happened. The billions of pounds wasted on the military, and in particular the Trident missile system, could be going to fund the social services, including quality, low-cost housing. There is also something very wrong with a society where poor families are stuffed into a dilapidated high rise while nearby huge mansions owned by property speculators and wealthy tax evaders remain empty 

7. (London)

Edinburgh CND News 13th June 2017

It’s less than days until #nuclearban negotiations resume at the UN! We’re getting ready with new briefing papers and preparing the first Nuclear Ban Daily. Subscribe at www.reachingcriticalwill.org/news/subscribe!

On Saturday 17th we’re marching together across the planet to support the Global Ban treaty on Nuclear weapons!
 At the same time as the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb in New York there will be solidarity events all over the world, including several in Scotland.
Events planned so far  for Saturday 17th June are listed  below.

  • Edinburgh, Demo with singing, placards, speeches and an empty (UK) chair  at 4pm-6pm, on the Mound Princes Street Please be there.  Followed by LIVESTREAM: Women’s March to Ban the Bomb! 5-7pm, at the Serenity Cafe, 8 Jackson’s Entry, The Tun, 111 Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh, EH8 8PJ
  • Brodick, Isle of Arran. Gathering opposite the Douglas 4.45-5.15pm
  • Dumfries  Gathering at Day Centre, Cumberland Street, Dumfries, DG1 2JX time tbc, contact: nfpb@gn.apc.org
  • Glasgow Gathering at Donald Dewar Statue 12.00 noon (Timing intended to allow people to attend at both Glasgow and another site if they wish)
  • Kilmarnock rally at 5 pm, at the Burns Statue
  • If there is not one in your area don’t be shy – go ahead and organise your own. For those with events on June 17th a reminder that hash tags and graphics to support the ‘Women’s March to Ban the Bomb ‘ on June 17th are available from : https://www.womenbanthebomb.org/resources If are doing anything on June 17th can you please register the event at https://www.womenbanthebomb.org/solidarity-events-around-world 
  • You also can publicise any event you are organising by posting on solidarity event online map  and sending information to  Scottish CND for our website and to make a Facebook Event. In any case – please  call the local  press and take pictures to send to them and to us.  
  • Over in New York Flavia form the SCND and the rest of the Scottish delegation will be going to the march with a Scottish Banner. Read about their progress at nuclearban.org.

Whatever you decide to do this Saturday all eyes will be on the second round of negotiations for the nuclear weapon ban treaty, taking place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City from 15 June–7 July 2017. You can stay updated by subscribing for the Nuclear Ban Daily or follow the action live on Twitter through @RCW

Abolition 2000 says: Parliamentarians can be encouraged to attend the negotiations, even if their governments are absent, in order to build support for the treaty. Parliaments of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) – which includes the NATO and former Soviet countries as well as USA and Canada – last year agreed to ‘support the commencement in 2017 of United Nations-facilitated deliberations and negotiations on multilateral nuclear disarmament.’  See OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls for nuclear weapons stand-down.

The draft treaty provides a good basis to for negotiations to continue . It includes:

  • prohibitions on the use, possession, development, manufacture, deployment, stockpiling and testing of nuclear weapons.  
  • prohibitions on assisting, encouraging or inducing anyone to engage in such activities;
  • provision of assistance to those affected by nuclear tests;
  • recognition of the disproportionate impact of ionizing radiation on maternal health and on girls;
  • recognition of the role of civil society, including the Hibakusha, in building public conscience for a nuclear-weapon-free world.

As negotiations continue, governments and organisations are making proposals (through working papers, interventions and side-events) to strengthen the language and treaty provisions in order to achieve the best treaty possible. See Government working papersand NGO working papers

The negotiations are also scheduled to be webcast, so you can follow from home if you’re not in New York (also with translation into the UN languages).  

For the latest information, check this 
real-time blog of the negotiations (and the lead up to them). You can also follow the negotiations on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #nuclearban.

UNfold Zero adds: The nuclear-armed States are not participating in the treaty negotiations. If they don’t join the treaty, it will not directly apply to them.
However, there are some aspects that, if included in the final adopted treaty, could impact on the nuclear-armed States. These include: an affirmation of customary law against nuclear weapons which is universally applicable, and a prohibition on the financing of, and investments in, nuclear weapons.
In addition, the UN will be holding a High Level Conference in 2018 on Nuclear Disarmament which the nuclear armed States are expected to attend. Taking the adopted ban treaty to this conference for further signatures and ratifications could also elevate its impact.                                                                                                                                              The International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) invites lawyers, law professors, attorneys, judges, other legal professionals, and law students to sign a joint letter supporting the nuclear ban treaty negotiations.

Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda, who is president of Soka Gakkai International (SGI), has this opinion piece on the draft ban treaty in the Japan Times, the main English language paper in Japan.


 Minutes of the SCND Ban Treaty Group held on 31st May are now available. The next meeting will be 4th July . Minutes of the 22nd May ICAN meeting in London are also available.

The results from the snap General Election are in and it is clear that the Conservatives have been denied the majority they sought to continue with their policy agenda – including the £205bn replacement of Trident.
CND Vice-Presidents Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas were both re-elected with increased majorities, while Jeremy led Labour to an expectation-defying result which saw gains made across Britain. In Scotland, a majority of anti-Trident MPs were elected again. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “A central plank of the Conservative campaign was to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign and security policy. They claimed his commitment to dialogue and his refusal to press the nuclear button made him a threat to the country. But clearly the electorate has not been impressed by this scaremongering.
 “The politics of fear has been roundly defeated in this election and voters in their millions have shown they are not afraid of a new approach to foreign policy. Jeremy Corbyn’s longstanding opposition to nuclear weapons, and his personal opposition to Trident replacement, has not deterred people from voting for him. Indeed the likelihood is that many – particularly young people – have voted for him precisely because he opposes war, intervention and weapons of mass destruction.
“Corbyn’s approach to nuclear weapons and foreign policy is a vote winner. It’s time for those in the Labour Party that still cling to Trident to catch up with his policy vision. Labour needs to throw off the ridiculous, dangerous and expensive burden of Trident, and recognise that the party’s future lies in setting a new agenda for Britain, orientated towards the future, to doing things differently, for people, and for all our communities, local and global.” 

As the polls close on an election which has been dominated by discussions around Trident and nuclear weapons, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has called on the incoming government to take action on the issue. CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “Nuclear weapons have been at the heart of this campaign like never before. Candidates have been repeatedly asked if they would or wouldn’t be prepared to launch a nuclear strike and in what circumstances they would be willing to order the mass killing of millions of people in a nuclear exchange. 
The incoming government will inherit a decision to replace the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident, at a cost of more than £205bn. At a time when our public services are under continued financial pressure, this money could be spent much better in other government departments. It is time for action to rid the UK of these devastating weapons of mass destruction.
In just nine days time the international community will gather at the United Nations to conclude negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The last government boycotted the first round of talks, and we urge the new government to join the global mainstream and work towards a world free of nuclear weapons. The UK has a chance to lead the world towards a new future free of the threat of nuclear catastrophe. CND and our supporters sincerely hopes that progress can be made.”

CND Conference in London: No need for nuclear: the renewables are here
An impressive line up of experts, and activists and politicians campaigning for change, will explore topics including what’s wrong with nuclear powerthe politics of nuclear powerenergy demandenergy efficiency; & the scope of renewables in the UK.Buy your ticket online   Saturday 17 June 2017 9:45 registration, 10:15 start, 5pm finish.
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
For the full speakers list and further information, visit the conference web site.

STOP PRESS NEW EVENT: 1.Sunday 18 June. 12noon – 2pm. Meet at Regents Rd. 
In light of the recent devastating attack in Manchester and London and the increasing rise of violence and Islamophobia this march has been called for people to come together as a community to show solidarity against all forms of extremism, violence and terrorism in the UK and elsewhere in the world. 
Everyone who is against Terrorism and Violence is invited. Organised by Edinburgh Young Muslims Contact: Ahshan Uddin / Mizan Rahman  Share the Facebook Event Here. 2.Next Edinburgh Stop the War Meeting: 7.30pm Monday 19th JuneWe will be meeting at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace.  Hope to see you there.A general leaflet and our petition on arms sales to Saudia Arabia and the impact on Yemen can both be downloaded from the resources page at www.scotlandstopwar.org

Trident Ploughshares Nuclear Disarmament Camp Coulport (& Faslane) in Beautiful Scotland
July 8th – 16th 2017 
All welcome for as little or as long as you can stay. Bring friends, make friends, and enjoy camping in an ancient oak woodland adjacent to MOD Coulport, where the nuclear weapons are stored in sinister bunkers deep inside the hillside by one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland.
Save the date. Spread the word.
Details and Full Briefing on www.tridentploughshares.org
Facebook Event to JOIN and SHARE

The Scottish Peace Network will be at the Armed Forces Day in Stirling this Saturday, June 17,  to provide a positive alternative to the grotesque militarism of the official event. We will have banners and a flyer. We will be assembling at the gate to King’s Park at noon, in time for the military parade that will be strutting to the display of weapons and tanks in the park.

PLEASE SEE PREVIOUS POST FOR MORE EVENTS (including P and J events and The Good Soldier Schwejk)


and remember what is happening in Australia:  the activities against Uranium mining continue:For the latest update: https://walkingforcountry.