EdinburghCND news 23rd May (updated 28th and again on 2nd)

EP&JC AGM Conscience & Conscientious Objection
Wed 3 June 7 – 9pm. Prof Toby Kelly (Head of Anthropology Edinburgh University.) Dr Lesley Orr (New College, Edinburgh University). St John’s Church Hall. Lothian Rd. Edinburgh.

One World Peace Ceilidh 29 May. 7:30pm – 12midnight Edinburgh Steiner School
£10/£7 from P&J, One World Shop or peaceceilidh.bpt.me  Volunteers needed.

Tuesday 26th May 7.30pm

Stop The War Public Meeting at the Augustine Church, George
4th Bridge: Islamophobia, War and Chaos in the Middle East – the legacy of Bush and Blair. With Moazzam Begg, Lindsey German, Aamer Anwar and Safeena Rashid. Chaired by Zahid Ali

Also the film about the Stop the War movement remains on general release and can be seen at several
venues in EdinburghMore info at http://www.wearemany.com

This weeks big news:

Whistleblower from Trident submarine leaks catalogue of safety and security failings
Report says nuclear weapons could have been detonated through accident and malpractice
Describes Trident as the “biggest threat to the UK” – with a nuclear explosion likely through accident or terrorist attack
Trident is the single biggest threat to UK security. That is the conclusion of a leaked report from submariner William McNeilly, after serving on board HMS Victorious – which is armed with Trident nuclear missiles.
Able Seaman McNeilly is now on the run following his decision to expose what he saw as potentially catastrophic safety and security failings which could cause a nuclear explosion in dock in Faslane, Scotland, or near the UK on patrol.
The report echoes other investigations into nuclear near-misses such as Eric Schlosser’s Command and Control – which uncovered US failings over the past 50 years which almost caused the deaths of millions in US cities.
Please sign the petition to support the Trident Whistleblower, William McNeilly http://chn.ge/1L1u97F
Scottish CND worked with the journalist Rob Edwards to make his story public. McNeilly would be grateful for as much public support as possible and Ask your MP to support the Trident Whistleblower:
22 May 2015 — As a result of the problems with nuclear submarines exposed by William McNeilly, there will be a debate on the safety of Trident in the House of Commons on Thursday 28 May. Please contact your MP to ask them to take action http://bit.ly/whistleMP
Libby Brooks of the Guardian was trying to find out more about where William McNeilly is being held. In her article she says he is held by Navy Police at a military establishment in Scotland, but not Faslane. This could be one of the Edinburgh barracks – Redford or Glencorse? He was detained at Edinburgh airport. A query is out for other suggestions.
Libby’s article suggests he might be moved to England later. It looks like he is facing a charge of absence (AWOL) rather than breach of Official Secrets Acts.

REMINDER: Saturday 23rd May PEOPLE’S CLIMATE ASSEMBLY Saturday 23 May 2015, from 9:45 to 16:45 (BST) St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School, Edinburgh (EH3)A ONE DAY FREE EVENT FOR COMMUNITY GROUPS THROUGHOUT SCOTLAND. Come to the War, Peace and conflict Workshop.

The Big Debate is finishing its series in Edinburgh this year with a one hour special debating nuclear weapons recording on the afternoon of Sunday 7th of June, with transmission the following Sunday on the 14th on BBC1. Unlike the usual live shows which deal with three questions, this will focus on one topic only, which will be the morality and effectiveness of nuclear weapons. They haven’t decided on exact wording, but we will be looking into a large number of issues; CASD, replacement of trident, morals and ethics of nuclear weapons.

The general election outcome – a narrow majority for the Conservative Party – was unexpected and diasppointing for many of us who felt that a minority Labour government would provide more opportunities for a change in policy on Trident replacement. But on a positive note, since the election there has been an upsurge in protest and street activity and there is every indication that there is a strong anti-Trident contingent of new MPs in parliament – from the SNP and other parties too.
Trident will remain a significant factor in British politics as we approach a 2016 decision on whether or not it should be replaced. We are working in a different political context from the one we were anticipating, but there are many possibilities, both inside and outside parliament for stepping up anti-nuclear campaigning.
CND will continue lobbying all MPs and will arrange a parliamentary lobby day in the autumn. We’ll continue our economic message (especially in light of the anti-Tory cuts protest expected), which will be supplemented by a strong security argument against nuclear weapons.
As well as developing international contacts, who can help their countries put pressure on the British government, we will also aim to build our membership and increase fundraising.
There’s plenty for us to do. It’s never been more important for us to stand together. If you have any ideas or suggestions on CND’s campaigning work, I would welcome hearing them (kate.hudson@cnduk.org). And don’t forget to come along to CND Annual conference in October. One of the days will be for strategy discussion across the anti-nuclear movement so please join us.
Scrap Trident bloc at the End Austerity Now demonstration
The STUC is arranging a massive anti-austerity demonstration on Saturday, June 20th, at which tens of thousands of people are expected.
New trade union briefing
CND has always worked closely with trade unions and will once again be attending various conferences this year to increase support for the Scrap Trident campaign. We have also published a new attractive four page leaflet on why trade unions say No to Trident. Get in touch (sara.medi.jones@cnduk.org) if you would like to order copies to take to your local trade union gathering.

The Drone Campaign Network’s May email newsletter is available . Each month, they send an email containing the latest information, campaign updates and links to resources to help you campaign on the growing use of armed drones. Please forward this email on to anyone who may be interested. To receive our monthly email newsletter, sign up via our website here.

Scottish Christians Against Nuclear Arms (SCANA) are holding their annual Witness for Peace at Faslane on Saturday 23 May 2015 at the North Gate of Faslane Naval Base from 12 noon. It is an opportunity to sing, pray for peace, keep silence and take a symbolic action against Trident. This is an ecumenical event for all ages. The Wild Geese will lead the singing and there will be contributions from speakers, including Sally Foster Fulton, Secretary of the Church and Society Committee of the Church of Scotland. Meeting at 12 noon for worship and ending with a picnic.

A protest is planned for armed forces day on June 27. The official march will be leaving from an assembly point near Edinburgh castle at 11am.

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