Edinburgh CND news 17th June (reordered on 27th)

9. Armed Forces Day on 27 June in Edinburgh, meet s at 11am at Friends Meeting House on Victoria Terrace 11am.

1. Two events on Saturday 20th June that  we are supporting: A. Midday at George Square, Glasgow – rally against austerity organised by the STUC. Join the Scrap Trident contingent. Look out for the big banner. B. Unsung Heroes: Celebrating Conscientious Objectors Fundraiser for a CO memorial in Edinburgh. 7:30pm. Saturday 20 June. Pleasance Cabaret Bar. With Margaret Bennett – Christine Kydd – Scott Murray -Protest In Harmony – Norman Lamont & Fiona Thom Lisa Rigby & Penny Stone. Tickets now just £10/ £7 or pay what you can from comemorial.bpt.me or from the Peace and Justice Centre 2. Videos of all the speakers at the recent edinburgh stop the war public meeting are now online: Moazzam Begg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KFr8Vr1W4gSafeena Rashid: https://youtu.be/A_BmgdVT5z4Lindsey German: https://youtu.be/aoxLY0N3oBA 3. #TridentWhistleblower given dishonourable discharge. He could have left on Service No Longer Required if he admitted he was wrong. 4. CND has slammed Pentagon plans to scrap a Cold war-era treaty and deploy nuclear missiles in Europe. Reports emerged over the weekend that the US government is considering this option as part of a review of its policy towards Russia in response to the situation in Ukraine. In response, the UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond did not rule out these weapons coming to Britain. CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: ‘Frankly, these proposals are a disaster, which would risk the lives of millions of people. The US government seems intent on harking back to Cold War means of resolving their disputes, rather than pursue diplomatic methods. 5. CND congratulates our Vice-Chair Jeremy Corbyn on his nomination for leader of the Labour Party. Jeremy received 35 endorsements from MPs, meaning that he will proceed to the ballot for leader alongside Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: ‘Jeremy stands four square against Trident and its replacement and his nomination will now ensure that this issue takes a central place in the forthcoming leadership debates. This is a vital moment for the Labour Party and for the country as a whole. Jeremy Corbyn speaks for a huge progressive constituency in the UK, with a majority of the population firmly against Trident. After the obliteration of Labour’s traditional heartland vote in Scotland – largely on the Trident issue – this is a debate that Labour cannot afford to ignore. Jeremy4leaderCampaignGroup on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/389930804526606/ ) 6. The Walkatjurra walk is all set for 16th August to take off in a bus from Perth (Australia) and you can print out flyers here: https://walkingforcountry.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/walkatjurra-walkabout-2015.pdf 7. The Scrap Trident Coalition are considering the idea of regular ‘bookable’ tours of the base, letting people see what goes on and what can be seen from the various viewpoints near Faslane and hearing some direct action stories at the places where they took place. It would also involve getting an introduction to the Peace Camp and finding out what kind of support is needed to keep it going. On Sunday, 14th June there was a Pilot Tour to help shape up the idea. Make Tea Not Bombs Sunday June 28th Trident Ploughshares invites you for a cup of tea and a chat about resisting Trident in Glasgow followed by a trip out to Faslane for a wee look at the home of “the bomb” and another cuppa at Faslane Peace Camp. We particularly welcome people who are new to anti-Trident campaigning and want to find out a bit more about it. Trident Ploughshares has been going since 1998 and the Peace Camp has been there since 1982 and between us we have a lot of experience and stories of taking action at Faslane which we would love to share. We will meet in Glasgow at 2pm and make a few quick banners over a chat and a cuppa. Then we will pile into cars to go out to Faslane at around 3pm, arriving at 4pm. We can hang our banners at the North gate (where the vigil takes place every Wednesday) for a wee bit and then dander on down to the Peace Camp for a look at the World’s oldest Peace Camp. We will be back in Glasgow by 7pm (or earlier if you need to be) If you would like to join us please e-mail tp2000@gn.apc.org for more details and tell us if you have your own transport or need a lift. Public transport is an option if we don’t have enough cars. And last but certainly not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY Faslane Peace Camp – 33 years old today!! It’s heartbreaking that the camp still needs to be there but amazing that people have kept such a symbol of resistance to the UKs nuclear weapons going for all that time. The camp will be organising some workshops and visits to the base over the week-end. For updates see their Facebook And if you can’t make it along you could send them a birthday card (and slip a tenner in it). Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon near Rhu, Helensburgh, G84 8HL 8. Drones Campaign Conference: Title: Drones and Forever War – sharing information, building the campaign Date / Time: Saturday 11th July, 10.30am – 4.30pm Location: Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. NW1 2BJ More information can be found on the DCN website here.

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