Edinburgh CND News 7th July with important update

STOP PRESS:  There will be Parliamentary vote on Trident on Monday, July 18th. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36754911

The Scrap Trident Coalition have called Flashmobs for 12 noon on the Saturday before (16th). The one in Edinburgh will be at the Mound.

On Wednesday 6th July Edinburgh CND joined others at the Mound as UKCND, Stop the War and many others gathered in Westminster listening to the revelations of the Chilcot report.                                                                                                                                                                  We will also be leafleting on Saturday 9th July 1230 at the East End of Princes Street    No to NATO No to Trident Jail Blair               Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:  “The report shows that Tony Blair had no respect for cabinet procedure, no respect for Parliament, and no respect for international law.  “A country was destroyed, millions of innocent Iraqis were killed, British soldiers were killed, and terrorism has spread across the Middle East. “Chilcot reveals the evidence that must now be used to bring Tony Blair to justice. This is our demand. “Only when justice is served can we prevent disasters like the Iraq war ever happening again.”

On Wednesday 13th July, hundreds of constituents will lobby their MPs to persuade them to change their minds ahead of the parliamentary decision on whether the government should replace Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system. Sign up to lobby your MP. In the evening CND will host a Stop Trident public meeting in Parliament to discuss the political situation going forward. Speakers include: John Hilary, Bruce Kent, Kate Hudson, Lindsey German, and Caroline Lucas MP. 6 – 7.30pm Wednesday 13th July Committee Room 10, House of Commons                                                                                                                               Members of Scottish CND will be present as a representative lobby as part of CND Mass Lobby (see stop press below for more info)

CND has launched the Trident and jobs report which sets out the employment implications of cancelling Trident replacement. The report, written by economist Michael Burke, reveals the significant potential for industrial development and jobs creation in the UK if the £205 billion planned for Trident is invested elsewhere in the economy. Full report is available on the CND website.

Edinburgh CND will be holding a commemoration on Hiroshima Day. This will take place from 6-7pm on 6th August at Mound Place (adjacent to Princes Street) there will also be an International Hiroshima Fast and supporting a presence near/at the Parliament            Other Events currently scheduled:      Ayrshire CND Gatherings and Vigils to remember the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Saturday August 6th- 1030am – 1130 am in Bridgegate Irvine  Saturday August 6th- 12noon – 1pm at the Cross Kilmarnock Sunday August 7th- 1pm – 2pm at the Wallace Tower Ayr

nuClear News No.86 July 2016 is now available for downloading at www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo86.pdf

Latest Drone Campaign Network news: https://dronecampaignnetwork.wordpress.com
Don’t Bank on the Bomb: SCND & Ayshire CND EP&JC will organise stalls at RBS & Edinburgh will add RBS leaflet & template letter to its stall Saturdays.
Andrew Feinstein book The Shadow World film at Ed Int Film Festival
Next meeting P&J Tues 6 Sept 1:30 – 3pm. BL to email date to list & ask if other time is better

UNFOLD ZERO and Basel Peace Office thank Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for cosponsoring Chain Reaction 2016, a series of events and actions at nuclear-weapons and nuclear-disarmament related sites, political offices and symbolic locations around the world from July 8 – the 20th Anniversary of the historic World Court case against nuclear weapons – until October 2, the International Day for Nonviolence and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  Chain Reaction 2016 will be launched on July 8 at the International Peoples Tribunal on the Nuclear Powers and the Destruction of Human Civilisation in Sydney, Australia. Nuclear disarmament actions and events between July 8 and October 2 are being posted on the Chain Reaction World Map and Events pages.

The next meeting of the Scottish Peace Network will be in the Electron Club in Glasgow city centre. It will take place on Tuesday, August 16 at 2pm.
From ICAN: Amidst all the other news this week, we just wanted to check in with you all about the convoys project and ask for a couple of favours.
They’re keen to feature campaigners and experts who have been doing such important work laying the foundations for this project – as well as other people who are just downright scared of the dangers involved in the nuclear convoys. Here are some ways you can add your voice:
1. Picture quotes
It would be great if you could send a good quality photo of yourself and a quote about the convoys, which I will magically transform into a picture-quote-thingy to be posted on Twitter and Facebook. No longer than this quote from Owen Thompson MP:                               2. Vox pops
Get a friend to film you (or do it in selfie mode!) using a mobile phone, answering the question: Why do I want nuclear weapons off our roads? We’re looking for roughly 30 seconds of film; here’s Matt’s video as a guide. Please post it to the Nukes of Hazard Facebook page and tweet it using the hashtag #NukesofHazard so that we can share it further.

The Shetland to Scilly – New Technologies for Peace Journey
started in the Shetlands on 26th May has now reached the English midlands (near Chesterfield in Derbyshire).
The website http://www.shetlandtoscillyforpeace.com has recently been updated. More news and photos are being added all the time.


  1. Proposal for 13th July: A small (Scottish) representative group attends. (In Scottish national dress?)
    They could make a statement thanking all the Scottish MPs who are committed to opposing Trident and its replacement. It would also point out thatthe democratic deficit of control over what happens in Scotland has been intolerably extended so that Scotland is to be misrepresented on the world stage in addition to being ignored in how we manage our own affairs, and MPs would be asked to press the UK Government on its refusal to participate in the UN working group on nuclear weapons ban. We could get someone from each constituency in Scotland to agree a one-line statement with their name and the name of their MP. The statements could be appended to the letter/statement The group would hand this over at the lobby
    CNDuk Council (who organised the lobby) is enthusiastic about our doing this, and would highlight it to the press and so is the MP,.
  2. Chain Reaction 2016, a series of events and actions at nuclear-weapons and nuclear-disarmament related sites around the world, was launched today in Sydney during an International Peoples’ Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons and the Destruction of Human Civilisation.
  3. Edinburgh CAAT minutes of last meeting available. Updates to a few things since the meeting:What does everyone think of the name we had for the event in April, “Anti Arms Trade Fair”? I started thinking of shorter, catchier and more positive options and thought of “Peace Fair” – I might ask other groups about it too, but do tell me if you think it should be changed or kept the same. It’s mostly for promotion reasons I started thinking of it, of course, in the context of discussions about changing the narrative to make it more attractive to the general public and to get more people involved.

    And the good news: on 30 June, CAAT was allowed a judicial review of the government’s Saudi arms exports, so we’re up to a big but exciting challenge!

    We’ve had great feedback from the Shadow World screening There will be another screening of Shadow World on Weds 21 September in Glasgow, worth pencilling in.

    The next meeting is on Monday 26 September, 7-8.45pm.

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