Edinburgh CND News 4th July 2017

1.. Saturday 8th July Edinburgh CND leafleting 1230 East End of Princes St. This day is also the start of the anti-nuclear events at Coulport (see previous post about the singing). Watch this space for Edinburgh Transport
2. 8th to 16th of July: Coulport Disarmament Camp (see below). Edinburgh CND will be travelling down on the Wednesday 12th. Please contact edinburghcnd@yahoo.com for transport details.
3. Wednesday 19th July 7pm Edinburgh CND Special Meeting POSTPONED: watch this space
4. Watch this space for: Hiroshima Commemoration 6th August and report back from the Nuclear Ban negotiations see below
5. See below for Peace and Justice Centre Events, including:  Maya Evans: Report from Afghanistan. Thursday 6 July. 7 – 9pm.  Univ of Edinburgh Library. Rm 1.07.
The UN Treaty Ban Negotiations
++++STOP PRESS 6th July
1.There will be a live Q&A session on ICAN’s Facebook page July 6th at 10am New York time which is 3pm London time. Beatrice Fihn, Director of ICAN will be on the panel, along with Richard Moyes of Article 36 and Abacca Anjain-Middleton who experienced nuclear weapons testing on the Marshall Islands.
Questions can be submitted on twitter using the hashtag #nuclearbanQA or emailed directly to Clara on the social media team here at: clara.levin@slmk.org
Where: https://www.facebook.com/ icanw.org/ 
When: 10 am EST
Original post starts here:
1. Update from Scottish CND: The UN Treaty Ban negotiations are going well and the second draft was published on Tuesday 27th. You can read more about this on our dedicated websiteYou will also find information there about the Scottish Side event they organised in New York; discussions with representatives of the UK Mission office about the  UK’s position; and other events they took part in.
Most of the Scottish Delegation has returned to Scotland now, where they are already spreading the news. Janet is still in New York, to be joined there by Bill Kidd MSP today. He will be delivering a message of support from the First Minister.
In Scotland on Tuesday, Flavia gave a presentation to the Cross Party Group on Nuclear Disarmament at Holyrood, aided by Amy and Michael. She repeated her presentation to SCND supporters in Glasgow on Wednesday. There will be further public events in Glasgow and Edinburgh during the course of the summer. If you would like a copy of Flavia’s written report please contact us edinburghcnd@yahoo.com
Meanwhile Patricia Gibson MP, with encouragement from active campaigners on Aran, has lodged an Early Day Motion at Westminster supporting the ban. You can check whether your MP has signed here, to thank them, or encourage them to do so.
+++++The 3rd version of the treaty is now available https://s3.amazonaws.com/unoda-web/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/A-CONF-1.229-2017-L.X-E-tracked-from-Rev.1-03.07.17-1824-formatted.pdf  (please see end of this post for a critique).
The treaty is expected to be adopted next Friday, the 7th July. Due to the time difference celebrations will commence on Saturday.
Further background can be found on the Los Alamos Study Group website http://www.lasg.org/BAN/BAN_open.html devoted to these negotiations and their precursors, as well as from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and that of Reaching Critical Will.
2. Trident Ploughshares Coulport Disarmament Camp 2017.
From July 8-16th Trident Ploughshares will be having a camp in a beautiful woodland, Peaton Wood, just half a mile from the main gate of the arms depot at Coulport where Trident warheads are stored. 
A Trident Ploughshares group called Rise Up Singing are going to be opening activities with an afternoons singing of anti-nuclear songs at Faslane on July 8th from 2pm
https://www.facebook.com/ events/1373667829346925
During the following week activists will carry out actions to disrupt Faslane & Coulport as well as holding vigils and protests and having workshops to share skills & knowledge.  
You are welcome to join us for the whole time or just come for a day. (Edinburgh CND are organising a day visit)
More information at http://tridentploughshares. org/coulport-disarmament-camp- july-2017/
There will be singing at Faslane on Saturday 8th from 2 – 5 pm. Gather outside North Gate to sing your opposition to Trident Nuclear Weapons Faslane Naval Base All are welcome – bring a banner, bring a song or an instrument, or just bring yourselves. Penny Stone will be there to lead some group singing. This will start the week long disarmament camp at Peaton wood, by Coulport. The Bomb is about to be Banned! Photos can be seen on the dedicated website facebook and twitter. More general daily updates from the negotiations are available from http://banthebomb.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=10dbaa09a07b0e9ec8dfed893&id=54bc4b6072&e=370920f071
3. ICAN and Social Media
After the success with the thunderclap on Monday  ICAN have many suggestions for the use of Social media. 

We’re in the last week of the #nuclearban negotiations. It is up to us to make sure that this ban treaty is heard, seen, talked about and known outside the conference room, so please get your social media game on! 
Share this social media update; We need lots of campaigners and organizations make a noise about the negotiations, so please use this week to make a last reach out to your partner organizations and members to do a final support over social media. Please use the many videos we’ve made that you can find on ICAN’s Facebook page, and the many great photos our photographers have uploaded to our Flickr account. Please use it, share it, tweet it and like it! 
 is an important tool to make people feel our love and criticism, so here are some sample tweets you can use for the coming week. Ooops: remember to address it to YOUR country and add the attached photos if you want: 
For boycotting states: 
Historic #nuclearban negotiations are supported by 130 states, but @NorwayMFA is not here. Where are you now? http://bit.ly/2tIuvlo ”                                                                                           “130 states are negotiating a #nuclearban treaty. This is historic! But @NorwayMFA is not here. Lets outlaw nuclear weapons! #wishyouwerehere add attached photo”                         In general and for supportive states: 
“The world wants a nuclear weapon free world! Thank you @MFA_Austria for making it a reality. The #nuclearban is coming!”                                                                                     “History in the making! Thank you @MFA_Austria for the #nuclearban! Your support is taking us towards a nuclear weapon free world!”
“Thank you @MFA_Austria for being a humanitarian champion! The #nuclearban is important for the victims of use and test of NW and the world!”
“We did it! The #nuclearban is here! Thank you to supportive states for your incredible efforts in banning nuclear weapons once and for all!”
Lastly, we have a new great film up on Facebook today, with Jody Williams. Once again, please share, like and tweet! It will be published at 3pm New York time. It is already on twitter, just look at the hashtag #nuclearban.

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/icanw.org/videos/1903408636342713/

Earlier information from ICAN:

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/icanw.org/videos/1892820360734874/             Attached are some of the great graphics they’ve made for social media. Please use them and find more in the Google folder. These are great to use for example to highlight certain points in the second draft of the treaty. Use visual effects when you can! Also, don’t forget about ICAN’s Flickr account where all our photographers’ great photos will be uploaded. Feel free to use them as much as you want!                                                      Don’t forget our blog – we have a new post out written by Peter Mburu from IPPNW Kenya. Please share it!  [facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/icanw.org/videos/1895331153817128/                               There are great new videos that explains our three priority issues and ICAN:s position on them. We need to get them out to the state delegations for them to get on board. Please send/tweet them to Scottish and UK parliamentarians, any journalists or high profile activist friends and small local press contacts as well as your own social media.                   It will be important that they understand what the treaty can do after it is completed and we want to pressurise the UK about their so-called multilateral step by step approach, and highlight what democratic deficit Scotland is in on the subject.                                  Victim assistance/environment, article 2-5 and military preparation. Also share them from ICAN:s Facebook! – Susi on military preparation Link to ICAN tweet with video: https://twitter.com/ nuclearban/status/ 880503188004241409                                                         -Positive obligations: Link to ICAN tweet with video on language  https://twitter.com/ nuclearban/status/ 880189755794759684                                                                                                                         Link to ICAN tweet with Erin explaining https://twitter. com/nuclearban/status/ 880545587212562432

Pyongyang announced on Tuesday that it had successfully tested its first “intercontinental ballistic missile” (ICBM). These tests are highly provocative and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament strongly condemns them.
The missile was fired from Kusong and flew 578 miles, landing in the Sea of Japan.
Both sides are taking steps to escalate the crisis. Previously, Donald Trump said that “all options are on the table,” suggesting that he is prepared to go to war. The US has already upgraded its military position in South Korea and, along with Seoul, responded to the tests with military drills. The deployment of the US Thaad missile system in May 2017 was also seen as a highly provocative move.
CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “We condemn the missile test and we urge the DPRK government to put an end to further missile tests. The US military drills are a reminder that both sides are acting to escalate this crisis.
“We call on the international community to strengthen efforts to seek an end to the growing tensions in the region. The Six-Party talks need to be resumed as a matter of urgency. The Iran nuclear deal shows what can be achieved through engagement and dialogue.”
1. Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre Events:
i) Maya Evans: Report from Afghanistan. Thurs 6 July. 7 – 9pm.  Univ of Edinburgh Library. Rm 1.07. 
ii) Carolyn Affleck Youngs Walking to Japan Sat 8 July 2 – 3pm. Book Talk
Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre 
followed by
iii) 3- 4pm. Origami Cranes Workshop with Carolyn Affleck Youngs.   
JOIN and SHARE the Facebook Event Here
iv) John Dear: Nonviolent Resistance in Trump’s USA
Thursday 13 July. 6pm Light meal in the Peace & Justice Centre. 6:45pm Talk & Q&A with John Dear. Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Followed by 
v) P and J AGM
vi) Annual Inter-faith Ocassion for World Peace Tuesday 4 July 7pm. St Mark’s Unitarian Church. Castle Terr. Edinburgh. 
vi) Inspirations for Peacemaking 
Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence Conference14—16 July 2017. St. Mary’s MonasteryKinnoull, Perth, PH2 7BP2.  
The P and J are asking to please review how you support the work of the Peace & Justice CentreCheck out all the upcoming events (below) and all our current activities, from Cooperative Games and Conflict Resolution in Schools to the Conscientious Objectors Memorial project at www.peaceandjustice.org.uk . You will see how Peace & Justice activities have considerably expanded over the past two years.  
2. AustraIia against Uranium mining: Janice’s call to action could not be clearer: “Let’s stand strong against uranium mining. This thing can only be stopped if we all come together and stand strong against it.”  Check out Janice’s video here
End note: Some Criticisms of the draft UN treaty (with thanks to Martin Butcher):

This draft is definitely a lot better than the previous two but

  • It doesn’t prevent non-nuclear states being part of an Alliance like NATO that operates a collective policy of nuclear deterrence, as long as the non-nuclear states don’t allow stationing of nuclear weapons on their territory.
  • It doesn’t prevent the equipping and training of non-nuclear States forces for the use of nuclear weapons, they just have to give 12 months notice of withdrawal OR, as NATO argues for the NPT, say that when a ‘general war’ breaks out the Treaty is no longer controlling as its purpose has failed
  • It doesn’t prevent research work such as computer simulations of nuclear explosions or hydrodynamic testing, fusion research in an apparatus like the NIF, or sub-critical testing as these do not require the use of nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive devices. Much fundamental research might be valubale in other areas but should be subject to a ban for the purposes of researching nuclear weapons technology, and a verification regime to ensure that.
  • It doesn’t require states like Sweden, Argentina or Brazil to reveal all the details of nuclear weapons research and development work they did in the past
  • It still doesn’t explicitly reference the parts of international law that would underpin the treaty, leaving it to States to decide which law is applicable

 The problem with all of this is that it means that a State can maintain a significant break out capacity, and that in a world with fewer and fewer nuclear weapons there would be every incentive to do so. It also entrenches the current situation with nuclear alliances.

More on this interesting discussion available on request.

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