Edinburgh CND News 3rd November

STOP PRESS: White Poppies on sale Friday 10th at the Wellington statue  5pm – 6pm to catch people going home from work.

STOP PRESS (2) Radical Voices Sunday, 12 November 2017 Come and join our quarterly gathering to listen to singers of radical songs and share songs, stories and poems on a different theme each month. Entry is free, with raffle and donations collected for a relevant cause. White poppies… Peace is possible The Constitution Bar Constitution Street Leith, EH6 6RS 6.30-9.30pm With music from: Penny Stone, other special guests ……..and you! – bring a song, story, poem or something to share

EVENTS in November
1. Saturday 4th: SCND Stall at Edinburgh’s Ecofair  The Out of the Blue Drill Hall from 10am to 4pm. White Poppies will also be on sale on the SfB Bookstall
2. Tuesday 7th: Monthly organising meeting 6-7pm at the Peace and Justice Centre
3. Saturday 11th (1): Monthly leafleting 1230 East End of Princes Street. White Poppies for sale.
4. Saturday 11th (2): SCND annual conference St Columba’s by the Castle, 14 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2PW.  Registration is from 10 am and the meeting starts at 10:30 am. The meeting should last until about 3 pm and a lunch will be provided. The agenda is available on the website (see also P and J events below)
5. Saturday 11th (3) After the Origami Peace Cranes workshop (P&J Centre, 2-4pm), we will go to lay a white poppy wreath at the War Memorial on the Royal Mile just outside City Chambers (across from St Giles). All invited to join us in a brief ceremony to remember all those who have died or been adversely affected by wars, including civilians and the soldiers of our “enemies
 5. Sunday  12th  1pm to 4pm Poppies for Peace film showing. Grassmarket Community Project Candlemaker Row
6. Wednesday 15th (1)Socially Constructed Radiation Hazards: Nuclear Power and Fracking   4 – 5.30 pm 
 Staff Room, sixth floor Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a George Square Edinburgh EH8 9LD
 7.  Wednesday 15th (2) : Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland invites you to a Stop Funding Nukes public meeting in the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JL on 2017. Doors open at 6:30 pm and meeting starts at 7 pm. This is an Edinburgh CND supported event
The continuing struggle for international nuclear disarmament:
The Basel Peace Office encourages you to support, and take advantage of, key parliamentary and youth actions (listed below). These include initiatives and events to increase the number of countries signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (Ban treaty), reduce the risks of nuclear war, and build success for the 2018 UN High-Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament (UNHLC). Parliamentary Action-Plan for a for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World was published and released by PNND at the IPU special session on October 16 and youth participated in the 26th Sept conference (see previous post)
STOP PRESS: Young academics, professionals and activists working in the field of nuclear disarmament, are invited to Prague for the international youth conference Reaching HIGH for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. The conference, which will take place from Nov 27-29, 2017 (apologies for incorrect date in an earlier notice) at the historic Charles University, established in 1348 by King Charles of Bohemia.
In a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, the UN set the dates and mandate for aHigh-Level conference on nuclear disarmament to take place from May 14-16, 2018. The principal aim for the conference is to make progress on effective measures for nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament. STOP PRESS The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution yesterday (2nd) setting the dates and mandate for this first ever UN High-Level conference on nuclear disarmament, which will take place from May 14-16, 2018.

Modelled after successful UN high-level conferences and summits on sustainable development, climate change and the oceans, the principal aim for this event is to make progress on effective measures for nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament.

Alyn Ware at PNND: As reported last week in the UNFOLD ZERO update, the Non-Aligned Movement has submitted a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly laying out the general mandate and dates for the 2018 United Nations High-Level Conference for Nuclear Disarmament. The vote at the United Nations will take place between Oct 26 and Nov 2.
Are you (individually or as your organisation) able to contact the United Kingdom government to urge them to vote in favour of the resolution (or at least to abstain)?
Recent United Nations High Level Conferences (UNHLCs) on sustainable development, climate change, oceans and refugees have all been very successful, despite difficult political environments.
The beauty of the UNHLC on Nuclear Disarmament is that it calls for ‘effective nuclear disarmament measures’ to pave the way for a nuclear weapons convention (a global treaty which would include the nuclear-armed States and would prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons). These effective measures could include:
  1. comprehensive measures like the ban treaty which is currently only supported by non-nuclear States (a goal is to get 100 countries signing by the end of the UNHLC);
  2. regional measures, such as nuclear weapon free zones in the Middle East and North-East Asia;
  3. incremental measures like de-alerting, no-first-use and stockpile reductions that could be supported by the nuclear-armed States, and could reduce the risks of nuclear war occurring by accident, miscalculation or intent.
 Three nuclear-armed States already support the draft resolution, along with over 120 non-nuclear countries. The United Kingdom, in answers to questions in the UK parliament from PNND members, has indicated that they are not yet decided on whether to attend the UNHLC. The UK Representative to the Conference on Disarmament, Ambassador Matthew Rowland, participated as a speaker in a roundtable event we organised on this topic in Geneva in September. Although critical of the ban treaty, he gave suggestions on how the 2018 UNHLC could be useful to make progress on incremental measures, and affirmed that the UK is still open to the possibility of attending.
Albuquerque – Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its 73-page of the future costs of maintaining and modernizing US nuclear weapons, entitled “Approaches for Managing the Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2017 to 2046.”[1] The total cost estimated by CBO was $1.242 trillion (T), of which $800 billion (B) is estimated as necessary to maintain and operate planned forces. The remainder ($400 B) is CBO’s estimate of the cost to modernize these forces. According to CBO, it will cost $4.6 million (M) per hour, 24/7, to keep US nuclear forces for the next 30 years.
+++Minutes of October Scottish Ban meeting are available

 ICAN UK network meetings in November:                                                                                      – There will be a meeting in Edinburgh on 14th November at 2.30pm, provisionally at the Peace & Justice Centre, 7 Upper Bow EDINBURGH EH1 2JN, for ICAN UK partners who are in town and available – RSVP to coordinator@peaceandjustice.org.uk if you are able to come to this                                                                                                                                            – There will also hold a meeting in London on 29 November at 12pm – location to be confirmed.                                                                                                                                                    – Parliament: The SNP will be holding a briefing and reception for ICAN at the Westminster House of Commons on 29th November, and there will be a cross party parliamentary briefing at Westminster on 5th December – I will send more details on these events as they emerge


FOR OTHER EVENTS in November including: Cooperative Games & Conflict Resolution for Primary Schools Facilitator Training.  Sat 4 Nov. 9:15 –1:30pm and Origami Peace Cranes Workshop. Sat 11 Nov. 2 – 4pm.   see http://peaceandjustice.org.uk/   


1. CND are still revelling in the outstanding news that ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize is being awarded on 10th December, and to utilise this historic moment, CND has called a day of action on Saturday 9th December to help raise the profile of the global ban treaty. Watch this space! We will be having our monthly stall that day……
2. Also in Edinburgh UN House open ICAN group will welcome all to a party at UN House on the eve of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, 
Friday 8th Dec from 5.30, UN House 4 Hunter Square with Protest in Harmony .                  

3. 4th of December, 7 pm, CCA Glasgow It was a Pacific island paradise…until the United States tested nuclear weapons and conducted secret human radiation experiments. Experiments that would remain top-secret for decades….Until now…This documentary reveals a shocking political expose, and an intimate ethnographic portrait of Pacific Islanders struggling for survival, dignity and justice after decades of top-secret human radiation experiments conducted on them by the U.S. government

Trailer – “Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1.” The film showing will be followed by a Skype discussion with a victim of the nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific Islands where participants can make remarks and raise questions. More details about the speaker to come. Unfortunately the venue can only accommodate up to 74 people so please get your tickets soon. This event is organised by Peace Education Scotland (SCND Education).

4. Please also note that SCND are calling an 
International PEACE RALLY, at FASLANE SEP 15, 2018 This PEACE RALLY is to mark the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE AWARD YEAR and to highlight  international support for Scotland’s desire to get all nuclear weapons out of Scotland and out of the world. Themes to help you plan, its never too soon to start mobilizing!

International campaigners have already committed to join.

Other news:
1. The Peace & Justice Centre and the Conscientious Objectors Memorial Committee are pleased to announce the Design Competition for a permanent Memorial to Conscientious Objectors to be created in Edinburgh’s Princes St Gardens. Artists are invited to submit applications by 12 noon 15 December 2017. A shortlist of three or four artists will be engaged to create designs for the Memorial. View and Download the Brief Here. 
Queries should be directed to: COMemorial@ peaceandjustice.org.uk
2. Another film: the filmmakers have interviewed communities effected by the nuclear industry and are making a digital archive of these oral histories that will be available to anyone. This week we released our first podcast, which includes interviews from downwinders at the Trinity Test Site: https://soundcloud.com/u ser-636230507/how-many-thousan ds-of-yearsThis month they are fundraising so that we can conduct fieldwork at the Nevada Test Site, finish post-production and release this film. I was wondering if you could help us spread the word about this project. This is the link to our fundraising page which has a trailer and the story of the project: http://bit.ly/OffCountry
and for an alternative at Christmas: Comas The Tun, 8 Jackson Entry Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ email@comas.org.uk

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