Edinburgh CND News 19th January 2018

Edinburgh CND hosted a showing of the film Nuclear Savage on 17th January. The film is a devastating account of the US nuclear tests in the Pacific and of the impact on the Marshall Islanders who were treated as human guinea pigs. As the US spends untold billions on updating its nuclear arsenal the film should be shown far and wide. The DVD can be borrowed from Scottish CND so think about whether you can show it at a community, campaign or union meeting. 

 Our next meetings:
1. Tuesday 6th February. Monthly planning meeting 6pm at the Peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN.
2. Saturday 10th February: Monthly leafleting 1230 at the East End of Princes Street.
3. Wednesday 21st February: Open Meeting on Nuclear Convoys. 7pm at the Peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN

++25/1: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists today moved the hands of the symbolic Doomsday Clock to 2 Minutes to Midnight, indicating that the world is the closest to possible nuclear armageddon since the height of the Cold War in 1953. Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to the announcement Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “The Doomsday Clock moves dangerously closer to midnight. Scientists have assessed political and military developments in the past year and determined that the twin threats of nuclear war and climate change are more likely to lead to disaster than they were last year. We agree with this assessment. The Basle Peace office adds that the announcement highlights the need for nuclear risk reduction measures, such as those being advanced by U.S. Senator Ed Markey, Co-President of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament. Markey has introduced legislation into the Senate (with companion legislation in the House introduced by Ted Lieu) to restrict the authority of the U.S. President to launch a nuclear attack without first consulting congress.

1. 2018 is the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which was founded on the 17th February 1958 at the height of the cold war.
CND is planning a number of events – as well as publishing a new book – to mark the 60th year of one of the world’s most powerful collective voices against the dangers of nuclear weapons. Preliminary details of these are shared below.
CND at 60 A new book
which tells the history of CND, will be published in March 2018. CND at 60, by Kate Hudson, describes the development of nuclear weapons and the waves of civil society outrage and protest they inspired. From Polaris to Trident, the London to Aldermaston marches to mobilisations against cruise missiles, the story of 60 years of the largest single-issue peace campaign in Europe is told from the perspective of one of Britain’s foremost peace campaigners
The CND logo: 
The role of CND’s iconic logo – which has become an internationally recognised peace symbol – will be marked with a symbol tour of Britain. A giant three-dimensional logo installation will visit more than twenty dramatic locations across Britain, including the White Cliffs of Dover, the Angel of the North in Gateshead, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.
The symbol will also visit the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, the target of anti-nuclear campaigners in every decade since the founding of CND in the 1950s. The symbol will be joined by CND supporters from across Britain on Easter Sunday, the 1st April 2018, for a rally and celebrations.
60 faces of CND exhibition:
A new exhibition will tell the stories of 60 people and their contribution to the peace movement in Britain. Featuring photos of protest, politicians and passionate people, along with a history of CND in their own words. The exhibition will be displayed online as well as at reception in Parliament on the 21st February. Please contact the press office to register.
Peace, People and Protest:
A cultural event will take place in central London in June celebrating the role of music, song, and spoken word in the history of our campaign. More details will be announced shortly.
CND at 60 web site:
We’ll be adding further details about our 60th year events to the anniversary web site at https://cnduk.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=50a46ed98fb9032bd46d11880&id=047b92b30a&e=96dcf14be7

2. Scottish CND Education is organsing a fully funded 3 day Peace Campaigning Academy for youth and they need help to publicise it. It is open to people between 18 – 30 years old residing in Scotland.

SCND Education (Peace Education Scotland) is organising a fully funded 3 day training programme on all aspects of campaigning work, focusing on the nuclear disarmament movement. Participants will learn all they need to know about communication tactics, lobbying activities, grassroots empowerment, online engagement, fundraising tools and more. The is an national event taking place in Glasgow, open to 18 – 30 yr olds living in Scotland. Food & accommodation provided. More details on the programme & how to apply here. First round of applications should be sent by 16 Feb. Apply now

27 – 29 July 2018 Apply now for a fully funded place!

SCND are looking for volunteers to help with the organising of the event. Welcoming people willing to assist with admin, event planning and outreach. Please send us an email if you have some time to spare info@peaceeducationsctland.org(some things can be done remotely).
Also for leafleting in Glasgow: wed 24th Jan
 Please share the event with your friends, family & groups. Put a poster up in your local pub, college, university, library, community centre or place that has young people around. Order leaflets/posters from our office (or print your own).
3. (a) Basle Peace Office: An early-morning emergency alert mistakenly warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack was dispatched to cellphones across Hawaii on Saturday 13th, setting off widespread panic. (See NY Times Jan 13). Many in Hawaii were already on edge because of escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea, making the false warning very believable.
“45 minutes ago I thought I was going to die by ballistic missile and now I’m making pancakes. Life is wild.” Darcy Hanneman, Hawaii.
The alert was mistakenly sent by someone in the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency pushing the wrong button on a computer. (Just as well it was not the red nuclear button ‘on the desk’ of KimJong-Un or President Donald Trump).
Meanwhile, Basel Peace Office organized three nuclear disarmament actions at the Basel Peace Forum yesterday – a #3DnukeMissile (to stop the nuclear missiles being launched), a competition to indicate where nuclear weapons are deployed in Europe, and an action for people to stop banking on the bomb. 
Participants at the Basel Peace Forum were assisted by Basel Peace Office staff to check if their banks were amongst those investing in nuclear weapons. If so, they were given information on how to encourage their bank to end such investments, or to switch their accounts to banks which don’t have such investments.
You too can check if you are banking on the bomb, and take other action to shift investments from nuclear weapons to better enterprises. See Don’t bank on the bomb and Move the Nuclear Weapons Money. 
Contact info@baselpeaceoffice.orgto add events to the Abolition 2000 calendar.
 (b) ADDITION: From Parliamentarians for Nuclear Disarmament: On January 24, 1946, the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus its very first resolution UNGA Res 1(I), which established a commission of the UN Security Council to ensure ‘the elimination from national armaments of atomic weapons and all other major weapons adaptable to mass destruction.’ On October 17, 2017, PNND released a Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. The Action Plan was released at  a special event at the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in St Petersburg. In May 2018, the United Nations General Assembly is taking special action to implement the goal by holding a High-Level Conference on Nuclear DisarmamentFor more information see Time to implement UN Resolution 1 (I).  

UNFOLD ZERO add: Call on your government to attend the UN High-Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament at the highest level (Prime Minister, President or Foreign Minister) and to do their best at the conference to reduce nuclear risks and advance the abolition of nuclear weapons. Click here for a sample letter and list of government contacts.  For more information see Youth call on world leaders to reduce the risk of nuclear war and support nuclear disarmament.


4. (a) Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre Jan Newsletter is now out: peaceandjustice.org.uk  Don’t forget the crane-making every Saturday 2-4pm at the centre
(b) Reminder: Edinburgh CAAT meet on the 29th Jan 7pm to 8.45pm
Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN
5. After the Successful visit to Scotland last year: PEACE BOAT 96th VOYAGE COMING TO FREMANTLE
Wednesday 24 – Thursday 24 January 2018 | Fremantle Port | a massive 2 days of building a culture of peace around the world

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