Edinburgh CND News 10th September


NAE NUKES ANYWHERE! 22nd September

Assemble Faslane Peace Camp 12 pm, Walk to North Gate where there will be a rally

Protest the Trident Weapon System! You can get there by bus from Edinburgh and there is also space to sleep in Glasgow (bring a mat and a sleeping bag) and there will be food and drink at the Rally along with stalls and singers and Indylive will be streaming events, and interviewing the folk – including celebrities and politicians – there on the day.Buses are running from various parts of Scotland and further afield. Lots of interesting meetings while the visitors are here, full details including transport details are posted on nuclearban.scot/Sep-rally


1. Saturday 15 September, 4pm – 6pm: Peace Walk through Holyrood Park to the Salisbury Centre organised by the Peace and Justice Centre. Meet: Outside the Scottish parliamentJoin  for a walk through Holyrood park to the Salisbury centre with storytelling and music on the way and stay for a cup of tea in the centre’s lovely gardens. No need to book in advance – just turn up                                                                         If you can stay with us a little longer, they’d love you to join them  for our bring and share meal at 6.30pm, following a short AGM.Community meal, AGM and peacebuilding in schools workshop. After the shared meal from 7.30pm facilitators from the Peacebuilding for Schools project are offering an interactive taster workshop, for you to get a feel for how the project works. There’s no need to book for this, but it helps  plan. Tell us you’re coming

2. Monday September 17th at 7.30 Edinburgh Stop the War meeting at the Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow EH1 2JN.  Report back from the UK Stop the War conference; a working session on our upcoming meeting on Scotland and the arms trade and will discuss ongoing campaigning around Yemen and the wider Middle East. These meetings are informal and agendas are flexible so come along with things you would like to discuss.

 3. Tuesday September 18 at 530pm in the Scottish CND office at 77 Southpark Avenue Glasgow G 12 8 LE .To ensure that the March and Rally at Faslane goes smoothly we require as many people as possible to volunteer to be stewards .
The main jobs of the stewards will be to walk on the outside of the March and help to ensure people get from the starting point of the March at the Peace Camp to the Rally point at the North Gate at Faslane . Anyone who can be a steward at the March and Rally is invited to come.

4. Wednesday 19th September from 7-8.30pm: Edinburgh CND will be having a banner and placard making workshop on  in the Peace and Justice Centre. This is after the meeting of the Cross-Party group at the Scottish Parliament.

5. Thursday 20 September, 6.30pm – 9pm. Stop Funding the End of the World.
University of Edinburgh, 50 George Square. Don’t Bank on the Bomb launch their new report – Stop funding the end of the world: Working to eliminate nuclear weapons through divestment. Supported by EdinburghCND
Click here for more information and to Register.                                                                    6. Also on Thursday :Tim Wallis of Nuclear Ban US, hopefully a speaker from the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Nuclear Weapons, myself and Flavia Tudoreanu from Peace Education Scotland speaking at the event. We are hoping to encourage Councils to develop resolutions to support the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and challenge the UK Government to engage in this debate. The seminar is on Thursday 20th September from 1pm – 3.30pm in Clydebank Town Hall, which is a short train hop from Glasgow Central.

 7. Friday 21st September 12.30: Bill Kidd MSP in conversation with Sharon Dolev (Israel) and Emad Kiyaei (Iran) in discussion on progress in the process towards gaining a treaty for a weapons of mass destruction free zone, and an organisation, METO to negotiate and monitor it. For anyone with an interest in obtaining peace and stability in the Middle East. Registration is necessary. Supported by Edinburgh CND Progressing The Possible.  PLEASE TRY AND BOOK BY TUESDAY 18th
Followed by
8. drop in welcome at the Peace and Justice Centre 2-4pm



 1. Sunday, September 23, 2:00pm There is a widespread support for the idea that Scotland and the UK should become a nuclear weapon free zone. Opposition to the renewal of Trident is an essential step toward this goal, but can Scotland truly be free of nuclear weapons as long as it is included within the NATO alliance? The Scottish Peace Network is sponsoring a forum that will present the views and experiences of those representing the peace and justice movements of several countries who remain within NATO on this vital issue. Speakers include: Dave Webb, chair UK CND; Roser Iborra, Popular Unity Candidacy of Catalonia (CUP); Maalke Bennes, PAX of the Netherlands; Reiner Braun, International Peace Bureau of Germany. Quaker Meeting House at 38 Elmbank Crescent (opposite Charing Cross station)                                                                                                                                              2. In Edinburgh same daySECURITY FEMINISM & THE BOMBUN HOUSE EDINBURGH 19.00 – 2100

3. 22nd to 25th September CND are delighted to announce that they will be appearing at this year’s The World Transformed festival in Liverpool 7 Mann Street, Liverpool L8 5AF. The World Transformed is a festival of politics, arts and music that runs alongside the Labour Party’s Annual Conference, working to build the movements both inside and outside of Parliament. There is growing support across the political spectrum for defence diversification – the need to redeploy highly skilled workers, like those involved in Trident, in socially useful parts of the economy. This is the theme of our talk at the festival and part of our campaigning activities at party conference.

On the 24th September at 1pm, CND’s Kate Hudson will chair the session Labour and Trident: do jobs justify making nuclear weapons?

CND add: It seems like everyone has that back to school excitement, with a new energy for the months ahead, including us here at the CND office. The autumn will be a busy period for us as we attend political party conferences, trade union meetings, rallies and our own annual conference. In this month’s edition of Campaign magazine, read about what we’ll be doing as a new parliamentary term, in particular, begins. Read also all about an important rally taking place at the Faslane nuclear base in Scotland.

Read Campaign: September edition
Download Campaign: September edition

4. September 26th is United Nations International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (Nuclear Abolition Day). UNFOLD ZERO: The day occurs on the anniversary of the 1983 incident in which a nuclear war was almost initiated by accident (See The Man who Saved the World). The day also occurs when world leaders (Presidents, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers…) are in New York for the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). And it is just prior to the deliberations of the UN Disarmament and International Security Committee (First Committee) which occur at the UN through-out October 2018.                                           Nuclear Abolition Day Actions


5. 29th September to 16th October: Edinburgh World Justice Festival. http://www.ewjf.org.uk. Edinburgh CNDs meeting will be on 10th October. Watch this space.

6. Monday 1 October from 18:30 – 21:00.  Tim Wallis will be speaking at Friends House in London. The event is called ‘Implementing the Nuclear Ban Treaty in the United States: Latest Update from Tim Wallis.’ Too far to travel? Try: https://www.gazettenet.com/Wallis-and-Elson-17302589


7. 24th-30th October. Basle Peace Office and unfold zero: Can you imagine one million notes each worth $1 million? That’s $1 trillion, the amount the nine nuclear armed countries plan to spend on nuclear weapons over the next 10 years. Basel Peace Office encourages you to join Count the Nuclear Weapons Money in New York from October 24-30 (UN Disarmament Week) to help count out one million of these notes and re-allocate the money from nuclear weapons to better purposesThis is one of a number of recent initiatives in the US Congress, and in state and city legislatures, to promote a U.S. No-First-Use policy.

8. A concert in November: https://www.napier.ac.uk/about-us/events/play-for-peace-a-concert-for-cooperation

1. nuClear News No.100 September 2018 is now available for downloading here:

2. The August 2018 edition of the NFLA Newsletter. It can be found on the NFLA website and has also been linked on the NFLA’s new Facebook and Twitter pages –http://www.nuclearpolicy.info/newsletters/nfla-newsletter-august-2018/

1. Beyond Nuclear International: A 40-year effort by Traditional Owners and environmental groups in Western Australia to stop uranium mining is heating up. The case is in court but a hostile government has approved the mine. We tell the story of their struggle. And read the poetic description by Marcus Atkinson of Footprints for Peace, of walking in country with Aboriginal elders to learn about and enjoy the beauty of the land while protesting the uranium mines. Darlene Keju campaigned tirelessly for justice and the truth behind the atomic bombs the US “tested” in the Marshall Islands. She saw her home “blown off the face of the earth”. Displacement led to poverty, alcoholism and suicide among islanders. She vowed to help change their lives for the better. Nuclear power can be complex to explain. The Overview section of our new anti-nuclear handbook lays out the nuclear fuel chain in simple terms.
This week the focus is on Iran. The Tehran Peace Museum is run by veterans injured during the Iran-Iraq war, many of them by Iraq’s US-backed use of chemical weapons. Through exhibitions, events, and invitations to visitors from abroad, they bring a message of peace. Writer Vijay Prashad says Trump’s new sanctions against Iran, a result of the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, make conflict in the region more likely. That’s also what CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin wants most to avoid. She is determined not to let the Iran nuclear deal collapse.
STOP PRESS: Wales is under nuclear siege! French nuclear builder, EdF, is about to start dredging radioactive mud from the Hinkley C two reactor site in England and plans to dump it 1.5 miles off the Welsh coast! There has been no Environmental Assessment and no independent testing. Cian Ciarán of the Welsh band Super Furry Animals, has brought a case to the Welsh High Court to secure an injunction to stop the dump. You can help support this legal action. Meanwhile, Hitachi is about to bulldoze countryside around the proposed Wylfa B twin reactor site in North Wales and a small modular reactor is slated for Snowdonia National Park at Trawsfynydd.
2.  The Walkatjurra Walkabout has finished with a storm (literally)! An awesome walk into Leonora with lots of support to keep WA nuclear free.  A successful public meeting the following day having CCWA Director Piers Verstegen come into Leonora to support the community and in particular the three Tjiwarl native title holders, Shirley, Lizzy and Vicky on the court challenge that included a visit to the proposed radioactive waste dump.  You can see photos and read about their adventures here.
3. Albuquerque, NM – 29/8 the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB, Board) convened a hearing to examine issues related to Department of Energy (DOE) Order 140.1, “Interface with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board,” approved by the Secretary of Energy on May 14, 2018.http://www.lasg.org/



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