Edinburgh CND News 3rd January 2019 UPDATED!

A peaceful 2019 to all our supporters. We are not having a formal meeting this month but we will be at the east end of Princes Street from 1230 on Saturday 12th January.

STOP PRESS!!!! Scotland’s nuclear power – the case against restarting Hunterston B, Ian Fairlie. 9th January, 4pm, Room 214, Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton St, Edinburgh EH8 9LE (near George Square Gardens) Hunterston B is a nuclear power station in the west of Scotland that started generating electricity in 1976. It was closed in the Spring of 2018 for remedial work following the discovery of an unexpectedly large number of cracks in the graphite bricks around the nuclear reactor core. Its owners EDF (Électricité de France) plan a restart in a couple of months. Ian Fairlie (www.ianfairlie.org)  is an independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment. His expert advice warns against this and advocates permanent closure. Come and hear the case. https://www.edinburghfirst.co.uk/venues/appleton-tower/         He is also speaking the same day in the Scottish Parliament between 1 pm and 2.15 pm and the next day at a Scottish CND meeting, Wellington Church of Scotland, 77 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LE, at 2 pm  

++++++First CAAT meeting of 2018 is on Monday 14 January, 7pm to 8.45pm
Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, 
Edinburgh, EH1 2JL. See their new website for details of what they did in 2018 and events to come.                             Ben Ladraa recently walked 5000 kms from Sweden to Palestine to raise awareness about the human rights violations taking place under the military occupation of Palestine. Come hear Benjamin talk of his experiences on 17th January  Organised by  EdinbrughAction 4 Palestine.
There are a number of yes hub events week-end starting 11th (including anti-nuclear talk on Friday) see web: http://yescafeedinburghsouth.weebly.com/                                                                                            ———————–

2018: As CND marked its 60th anniversary, global nuclear dangers have proliferated alarmingly and shown just how essential our movement is. Most worryingly, President Trump has announced he intends to withdraw the United States from the crucial Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) in early February.                                  On December 5th, CND handed in thousands of signed lobby cards to the Foreign Office, urging the government to protect the INF treaty. Shamefully, we’ve yet to receive an encouraging response.Now the situation has deteriorated dramatically. The US has announced it will begin the process of withdrawing from the INF treaty on February 2nd, meaning we could soon see ground based nuclear weapons on European soil for the first time in over 30 years.
We must save the INF, but time is running out. We have six months from the withdrawal date before it is torn up for good. With your help we want to take out a full-page advert in The Guardian on this crucial date – February 2nd – to write an open letter to the Foreign Secretary urging the government to condemn this move and to do everything in its power to reverse this decision. http://www.cnduk.org ++++On a more hopeful note, communities around the world are declaring their support for the UN global ban on nuclear weapons. Manchester became the first city in Europe to back the treaty at the end of last year, and was followed by Renfrewshire.If communities get together and show their support we can put pressure on the government to engage with the global ban treaty. Can your group campaign for your local council to adopt a motion in favour of a ban? Click here for more information               ——————————–

Peace and Justice Centre News: 
22 MSPs Support the Opposing War Memorial
£37,500 raised for the Memorial: Still time to Donate & Help us reach our goal
Upcoming Events:
Burns Supper
Join us for on 26th Jan for an evening, hosted by Peter Macdonald, with Stan Reeves reciting To a Haggis, comedian A.L. Kennedy presenting the Immortal Memory. Local writer and actor Gerda Stevenson will be Addressing the Lassies, with feminist activist Lesley Orr delivering the Reply from the Lassies.
Resistance to First World War Exhibition & Event
Friday 25 January. 1:30 – 3:30pm. St Mungo Museum.
2 Castle St, Glasgow G4 0RH.                                                                                                            —————

Two ICAN meetings are planned for the 8th January both to be held at the SCND office in Glasgow, 77 South Park Avenue G12 8LE this week First, Scottish ICAN Roundtable is at 3.00pm.  It will be followed by a meeting facilitated by Dr Rebecca Johnson at 4.30pm focussed on ICAN in the UK, and all ICAN partner organisations are welcome to both events  (SCND will facilitate the Scottish Round table meeting).   +++++++ apres-meeting note: deadline for submissions to the NPT inquiry is Friday 18th, and it was great to hear that a lot of us will be putting something in. Email EdinburghCND@yahoo.com for suggestions

A couple of events in England worth catching up on:
And around the World:
1. Beyond Nuclear International: https://beyondnuclearinternational.org 1. The Navajo nation suffered the injustices of uranium mining and the contamination it left behind for decades. Anna Benally calls for restitution and a health study to give her people answers. In Brazil, a giant thermoelectric project was defeated when the people united against the destruction of mother Earth and turned to renewables instead. 2. Please take action this week by signing the petition to halt the “storing” of unsafe nuclear waste casks on the beach in California. And please consider including Beyond Nuclear in your year-end giving with a generous donation today.
2. Los Alamos Bulletin    252 Fundraising reminder; why LANL cannot be any kind of plutonium factory, in a nutshell  http://www.lasg.org/
3. Australia:Plenty of activities planned for 2019:  Walkatjurra Walkabout 

4. (a)UNFOLD ZERO and their co-sponsoring organisations had a very active year in 2018 advancing a number of UN initiatives and processes for nuclear disarmament including:

they  look forward to our continuing and advancing such action in 2019.

(b) The Basel Peace Office (BPO) extends our very best wishes to you for the new year. We thank you for your actions and support in 2018 and we look forward to a coming year of even more progress for peace and nuclear disarmament. BPO brings together a number of international networks and initiatives for nuclear disarmament including the Abolition 2000 Youth NetworkNuclear-Risk-Reduction working groupClimate-Nuclear NexusMiddle Powers InitiativeMove the Nuclear Weapons MoneyParliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) and the World Future Council Peace & Disarmament Program. Please see below, or visit www.baselpeaceoffice.org, to learn more about the programs and activities. Click here to invest in a peaceful and sustainable future by supporting the Basel Peace Office.

(c) PNND also express very best wishes for the new year, our appreciation for the actions you undertook for peace and disarmament in 2018, and our anticipation of another year of progress for nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament.  We will kick off the new year with a European regional conference of parliamentarians and mayors (Jan 14-15 in Basel, Switzerland) on the issue of Nuclear disarmament, climate protection and divestment. And we will contnue to work globally throughout 2019 on issues and actions which are contained in the Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. Further information and reports are available at PNND News, PNND events and PNND updates.

+++++++++BPO invite you to join a Webinar on Preserving the INF Treaty today (January 17) at 7pm Central European Time (Click here to register), and to endorse the the Basel Appeal on Disarmament and Sustainable Security.


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