Edinburgh CND news March 2019

5. Thursday March 21st.  Court date for Faslane Peace Campers (see below or events) and the campers will be holding a party at the camp afterwards, to which all are warmly invited.
6. Wednesday 27th March Edinburgh CND, Edinburgh Stop the War and Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign are having a meeting on NATO withdrawal. 7pm Augustine United George IVth Bridge EH1 1EL https://www.facebook.com/events/2330283743914828/


Further details of all events available under EVENTS
1. Tuesday 5th March: regular organising meeting 6pm at Peace and Justice Centre.
2. Thursday 7th March: An Evening with Prof Paul Rogers.                                               3. Saturday 9th March: 12 30, Leafleting at the East End of Princes Street: Housing not Trident theme.
4. Monday 11th March: Stop the Global Arms Trade see Global Net https://www.gn-stat.org/
Magdalena and her colleague from Germany will be here to discuss this campaign with all who are interested at 7.30 -8.30 on 11th March  in room G02, 50 George Square at the University of Edinburgh.  safe_image-1.php
Please note: Edinburgh CAAT have moved their monthly meeting to Wednesday 13th March at 7.00 pm in Room G.06, 50 George Square, Edinburgh, to facilitate attendance at the Global Net Meeting.
1. Scottish CND are (a) organising days of action in 2019 to highlight the ways money saved by scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons programme could be better spent on essential public services in Scotland. This campaign launches with Housing Not Trident in March, you can check in with the Facebook event to find out about events around this message happening near you. We are hoping our members and supporters might want to hold street stalls, gatherings and other activities surrounding the following messages: March: Housing Not Trident, April: Climate Not Trident, May: Jobs Not Trident, June: Transport Not Trident, July: NHS Not Trident and in August: Education Not Trident.                       (b) also holding a spring sale and coffee morning on Friday 8th March 2019 to make room for our new stock and campaign materials for 2019. We have a number of existing items in stock which we wish to give our members and supporters a chance to purchase at low prices. There will also be the chance to grab a coffee and have a chat over our latest edition of Nuclear Free Scotland.
(c) Peace Education Scotland will be hosting a series of film screenings this year throughout Scotland. The first will take place in Glasgow at the CCA on Thursday March 07. Find a link to the facebook event below. Please feel free to share among your networks. https://www.facebook.com/events/420652725408326/
STOP PRESS X2 (d) Saturday March 30th – 11am -130 pm 

– Public Meeting on – What’s Wrong with NATO at the Unite the Union building at 145 West Regent Street Glasgow .

(e) Sunday 31st March at the Glasgow Autonomous Space (53 Kilbirnie Street, Glasgow, G5 8JD) from 12 noon until 3:00pm.
This will be family event and we will have Scotland: A Peace of History exhibition on display as well as our new game – Bin the Bomb! and badge making with, of course, birthday cake and sandwiches! We hope to see you there.

2. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org: (a).Scotland plans to return radioactive waste it reprocessed at Dounreay to Australia. Regina McKenzie is fighting on behalf of her Aboriginal people to stop it. Welsh politician, Paul Flynn, used both wit and wisdom to rail against proponents of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, often within his own UK Labour Party. We remember him and his work. (b) The threat of nuclear war, and the very real and devastating consequences when nuclear weapons are used, was a constant in the headlines this past week. March 1 marked 65 years since the US exploded the massive Castle Bravo atomic bomb over the Marshall Islands, a crime from which the region has never recovered. Meanwhile, heightened conflict between India and Pakistan, and the failure of the Trump-Kim meeting to produce denuclearization, reminded the world that the possession of nuclear weapons anywhere is a threat to our survival everywhere. (c) Uranium and its decay products get into our bodies and when they do, embark on a damaging and sometimes deadly journey. We map out where uranium, thorium, radium and other isotopes go, and what they can do to our health. Danger also comes from the sea when man-made radioactive effluents are discharged there, then blow back to land via sea spray, to be inhaled and ingested by humans. Tim Deere-Jones explains. (d) Added 11th March: To truly understand the meaning and consequences of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster, we need to hear from the people it affected. This week, we publish a letter from a teenage girl, ‘Yumi’, who evacuated Fukushima with her mother and who has emerged as a new young voice in Japan’s anti-nuclear struggle. In London, UK, a group of Japanese residents, Japanese Against Nuclear, will hold their annual protest events, while every Friday they still stand vigil outside the Japanese embassy.
3. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre is moving!  On 22 March they’re moving to City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX where they’ll still be able to provide meeting space for community groups in the centre of Edinburgh and carry on organising Peacebuilders for Schools, the Opposing War Memorial, the Cranes project and programme of events including:
a.. Peace & Justice Book Sale Friday 8 March. 10am – 1pm. Saturday 9 March 2 – 4pm. Wednesday 13 March. 10am – 2pm. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre. 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN We’re holding a Book Sale before we move to streamline our library. You can pick up books for a donation.
b. Scottish Climate Action Network Skillshare Saturday 2nd of March. 9:30 registration for 10am – 5pm Rm 3.24, St Leonard’s Land Holyrood Rd
c. Tweeddale Peace Group Second Hand Book Sale March 9, 2019 10:00 am – 10, 2019 4:00 pm. Burgh Hall, High St, Peebles EH45 8AG
d. 140,000 Origami Peace Cranes Workshop Sat 9 March. 2 – 4pm. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN
e. Kites Not Killer Drones 12noon – 4pm. Sunday 7 April
Meadows Pavilion Cafe. Melville Dr. EH9 1JZ Organised by Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre with Meadows Pavilion Cafe.  Make, decorate and fly kites. Facepainting. Live Music. Family friendly. Soup and more activities to be announced soon.
Volunteers Needed We really need a couple of Volunteers to help for about 8 – 10 hours in the weeks prior to the event to help with publicity and prepare materials and organise this event. Volunteers are also needed on the day. To find out more or to volunteer for this or other P&J roles contact Brian Larkin: coordinator[at]peaceandjustice.org.uk.
4. CNDUK: (a). We live in increasingly dangerous times, where nuclear dangers are growing alarmingly. The Doomsday Clock is currently set at two minutes to midnight. The hands have never been closer, even at the height of the Cold War. But there is an alternative. Instead of wasting billions on new nuclear weapons, a better and safer world can be created. Read in the magazine about how CND is highlighting these global dangers and how we overcome them in a national tour this year. We also cover the recent summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.
Read Campaign: March edition Download Campaign: March edition                                 (b) In order to support International Women’s day, CND will be celebrating the women of CND by highlighting female individuals who have supported and worked for the campaign, showcasing the vital role women play in resisting nuclear weapons!
The CND office twitter account will be sharing a few tweets featuring the profiles of women that have been involved in the movement, using the hashtag #IWD2019 and #WomenOfCND.
(c) Anti-nuclear campaigners have commented on the stalled Trump Kim summit in Hanoi. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “It is regrettable that (the) talks have stalled, but it is good news that relations between the US and North Korea don’t appear to be returning to the dangerous tensions of 2017.“There is clearly the potential for further talks. Though it remains to be seen how the US President who has spent the last year weakening and tearing up crucial arms control treaties can make diplomacy work on the Korean peninsula. “The US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the expected ending of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is not a strong foundation for a new era of diplomacy.”
(d) Anti-nuclear campaigners also commented on the threat of nuclear war in the India Pakistan conflict. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “In the context of increased tensions between two nuclear states, there is a danger that a misunderstanding could lead to a nuclear exchange. “We’ve been here before. India and Pakistan came close to nuclear war in the 2001-2002 standoff, where one side refused to rule out a first strike.
“That Pakistan’s Prime Minister has met today with his country’s nuclear weapons body, is a strong indication of how real the threat of nuclear war is. “Nuclear weapons, far from deterring war, make conflicts more dangerous than they would otherwise be. There is an urgent need for diplomacy in this precarious situation.”
(e) Other News: (i) On Sunday April 27th we’ll show the strength of opposition to the government’s push for new nuclear plants at the Surround Springfields demonstration in Lancashire. The plant near Preston is pivotal to the government’s nuclear plans, as it manufactures nuclear fuel and processes the waste material, so it’s vital that we take a stand here. We have Surround Springfields leaflets, so please get in touch and we can post them out to you. You can also contact the organisers at springaction2019@stopnewnuclear.org.uk. The organisers add This is another update in the run up to our Surround Springfields event on Saturday 27th April 2019 (the day after Chernobyl day).  We have now created a Facebook event for this big day:  Surround Springfields (ii) We’re also gearing up for our Global Dangers national speaking tour see Home page – Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (iii) The United States has announced its withdrawal from the INF treaty. This is a very dangerous moment for the whole world.To keep up our campaign to save it we have launched a new actionurging people to ask their MP to sign EDM 2073, which demands the INF treaty be brought “back into full legal force.” Click here to see the action page and please share it widely. (iv) Lastly, and just in time for this unseasonably warm weather, we are delighted to unveil our new eco-friendly CND logo water bottles.

6. International News:

(a) Parliamentarians, mayors, city councillors and representatives of civil society organisations are invited to participate in Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: Nuclear disarmament & investment for a sustainable future, an international conference on divestment and other actions by cities, universities, parliaments and religious institutions to reverse the nuclear arms race and protect the climate. The conference will take place in Basel, Switzerland on April 12-13, 2019, organised by the Basel Peace Office and co-hosted by the Basel-Stadt Kanton (a member of Mayors for Peace), IPPNW Switzerland and the World Future Council. As the second Trump-Kim Summit began in Hanoi on Feb 27 2019, legislators and NGOs around the world are calling for concrete progress for peace and denuclearization in North East Asia. 
U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna along with Rep Barbara Lee (member of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament) and seventeen other Democratics, introduced a resolution into the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday calling for a final settlement of the Korean War, now officially in its 69th year.
Members of the Korea Peace Network staged  events across the USA on the eve of the Summit calling for peace and diplomacy to prevail.Korea Peace Now: Women Mobilizing to End War, an initiative of the Nobel Women’s Initiative and Women Cross the DMZ, have sent a letter to Presidents Trump and Kim, endorsed by women from 33 countries, calling on them to ‘Declare an end to the Korean War, establish an inclusive peace process toward the signing of a peace agreement, and normalize relations by establishing reciprocal liaison offices, lifting sanctions that harm vulnerable individuals, and facilitating people-to-people engagement.’                                                                         PNND Co-President Bill Kidd says that the UK should take a lead by ending their reliance on nuclear weapons. ‘The Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland firmly reject the hosting of weapons of mass destruction on Scottish soil,’ Mr Kidd told the Sunday Post.  ‘Westminster should heed those calls. By taking a stand on immoral nuclear weapons, we can set a powerful example to the world, influence others and help shape the global agenda,’ said Mr Kidd who also serves on the Global Council of Abolition 2000, the global civil society network to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The PyeongChang Global Peace Forum also adopted a Declaration for Global Peace which supports the Korean Peace Process, reinforces the Hague Appeal for Peace adopted in 1999, and supports diplomacy and demilitarisation worldwide in order to free resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

(b) via ICAN: (i) South Asia Solidarity Group (Indians, Pakistanis, Kashmiris and UK citizens of South Asian origin) issued a statement endorsed by a number of organisations urging the Indian and Pakistani governments to work for peace not war. South Asian peace activists also gathered in Tavistock Square at the same time as other activists in Karachi, New Delhi, Washington D.C, New York, Mumbai, Lahore, Boston, Kolkata and San Francisco in a display of anti-war unity. Here’s Satyajit Ray’s famousanti-war song from the film ‘Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne’ which won many awards. The song was shared by the South Asia Solidarity Group.

(ii) February 2019 edition of the NFLA Newsletter, which outlines core areas of activity .
It is also available on the website – http://www.nuclearpolicy.info/wp/wp-

26th February 2019 NFLA welcomed the global launch of the Bike for Peace tour in Westminster, as South Africa becomes the latest state to ratify the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty

7. Two Events on Thursday 21st March: 1. Scottish ICAN Partners’ Round Table will be on 21st March, from 3 p.m. to 4.30 pm. in United Nations House Scotland 44/3 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EX. 2. The Faslane campers are up in court on Thursday March 21st. This is likely to be the final court date, and the campers will be holding a party at the camp afterwards, to which all are warmly invited.
 9. Australia: Walkatjurra Walkabout click here

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