Special Post 3rd October 2019

TWO EVENTS:  October 5th (All Under One Banner) and October 7th XR PEACE
1. CND and SCND: Climate change and nuclear war are the two greatest threats to global health and survival. Despite Nobel Peace Prizes, the Global Ban Treaty, and the efforts of experts and activists, the issue of nuclear weapons and war has not received the attention it deserves given the grave nature of the threat.Urgent action to tackle climate change is needed but our government prioritises war and weapons of mass destruction like Trident over the future of our planet.

It has been estimated that about 6% of the global carbon footprint results from military-related activity. Militarism and war are inextricably linked with imperialism, racism, and the destruction of habitats.
Scottish CND has joined XR Peace which proposes to make explicit the links between militarism and the climate emergency. On the 7th October 2019, XR Peace will join the International Rebellion around the world and our presence will raise awareness of how militarisation, wars, armed conflicts and arms sales all impact the climate, cause long term pollution and enable corporate exploitation of scarce resources, which dispossess people and lead to militarised borders to limit climate-induced migration, and massive suffering.
As we block the road with other peace organisations who are also part of XR Peace there will be workshops, teach-ins, speakers, entertainment and more. Also, if you have unwanted props or structures to help block the road, they are wanted too!

The Extinction Rebellion movement has inspired millions with its attention-grabbing protests which have succeeded in setting a new agenda in the media and have put governments under growing pressure to respond. The next action will take place between the 7th and 20th October.
Nuclear abolition has to be part of the agenda, which is why CND, in addition to supporting this Friday’s Global Climate Strike, will join the October blockade.
We’re working as part of XR Peace, a new coalition of organisations planning to shut down part of the Embankment in London to bring attention to the growing threat of nuclear war.Can you join in from Monday 7th October or commit to a couple of hours? There are a variety of things to engage in. Affinity groups can help blockade the Embankment – alternatively there’s plenty to do without risking arrest.

Supporting the blockaders, singing, dancing, talking — all are essential and good fun. Also, if you have unwanted props or structures — perhaps a Trident missile or submarine, or something that could help block the road, like unwanted furniture? — bring them down to liven up the events.
We invite you to join us on one of the days between October 7th-20th.
As we block the road we will have workshops, teach-ins and exhibitions, choirs, musicians, comedians, academics, story tellers and speakers, making the links between nuclear weapons, militarism and the climate emergency. Come for a day or the whole two weeks. Rebel for peace and the planet. Edinburgh’s Peace and Justice Centre will also be joining in

2. All Under One Banner: March and Stall

This years All Under One Banner March is on Saturday 5th. SCND are having a stall on the Meadows and have asked for volunteers to help with it.
We will also have the black and white Edinburgh CND banner and has suggested that those wanting to walk with it meet at the steps in front of Dynamic Earth at 1230.  It’s just behind the parliament towards the crags.
There are several ways to get there eg through the closes above the parliament or down Holyrood Rd as the area immediately around the front of parliament and the bottom of the High St. will be very congested.
We should also have a very tall pole to fly the CND symbol flag and guide people in.
Contact Malcolm on 07989 776 041 if you get lost looking for either.

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