Special Post 19th June: Black Lives Matter

Glasgow United Against Fascism
The scenes in George Square in recent days have been abhorrent and have crossed the line.
Under the guise of “protecting statues” various groups and organisations of self-proclaimed loyalists have rampaged around the city centre, carrying out racist attacks. These have been documented.
The coordinated violence against a peaceful demonstration on the issue of asylum seekers conditions during Covid-19 on Wednesday evening – and the failure of the police to prevent this – has turned the city centre into an unsafe place.
This cannot go on unchallenged. As well as a full spectrum civic response, there must also be a citizens’ response.
Glasgow has a proud tradition of working class solidarity. From the rent strikes and anti-war movement, to the Spanish civil war and anti-apartheid campaign, the people of Glasgow have always been on the right side of history. Never more so than when millions of young men and boys signed up to fight fascism during the Second World War.
It would be a betrayal to the memory of all those who gave their lives to defeat fascism for us to now allow Nazi salutes and racist intimidation and aggression in George Square.
We call on Glaswegians to come together and show that fascism will never again be allowed to rise in our city and beyond. And that we will overcome the cancer of racism from our society.
This Saturday, on World Refugee Day, we call for all who want to reclaim George Square from bigotry and racism, to gather at 10:30am and show that our unity is strength.
We will be taking social distancing precautions, and PPE must be worn. We understand that many who would attend cannot due to the virus. But a stand must be made.
There is also a Black Lives Matter event in Edinburgh:

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