May Day 2021 and Week following

Dear Supporters Come and listen to Penny Stone singing, for Edinburgh CND, at the Edinburgh and Lothians May Day Rally. Edinburgh CND have been sponsors of the May Day Rally for many years and Penny is always a joy to hear. This year she will be reminding us about the UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons.Edinburgh and Lothians May Day
1pm on Saturday 1st May. We’re delighted that the speakers now include Kathy Jenkins, Scottish Hazards and Zero Covid Scotland.  More details and Registration:
Edinburgh May Day 2021

Followed on Tuesday 4th by our monthly meeting (6pm online) Lynn Jamieson (chair Scottish SCND) will follow on Penny Stone’s May Day contribution with a discussion on the Ban Treaty.

Thursday 6th Make your vote count for nuclear disarmament.
Here’s how you can do that:
Check if your Candidate supports the Nuclear BanCheck where the Parties StandRemember: the Election is just the beginning. We need to elect a government that is committed to outlawing nuclear weapons – and then we need them to act on it. Join us on Monday 10 May from 5.30 to 7pm to discuss the Election results and plan our next steps – this meeting is open to all campaigners and supporters of nuclear disarmament, and we look forward to seeing you there
!Register for Next Steps Meeting on 10 May

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