Minutes of Edinburgh CND Meeting – 5th April

Edinburgh CND Minutes of April Meeting, Ryries Bar 6pm 5/4/22

Present: Ken Benjamin, Malcolm Bruce, Anne Milne, Rob Patterson

Apologies: Akiko Haga, Barbara Mavor, David Somervell

1. Chernobyl 1986  Anniversary Tuesday 26th April. We agreed to publicise the SNP CND hybrid event on Saturday 30th on Ukraine, Nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

2. Mayday Events. There will be a Mayday cabaret on Sunday 1st, South Side Community Centre, RP to circulate details.

Edin CND will have a stall at the Pleasance rally, the destination of the Mayday march on Saturday 7th May.

RP to circulate details. March starts 1230

3. Fundraising Report. Corstorphine Fair Saturday 4th June.

All present agreed to help on Edinburgh CND stall.

Agreed MB to spend up to £100 on stall merchandise from SCND (sale or return).

Advertising postcard for the group; MB to ask Pete Cannell if he knows a suitable designer.

MB donated £100 to the Red Cross from bike sales on behalf of the group.

Bike repair and sales continuing slowly.

4. Treasurer’s Report. BM reported by email amount in Edin CND account.

5. Date of Next Meeting. After discussion it was agreed next two meetings would be on Zoom.

DONM: Wednesday 4th May at 6pm on Zoom (to allow for SCND Exec meeting on the Tuesday night)

and Tuesday 7th June at 6pm on Zoom (as we’ll have met in person at the Corstorphine Fair).

6. Any Other Business. 12-1 Friday Don’t Bank On The Bomb demo at RBS Nicolson Sq. MB to bring Edin CND banner.

KB to circulate Exec minutes.

STW meeting on Zoom Tuesday 26th KB to forward details.

MB to contact David Somervell who has Edin CND material to drop off.

KB to circulate photos from Ukraine demo.

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