Edinburgh CND News 20th+ July & into August

On 6 August 1945, the US dropped an atomic bomb called “Little Boy” on Hiroshima in Japan. Three days later a second atomic bomb (“Fat Man”) was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. These are the only times nuclear weapons have been used in war.
The firestorm in Hiroshima destroyed five square miles of the city. Almost 63% of the buildings in Hiroshima were destroyed after the bombing and nearly 92% of the structures in the city were destroyed or damaged by blast and fire.
Estimates of total deaths in Hiroshima have generally ranged between 100,000 and 180,000, out of a population of 350,000. Casualties from Nagasaki are thought to be between 50,000 and 100,000.
The world says never again
2019 is the 74th anniversary of the bombings. Memorial events are planned across the UK for Hiroshima Day on the 6th August and Nagasaki Day on the 9th August.
1. Tuesday 6th August HIROSHIMA DAY Commemoration  NEW VENUE:  South Castle Street (bordering Princes Street) from 6pm to 7pm. Followed by regular organising meeting afterwards at Peace and Justice Centre.
2. Saturday 10th August: 12 30, A. Leafleting at the East End of Princes Street. Education Not Trident and remembering Nagasaki.
B Origami Cranes Workshop 2pm – 4pm
Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre EH8 9BH
Join us on the weekend after the anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb, to make origami cranes for peace. Ancient Japanese legend promises anyone who makes 1000 cranes will be granted a wish from the gods. Help us make 140,000 cranes to wish for peace and disarmament. Workshops are the second Saturday of each month. Make cranes (or learn how to), help count how many we have so far (about 125,000), enjoy tea and coffee, a chat – or come along to find out more about the work of the Peace and Justice Centre. Please share far and wide!
Two Events in July
1. 22nd July in Glasgow
STOP PRESS: For those who missed Monday’s Meeting: Scottish CND and Edinburgh CND are supporting a very interesting meeting in the Edinburgh Yes Hub at 31 Lasswade Road Edinburgh EH16 6 TD on Thursday July 25 at 7 pm .
The speaker at the meeting is Medea Benjamin from the US Code Pink Women for Peace organisation .
Code Pink is an internationally active NGO . It is a grassroots peace and social justice movement which works to end US funded wars and occupations .
A major part of its work is to challenge militarism .
Medea is visiting Scotland over the next week or so – therefore it is good news that she is able to speak at this meeting.
The venue is quite small so it would be really if people could book s place by going to the website edinburghyeshub.info
2. Webinar PNND joins with Abolition 2000, World Future Council and UNFOLD ZERO to invite you to join a webinar on:
Move the Nuclear Weapons Money:
Divesting from Destruction. Investing in peace and sustainability

Tuesday July 30. 5pm – 6:30pm Central Europe time. 11:00 – 12:30 USA Eastern time
3. and one more in August: No to War / No to NATO Scottish Network  – meeting has been arranged on Wednesday August 7 2019 at 5 pm in Scottish CND office
Other News: 
STOP PRESS: STOP PRESS: Kate Brown’s landmark book — Manual for Survival — revealed many little known facts about the Chernobyl disaster and debunked myths put about by the nuclear lobby. Here, she highlights five common misconceptions about the accident. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/apr/04/chernobyl-nuclear-power-climate-change-health-radioactivity  (for those who missed the excellent meeting on 19th July)
1. Beyond Nuclear International: https://beyondnuclearinternational.org (A)  One day before an election, the Australian government authorized a Canadian uranium mine that has been bitterly opposed by the Aboriginal traditional owners. The move follows a long history of colonial abuse of indigenous peoples, often over mineral rights. N.b. See also:
 (B) At 16 she won the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize. Now Kehkashan Basu is calling for spending on nuclear weapons to be redirected toward aid to refugees, children and ending world hunger. And the false narrative that Chernobyl wildlife is thriving is exposed once again, by a new study of bank voles which shows a decline in reproduction that could affect the entire ecosystem. (C) For the first time BNI are running a story in three languages — thanks to Equal Times– about a play performed by relocated Futaba high schoolers vividly recalling their experiences of the Fukushima nuclear accident as little children. And Jacqueline Cabasso lauds the US Mayors who unanimously passed a resolution calling on all presidential candidates to declare their views on nuclear weapons and nuclear war.
2. From CND: (A) Peace campaigners have responded to news of a new MoD space programme, announced by Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt on 18th: Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “We condemn UK involvement in these new military programmes in space. Our leaders should be taking steps to preserve space for peace, rather than racing towards its weaponisation. “The Defence Secretary rightly celebrates the moon landings in her speech today. They represented a high point of the peaceful exploration of space, an endeavour that inspires the best in humanity. But the militarisation of space is completely at odds with this peaceful vision and Britain should play no role in it. (B) We’re still trying to get our anti-Trident message out on the buses in Manchester this September, in time for this year’s Conservative Party Conference. Can you help us take it to the heart of the establishment. http://www.cnduk.org
3. Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh: we need your help! We’ve been invited by Summerhall – a high profile and experimental arts venue – to curate a programme of artworks, performances and transformances (a combination of both art and activism, taking place in the city) for the Edinburgh Festival. There’s a problem though. We have the venue. We have the programme planned (it’s even being advertised at Extinction Rebellion – Summerhall – Open Minds Open Doors
++++++4. NuClear News No.118 July/August 2019 is now available for downloading here: www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/wp/wp content/uploads/2019/07/NuClearNewsNo118.pdf
5. Parliamentarians from across North America, Europe and Central Asia met in Luxembourg from July 4-8, 2019 for the Annual Meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).  Following five days of dynamic discussions, the Assembly today (July 8, 2019) adopted a comprehensive Declaration on Advancing Sustainable Development to Promote Security(Luxembourg Declaration) along with a number of supplementary resolutions. Together the declaration and reslutions include reflections, recommendations and appeals to OSCE member governments on peace, human rights, environmental, economic, political and security issues. (See OSCE Parliamentary Assembly advances peace, disarmament and sustainable development).
+++++5A 25/07:Count the Nuclear Weapons Money will take place over seven days and seven nights during UN Disarmament Week, October 24-30, 2019. Join us for 15 minutes, an hour or longer to help count the money. Set up a counting team and use this to promote your nuclear disarmament initiative. Or organise a short satellite counting in your university or city. Click here to sign up to count the money, or contact us by email at info@nuclearweaponsmoney.org.
6. On the second anniversary of the day that the United Nations agreed to ban the bomb Trident Ploughshares, in order to challenge Faslane’s legitimacy and highlight the progress that has been made since a huge majority of the world’s states took the ban decision, used spray paint to re-decorate the main entrance of the base for peace and blocked the the base’s other entrance.
Their aim was to remind the public and those working in the base that most governments now agree that nuclear weapons must be prohibited and eliminated and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) that was adopted at the UN aims to do just that. While the nuclear-armed states may not agree, they will have to come to terms somehow with the impact that the TPNW is already having because the ban prohibits any nuclear sharing, testing and development as well as use.
7.Los Alamos Study Group http://www.lasg.org/ :Bulletin 261: Public discussion: “The Steepest Time: Youth and Crisis at the End of an Age,” Thursday July 25, 2019, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Phil Space Gallery, 1410 Second St, Santa Fe PLUS Bulletin 262: New Mexico Democrats push Trump nuclear weapons agenda regardless of environmental costs, suborn NM Environment Department to blackmail DOE into more LANL pit production and warheads

8.And finally:

A wonderful event to start this year’s Manchester International Festival –  Yoko Ono’s Bells for Peace. The BBC filmed it and it can be seen on the attached link.

Edinburgh CND News 27th June and into July

5. Friday 19th July: Kate Brown will be speaking about her book on Chernobyl:
See 2 in NEWS and https://cnduk.org/events/talk-on-chernobyl-survival-and-the-future-edinburgh/
1. Saturday 29th June:  Don’t Attack Iran: 1330 at the East End of Princes Street
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is joining protests against war on Iran
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “Every day seems like a step closer to a US-led war on Iran. It’s clear now that US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last year was in fact a step towards a declaration of war. Military intervention in Iran will inevitably have devastating humanitarian consequences and there are no just arguments for it. Why are our leaders incapable of learning the obvious lessons from Iraq and the other disastrous Middle East wars? A movement must quickly gather pace to say no war on Iran, back the Iran nuclear deal, and oppose any British involvement in this war. We must act now to prevent catastrophe and countless innocent deaths.”
1(a). Saturday 20th July there will be a stall with petitioning against war with Iran (East end of Princes Street 12 noon)

2. Tuesday 2nd July: Regular monthly organising meeting 6pm at Peace and Justice Centre. NOTE new address: 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX

3. Saturday 6th July: Climate Festival on the Meadows. 12noon to 9pm The Meadows EH9 9EX. Edinburgh CND will have materials on the ScotE3 stall https://www.facebook.com/events/2261408987509612/
Jim Taggart’s funeral is also on 6th July, at 10:30am in Craigrownie Parish Church, Cove Burgh Hall, Shore Road, Cove, near Helensburgh G84 0LY.
The service will be followed by burial at the Barbour Cemetary and then refreshments at the Green Kettle, Garelochhead (see link in news item 3 below)
4. Saturday 13th July: 1230 Leafleting at the East End of Princes StreetSCOTLAND NOT TRIDENT


(A) This NFLA media release  welcomes an Edinburgh City Council resolution supporting the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (and the ICAN Cities Appeal), and a Midlothian Council resolution calling for the Lothian Pension Fund to divest from shares in companies involved in developing nuclear weapons. 
(B) The HBO/Sky TV series, Chernobyl, has been hailed as a masterpiece, reached millions of viewers and revealed many truths about the terrible devastation of a nuclear accident. But despite efforts by the nuclear lobby to claim the show is “fiction”, or a uniquely Soviet-driven outcome, we show how Chernobyl can still happen anywhere, and why. Similarly, the threat of nuclear war remains ever-present. Tilman Ruff helped found iCAN and still works for nuclear abolition, inspired by the Hibakusha eye-witnesses and their powerful testimony. https://beyondnuclearinternational.org
See also items 2 and 3 below
1. From Edinburgh CAAT: Last week the Court of Appeal ruled that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen are unlawful! This verdict is fantastic news and represents a massive achievement for CAAT. The judges in the case concluded that key ministers – including Liam Fox and the remaining two candidates for the Tory leadership – had illegally approved arms exports to Saudi Arabia without an assessment of the risk to Yemeni civilians. The government has been ordered to stop issuing arms export licences and review all previous decisions on arms sales to Saudi Arabia since the start of the Yemen conflict, which the Guardian reports as having a value of at least £4.7 billion. You can read more on the decision on the CAAT websiteCAAT blog, the BBCand the Guardian. Analyses of the decision were also published in the Guardian and the Independent.
However, the Court’s verdict will not be the end of the struggle: the Government is expected to appeal the decision, and will doubtless be looking for ways to minimise the impact on its relationship with Saudi Arabia. We would urge you to write to your MP in support of the verdict. Your support is essential for demonstrating that the Government is acting at odds to the public opinion. And don’t forget to keep up the pressure on your public servants in Holyrood to end their support for our local arms dealers. If you want to learn more about local and national arms trade issues, the next Edinburgh CAAT meeting is next week:  Monday 1st July, 7pm to 8.45pm
Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, 
Edinburgh, EH1 2JL
2. The CAAT meeting is after the EWJF meeting also on 1st July 5pm to 6.30pm in the Peace and Justice Centre.                                                                                                This years EWJF https://www.facebook.com/ewjf1 runs from  28th September to 19th October and our meeting is on Tuesday 1st October with Alex Lockwood author of the Chernobyl Privileges and Journalist Rob Edwards.

The issue of Nuclear Power is becoming more serious with EDF wanting to reopen Hunterston Power  Station: Kate Brown will be speaking about her book on Chernobyl on Friday 19 July 2019 15:00 – 17:00. Room 1.20, Dugald Stewart Building, 3 Charles Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AD Booking is Required.  Chernobyl- Survival & the Future: Professor Kate Brown

Dr Ian Fairlie will also be at the meeting and will be able to update  on development at Hunterston. EDF Energy is currently hoping to re-open Reactor 4 on 24th June and reactor 3 on 31st July. For more on EDF see 3 below

3. From CND: (a)The UK will shortly have a new Prime Minister, but we’re stuck with the same old policy on Trident. The UK is committed to spending £205 billion – and counting – on nuclear weapons at a time when there’s no money for hospitals, schools or housing. This waste of money on Trident has to stop, and so we want to take this message to the heart of the establishment – to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.  Throughout September, for the four weeks culminating in the conference, we plan to launch a fleet of buses on the city, emblazoned with a CND slogan. We want to make the case against Trident impossible to ignore. Can you help us flood the streets of Manchester with our anti-Trident message? (b) STOP PRESS (June Newsletter):It’s been a worrying start to the summer, with the US seemingly desperate to start a war on Iran, which Kate analyses on her blog, and a recent nuclear convoy exercise showing that Britain is unprepared for a nuclear accident. We’ve also been greatly saddened by the deaths of Walter Wolfgang and Jim Taggart. It all shows the importance of our continued campaigning, and we were pleased to see tens of thousands demonstrate against Donald Trump . We were also buoyed by the landmark judgement that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful. CND with other anti-nuclear groups will be hosting the No Nuclear Day on Wednesday September 4th, to highlight and protest against arms firms’ profiting from their involvement with immoral nuclear weapons. See http://www.cnd.uk for more including conference, Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Global Dangers Tour.

4. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org (a) Women and children are far more sensitive to radiation exposure than men, their daughters especially so. Yet women continue to live, work, and raise children far too close to nuclear power plants, which release radiation on a daily basis, and in large batches when refueling. We are campaigning to let more women know of the dangers. And we present another article in our series on why nuclear power impedes progress in addressing the climate crisis, this time focused on French company, EDF, and its misleading “emissions-free” claims.
(b) We are grateful to our Greek colleagues for reminding us of the truly appalling and barbaric fate of Nikos Nikiforidis, who was executed by firing squad in 1951 for promoting the Stockholm Antinuclear Appeal.They tell his tragic story. And Heidi Hutner and Erica Cirino author the next in our series on why nuclear power only adds to the disaster of the climate crisis. (c) If you wish to make a donation towards the work of BNI visit the webpage.
5. Move the Nuclear Weapons Money and the ICCPR: Over the next ten years the nuclear-weapon States plan to spend approximately $1 trillion on maintaining, upgrading, modernizing and deploying nuclear weapons. At the same time the international community is striving to find the money to implement the Sustainable Development Goals, and the United Nations is struggling to meet its operating costs which are less than 5% of the annual nuclear weapons budget.
PNND is cooperating with Move the Nuclear Weapons Money, a global campaign to cut nuclear weapons budgets and investments, and reallocate these to instead support peace, climate protection and sustainable development.
And in October, the big event: Count the Nuclear Weapons Money
Basle Peace Office adds: On October 24, 2018, the UN Human Rights Committee adopted General Comment 36 on the Right to Life, affirming, amongst other things, that the threat or use of nuclear weapons ‘is incompatible with respect for the Right to Life and may amount to a crime under international law.
General Comment 36 also held that States Parties to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) have an obligation to end the production of weapons of mass destruction, destroy existing stockpiles and provide adequate reparation to victims of their testing or use. In light of this historic development, the Abolition 2000 working group on Nuclear Weapons and International Law has posted a blog and published a flyer on Using UN Human Rights Committee General Comment 36 to support nuclear abolition actions and campaigns                     +++++++++(A)The Global Peace Index (GPI) 2019 rankings, released earlier this month, demonstrate that ‘Global peacefulness has improved for the first time in five years.’
But for most of the countries possessing nuclear weapons their level of peace remains far below the global average, and in some cases has declined even further.
The United Kingdom is ranked at number 45 on the Global Peace Index, France is ranked at number 60, China at 110, USA at 128, India at 141, Israel at 146, DPRK at 149, Pakistan at 153 and Russia at 154.
Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the GPI presents the most comprehensive data-driven analysis to date on peace dynamics, trends, and key factors in developing peaceful societies. The Index also makes correlations between levels of Positive Peace and economic indicators, demonstrating the economic value of peace. 
+++++++++(B) UNfold zero adds update introducing the Move the Nuclear Weapons Money global nuclear-weapons divestment campaign, highlight recent developments that support the divestment campaign including the UN Global Compact revised investment exclusion criteria and UN Human Rights Committee General Comment 36, and we note some recent divestment initiatives in US cities including in Charlottesville and New York. The nuclear weapons industry has incredible political power, and uses this to stimulate the nuclear arms race and expand the already colossal nuclear weapons budgets. In order to reverse this power, a global Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign is promoting and supporting nuclear weapons divestment. The campaign partner organisations are working in cooperation with similar campaigns on divestment from fossil fuels and conventional weapons industries. To date, four federal governments have adopted nuclear weapons divestment policies as a result of initiatives by parliamentarians and civil society – Norway in 2006, New Zealand in 2008, Switzerland in 2012 and Lichtenstein in 2016.
The campaign has also gathered momentum with nuclear weapons divestment policies adpted by a number of by states, cities, universities, religious institutions, banks, pension funds and private investors. +++++(C) Basle Peace Office: Basel Peace Office is a co-sponsor of Move the Nuclear Weapons Money which campaigns to cut nuclear weapons budgets and investments in nuclear weapons corporations, and redirect these budgets and investments to peace and sustainable development.
The campaign has been boosted by the UN Global Compact adding nuclear weapons to its list of excluded investments, and the UN Human Rights Committee adopting General Comment 36 in which it affirms that the threat or use of nuclear weapons violates the Right to Life. In addition, some activists are referring to the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons(‘Ban Treaty’) and the International Court of Justice 1996 nuclear weapons case to convince their cities, universities, governments, pension funds and banks to end their investments in nuclear weapons.
6. Peace and Justice centre: (a) Kites Not Armed Drones: Summer edition
Sunday 30 June. 1 – 4pm. Meadows Pavilion Cafe Our warm and sunny version of the earlier Kites Not Drones will feature kite-making and origami peace crane making, plus Refugee Community Kitchen will provide music, food, and merchandise sale. A lovely event for families and it looks like the weather is going to be good this time! Let us know you are coming and Share on facebook.
We are also looking for volunteers to help make kites and staff our stall. Could you help out for an hour or two? Email the office to express an interest.
(b) Workshop: The Ambiguity of Violence as Resistance Friday, 28 June 2019. 10:00am to 6:00pm. Godfrey Thomson Hall, Thomsons Land
Holyrood Road EH8 8AQ Edinburgh. For More info and to Register go to: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/workshop-the-ambiguity-of-violence-as-resistance-tickets-62254788749
(c) Annual Inter-Faith Occasion for World Peace Tuesday 2 July. 7:15 – 9pm.
St. Mark’s Unitarian Church, Edinburgh EH1 2DP                                                                  ———————
7. Scottish Peace Network Armed Forces Day protest
Saturday 29th June Scottish Peace Network presence at the Armed Forces Day parade in Stirling. Meet at the entrance to the King’s Park (a short walk from the train station) at 11:30
8. Los Alamos Study Group http://www.lasg.org/ : Peace leader in Albuquerque, almost 96 years old, begins fast against US sanctions and sieges, calls for solidarity
+++++9.  Campbeltown AUOB rally: The Yeshub has a bus going, great scenery, great journey with yessers. Leaving the hub at 7-30, uplifts at Murrayfiels Hotel, A8 footbridge Ratho Station Premier Inn Livingston book edinburghyeshub.info   under events  

Edinburgh CND news June 2019 (updated on 9th/11th)

Tuesday 11th June  6:30 PM – 9 PM Grassmarket Community Project Candlemaker Row: Film screening “War School: The Battle for Britains Children”     https://www.facebook.com/events/276870699920249/    

War School is a film about the battle for the hearts and minds of Britain’s children. Set against the backdrop of Remembrance the controversial and challenging documentary reveals how, faced with unprecedented opposition to its wars, the British government is using a series of new and targeted strategies to promote support for the military. Armed Forces Day, Uniform to Work Day, Camo Day, National Heroes Day – in the streets, on television, on the web, at sports events, in schools, advertising and fashion – the military presence in civilian life is on the march. The public and ever younger children are being groomed to collude in the increasing militarisation of UK society.  Interweaving the powerful and moving testimonies of veterans of Britain’s unbroken century of wars with expert commentary, archive and a redolent score, War School’s mosaic of sound and imagery evokes the story of the child soldier who becomes a peace campaigner, challenging the myth of Britain’s benign role in world affairs and asking if perpetual war is really what we want for future generations?BADGE_2

Reminders: (i) the day before the film (10th June):
Join the conference call on Monday June 10 at 10am Central Europe time meet
the Count the Nuclear Weapons Money team, find out about the action and to
consider how you can participate. See item 7 below     and (ii) the Saturday after (15th) we will be leafleting at the east end of Princes Street at 1230.
and theN;
Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th is the Holyrood Rebel Camp https://www.facebook.com/events/358774031319715/                                                                                          ————————
Saturday and Sunday the 1st and 2nd of June. We ran our Plants for Peace stall at the Meadows festival.
This is our biggest event of the year, raising our profile and earning the cash we need for our campaigning against nuclear weapons.
Please get in touch if you can offer any help whatsoever.
Have you got time to help run the stall? (a total of 40 one hour slots from 10 on Saturday 1st, 11 on Sunday 2nd). Thanks to those of you who have volunteered to join the rota but we could do with a few more volunteers.

You can find us next to Edinburgh Stop the War in the Green Zone, Middle Meadow West stalls MW14 and MW15.  Do come along and have a chat – we welcome donations of plants (and books) to sell – and if you’ve got time to stay around and help out you’d be very welcome.

The following Saturday (8th June) had a presence at the Leith Festival and will be looking for help with that too. Leith Links, Edinburgh, EH6 7, United Kingdom 10am to 5pm Come along and have a chat or help out. We’re pitch C46. Books, Plants and Campaign Materials available. https://www.facebook.com/events/2455682181110891/
On Tuesday (4th June) Edinburgh CND supported the protest against Trump’s visit to the UK and will be particularly highlighting the danger of any conflict escalating on the nuclear front. People are meeting outside St Giles Cathedral in the Edinburgh High Street from 5 to 7 pm. We will be concentrating our attendance from 5.30 to 6.30 but people will be there for the whole 2 hours. Protest against Trump’s drive to war after which we will have our monthly meeting in the new Peace and Justice Centre.
CND says: It’s vital that we come together to rally against Trump on Tuesday June 4 during his state visit to Britain – Be sure to read our up-to-date briefing that lays out just how dangerous this man is NB CND demand the London protestors be given the right to march. If you agree , please sign the petition addressed to the London Metropolitan Police. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is one of several organisations leading protests against Trump’s state visit to Britain next week.
CND is protesting against what it describes as “Trump’s nuclear brinkmanship” and his “penchant for tearing up nuclear treaties,” in particular the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. CND argues that recent developments suggest that the 2018 withdrawal was, in effect, a declaration of war.
E against Trump
update from CND: The protests during Trump’s visit were a huge success. Thank you to everyone who participated in them. CND’s concerns about Trump’s nuclear brinkmanship, US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and moves toward war with Iran were widely reported in the media coverage of the state visit.
The global dangers before us are real and growing so, beyond this week’s protests, it’s crucial that we continue to reach new audiences to raise these concerns and present the alternatives. CND in England is highlighting the threats we face in a national Global Dangers Tour.
What has been happening:

CND had a busy few weeks, with the demonstration at the Springfields nuclear fuel plant near Preston at the end of April, and our protest held outside Westminster Abbey against the government’s sickening thanksgiving ceremony for nuclear weapons, which you can read more about on Kate’s blog. As well, our Campaigns Officer Sara Medi Jones, along with Janet Fenton of SCND, attended the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty preparatory committee at the UN in New York, which ended “on an ominous note”.                             We’re facing a particularly gloomy period. Donald Trump has put the landmark Iran nuclear deal in grave peril and is making ever more serious threats against the country. +++++++Read all about what they got up to in this edition of the magazine, as well as about how UK banks are profiting from nuclear weapons. Read Campaign: June edition     Download Campaign: June edition

Other News:
1. nuClear News No.117 June 2019 is now available for downloading here:

STOP PRESS (4th June) Pete Roche has put a new comment piece on his website:

http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/news/comment/everybody-is-talking-about-nuclear-accidents/———He was quoted in the Herald warning that a nuclear accident on the scale of Chernobyl is not impossible in the UK. (Herald 5th June 2019https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17684146.is-another-accident-on-the-scale-of-chernobyl-possible-expert-yes/ 

2. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org  (a) South Africa: When the quiet beauty of that country’s Karoo desert was threatened with uranium mines, farmers opposed it. But it was a tiny, rare plant that saved the day. We pay tribute to a tireless South African activist, Muna Lakhani, who has departed the planet, but whose spirit shines on. And we remember three US anti-nuclear activists also now gone. (b) Germany: The battle to stop a nuclear reprocessing plant in the 1980s is best remembered by startling news footage of near riots and police brutality. But Oliver Haffner’s dramatic film about Wackersdorf is a quieter look at one man’s change of heart. In our second article, that man, elected official, Hans Schuierer, relates how he arrived at his decision to oppose the nuclear plant, and a tribute by Claus-Peter Lieckfeld recalls that Schuierer was charged with treason for his resistance (the case was eventually dropped.) (c) USA: Peace walkers crossed the boundary”line” at the Nevada National Security Site, this year enduring jail time and now facing potential charges. John Amidon recounts the Sacred Peace Walk. And a new film, The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons, opens in New York, telling how ordinary citizens worked to get the nuclear Ban Treaty. Tony Robinson reports. (d) 10th June: A nuclear power plant in Florida took 13 years to come up with a sea turtle excluder device (TED) that didn’t work. The country’s TED expert said it was designed to fail and offered an alternative. But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission simply removed the requirement. So sea turtles and other threatened and endangered species will continue to be harmed and killed. And an insider who once thought nuclear power had a future now says it should be banned. Libbe HaLevy delves into Greg Jaczko’s memoir.
3. ICAN:  Paris’s Mayor Anne Hidalgo has committed the City of Paris to the ICAN Cities appeal, pledging to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Paris joins Washington DC, Manchester and a host of other cities around the world to work for entry into force and implementation of the UN ban on nuclear weapons.   The recent collapse of the INF Treaty, the US withdrawal from the Iran-Deal and a new nuclear arms race have made nuclear weapons one of the main security threats facing Europe.
In August, the INF Treaty will formally end, leaving previously banned medium-range missiles – missiles meant for obliterating European cities – legal for the US and Russia to deploy. MEPs have a responsibility to protect citizens and make sure that weapons of mass destructions are not threatened, or used, to indiscriminaitely harm civilians. ICAN pledge for MEPs Sign the ICAN Pledge
See also: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/us-agreement-will-be-tough-at-2020-nuclear-treaty-review/2019/05/10/70dd0584-738d-11e9-9331-30bc5836f48e_story.html
4. NFLA:  (a) media release 14th May 2019 NFLA welcomes Renfrewshire Council resolution on nuclear weapons divestment as its Scottish Forum discusses ‘Just Transition’ and a low carbon local energy response to the ‘climate emergency’
 (b)  The presentations from the NFLA Scotland Forum seminar in Dundee City Chambers can be found at – http://www.nuclearpolicy.info/presentations/nfla-scotland-spring-seminar-dealing-with-climate-change-just-transition-and-divestment-issues/

5. Peace & Justice Centre  (a) On 1 and 2 June we will be at the Meadows festival. f you can help out please email us if you are coming along to the Meadows Festival for the day – make sure you come and visit us and say hello!(b) ‘Kites not killer drones’ – in the sunshine? Our event this year was very wet and rainy, so we’ve decided to re-run it, in the warm and (hopefully) sunny summer. As in the spring event, we will be in the Meadows helping children (and adults) make kites, there will be face-painting, music, and food from the Refugee Community Kitchen The summer event takes place on Sunday 30 June from 1pm – 4pm. Please put the date in your diaries. Again, we are looking for volunteers to help on the stall, make kites and face paint. It’s a really lovely event when the sun’s out. If you would like to volunteer please email the office.    ++++++(c)Where Next on Climate Emergency? 6 for 6.30 – 8.30pm, Wed 26 June G21 Paterson’s Land, Moray House School of Education St John’s St, EH8 8AQ                                                                                                                            .————–

6. On May 24, the International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament, UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres released a video message highlighting the importance of disarmament, in particular nuclear disarmament.

Today the global security environment is threatened from many sides‘ said Mr Guterres. ‘Regional nuclear challenges persist. And tensions between nuclear armed rivals have intensified.’ Also on May 24, 2018, in connection with International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament and the launch of Securing our common future, PNND women members from around the world released a joint appeal Common security for a sustainable and nuclear-weapon-free world calling on governments, parliaments and civil society to act together to implement the UNSG’s disarmament agenda

—————                                                                                                                                                7. Move the Nuclear Weapons Money (Basle Peace Office and others): Join us for an international conference call (via the Zoom video conference platform) to meet the Count the Nuclear Weapons Money team, find out how the counting will work and how you can participate.
We will hold the conference call twice. You choose which one to join: (i) Thursday June 6 at 12 noon New York time; This call is primarily for those in the Americas and/or planning on being in New York for the counting. Click here to register for the call. (ii) Monday June 10 at 9 am Central Europe time: This call is primarly for those in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Click here to register for the call.                  ———————                                                                                                                                   7(a) NEW POST 10th June from PNND and the Basle Peace Office: The Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström today hosted a meeting in Stockholm of high-level representatives (mostly foreign ministers) from 16 countries to elevate political attention to nuclear risks, and to inject new life into the nuclear disarmament commitments made by States parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).The participating governments include a mix of non-nuclear countries (Argentina, Finland, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland) and allied countries under extended nuclear deterrence policies (Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea and Spain) making this a very credible and potentially effective group.The ministerial meeting is part of a ‘Stepping Stones initiative‘ introduced by Sweden to the NPT Preparatory Committee meeting in May 20                                                                                   ————                                                                                                                                                       8. Events in London: (a) Special evening to celebrate the life and legacy of former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, on Monday 3 June 5pm to 8pm at London’s prestigious Central Hall Westminster – where the first UN Secretary-General was appointed in 1946. (b) Give Peace A Dance is an evening of music, spoken word and politics Notting Hill Arts Club in support of CND. Early bird tickets are available for £7.50. Full price is £10. (c) Ambassador Robert Gallucci, Dr Dan Plesch, Chair Henrietta Wilson 25 June 2019 1:00 PM to 3PM in Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT     (d) CND is delighted to announce our full line up of punk-disco bands for our Give Peace A Dance evening is here                                                                                                                                                                —————-                                                                                                                                              9. Berlin  http://uraniumfilmfestival.org: Next Uranium Film Festival screening and round table event with documentaries about depleted uranium weapons in Berlin, June 24th, 7 pm. Venue: Zeiss Großplanetarium in Prenzlauerberg. All are invited!                                                                                                                                                 ——————–                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10. Los Alamos Study Group http://www.lasg.org/ for news from the US     STOP PRESS: includes a press release 4th June:Administration to conduct environmental analysis of plutonium warhead core (“pit”) production in SC; mayanalyze NM production; NNSA’s plan may violate 1998 court order and other applicable law  ++++++10th June Bulletin 258: Administration announces plan to conduct environmental analysis of plutonium warhead core (“pit”) production in SC, no comparable commitment in NM                                                                                                                       —————                                                                                                                                             11. Other events: (i) https://www.edinburghyeshub.info for buses to Galashiels for the Indy demo on 1st June (ii) To Yemen with Love, From Scotland Saturday 15 June. 3pm – 6pm (plus afterparty) Glasgow G3 6PE Recommended by Edinburgh CAAT (iii) Annual Inter-Faith Occasion for World PeaceTuesday 26 June. 7:15 – 9pm. St. Mark’s Unitarian Church, Edinburgh EH1 2DP +++++++++(iv) A PLEA The bus for the Oban Indy demo leaves the Edinburgh Hub 31 Lasswade Road at 9am and will pick up opposite Murrayfield Hotel at 9-20. Please book edinburghyeshub.info  events  although we have to pay the bus this Friday you can book by going on site and when payment comes up press pay on line, this way you can pay when you can afford it.


42789301Copies now available from Edinburgh CND, email us on Edinburgh CND@yahoo.com AND 2nd June Meadows Festival and 8th June Leith Gala (see first item)

STOP PRESS: Without fanfare, Chernobyl has become unmissable TV, according to Sky.https://news.sky.com/story/how-chernobyl-quietly-topped-the-tv-charts-11732879 The show is harrowing and unrelentingly bleak, with some complicated science to get to grips with. It is a western-made drama about a disaster that occurred in the Soviet Union more than 30 years ago, and we already knew the ending. But seemingly from nowhere, this five-part mini-series is now the show that everyone is talking about. (Sorry, Game Of Thrones). After just three episodes, Chernobyl topped film and TV database IMDB’s list of the greatest 250 TV shows of all time – quite an accolade.

When there was still one episode to go The Economist said it was the highest-rated television series of all time. (Economist 3rd June 2019 https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2019/06/03/chernobyl-is-on-track-to-become-the-highest-rated-tv-series-ever)

Edinburgh CND News mid-May update

Rest of MAY
1. Wednesday 15 May. Conscientious Objectors Day Vigil 5 – 6pm. NOTE VENUE CHANGE: Now at:Outside Register House, by the Wellington Statue, East End of Princes St
Remember COs of the First World War who were not released until 2019 and those of all wars, including present day COs. With songs by Protest in Harmony, reading of names of COs and brief talks by a few descendants of COs. If you are a CO descendant or a CO yourself and would be willing to speak or if you would like to bring a poem to read or song to sing please contact us here.
2. Scottish CND are delighted to say that Francis Daehoon Lee – a founding member of the South Korea People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy organisation is speaking at a pubic meeting organised by Scottish CND on Wednesday May 15 at 7 pm in the Unite the Union Building at 145 – 165 West Regent Street Glasgow G2 4 RZ. Frances will also be in Edinburgh on Thursday 16th (email edinburghcnd@yahoo.com for more details)
3. Thursday 16th May: Faslane Peace Campers in court (see below)
4. Friday 17th May: CAAT and Transition Edinburgh: DSEI 2019 Awareness Raising 5.30-8.30pm Fri 17 May St Leonards Land EH8 8AQ
5. Saturday 18 May (a) 9.30am to 5pm How We Win: Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigningalso at St Leonard’s Land Rm 3.24, (b) CANCELLED Stop the War stall at the east end of Princes Street 12.30 – 2pm.THE STALL IS CANCELLED (weather)
6. Monday 20th May: (a) Edinburgh Stop the War meets in the NEW Peace and Justice Centre at 7.30pm (b) Peace Education (4pm) and Peace of History (6pm) meet in the SCND office in Glasgow
7. Friday 24th May: Youth Strike for Climate UPDATE 23rd May Join in the second big strike!Meeting at the bottom of Middle Meadow Walk at 10:30-11am and marching down to the Scottish Parliament! 
Early JUNE
Once again we’re having our ‘Plants For Peace’ stall at the Meadows Festival.
Saturday and Sunday the 1st and 2nd of June. We will be alongside Edinburgh Stop The War, creating a good peace space.
This is our biggest event of the year, enjoyable, but tiring! raising our profile and earning the cash we need for our campaigning against nuclear weapons.
We need your help, please get in touch if you can offer any help whatsoever.
Have you got time to help run the stall? (a total of 40 one hour slots from 10 on Saturday 1st, 11 on Sunday 2nd).
Can you grow and donate plants? Herbs, veg and flowers do well, we’ve also sold trees, houseplants and even nettles!!
We need to spend money to make money – can you donate cash to help pay for the stall, transport, publicity, etc?
The following Saturday we will have a presence at the Leith Festival and will be looking for help with that too.
Please let us know if you can help in any way.
We look forward to hearing from you edinburghcnd@yahoo.com
N.B.3rd/4th June:  Donald Trump visits UK: watch this space for events in Scotland
Other News:
 1(a) THE CHERNOBYL PRIVILEGES by Alex Lockwood. We have copies of this thriller available http:/tinyurl.com/alexlockwood. Email edinburghcnd@yahoo.com to reserve your copy

1 (b) Hunterston B EDF have again changed their intended start date of the less badly cracked of the two reactors at Hunterston B.  They will likely continue to do this so that should they get permission to restart they will have given appropriate notice.  We continue to believe both reactors should be permanently closed.                                                  ——————

2. SCND News: The first four months of 2019 have been hectic and we have covered a lot of ground with the launch of Scotland Not Trident, a campaign to highlight the ways in which money saved by scrapping Trident and its replacement could be better used for socially useful purposes such as housing, jobs and tackling climate change. We’ve held meetings around NATO and attended meeting to link in with our partners in ICAN in the UK and in Scotland.
We would like to thank all the volunteers who have been out come rain or shine to leaflet and have meaningful discussions with the public around the issue of nuclear weapons in our country. In this May newsletter we’ll cover Jobs Not Trident, the launch of NIS’s report Trouble Ahead as well as the discussions taking place in New York at the 2019 NPT PrepCom and how you can take part in the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament this summer as well as an event with a very special guest (see 2. above)
Also see https://banthebomb.org for how you can help SCND
3. A quick update on the legal proceedings of the faslane peace campers.
Thursday 09 May was the intermediate diet for the trial of the two campers, arrested after blockading Faslane’s South gate a few weeks ago.
Willemien Hoogendoorn was present and representing herself. She entered a plea of Not Guilty to the two charges. Her co-defendant, Magnuss Petersson did not appear in court, with his lawyer citing a family emergency.
A further intermediate diet has been set for  Thursday, May 16. The trail will proceed the next day on May 17 at 10am at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.
Anyone who would be able to join us next Friday with a banner or two would be more than appreciated! We anticipate Friday will also mark Willemien’s release from prison, so we’ll be taking her for some food and a catch up afterwards also. All are welcome!
4. CNDUK: 500 people took part in a CND protest and Christian CND vigil outside Westminster Abbey to oppose a thanksgiving service to mark 50 years of Britain’s Continuous At Sea Nuclear Deterrent.
200 people lay down in front of the Abbey to take part in a ‘die-in’ to represent the victims of nuclear war. Musician Brian Eno, Bruce Kent, and three Anglican vicars were among those who attended.
The campaign was reported on in all the mainstream newspapers, as well as on BBC News, Sky News and in the international media too. You can watch BBC London’s excellent report on the protest here or listen to Kate Hudson on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. It also inspired a number of strong opinion pieces by Bishop Roger Morris Rachael Maskell MP Caroline Lucas MP and CND’s very own Kate Hudson and Bruce KentRead Campaign: May edition Download Campaign: May edition
5. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org 1.Alexander Kmentt, an Austrian who played a leading role in getting the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty, wants the nuclear states to seriously consider the humanitarian arguments against possession of nuclear weapons. Paul Dewar, the Canadian politician who has died at 56, saw his illness as “a blessing.” After a lifetime of campaigning against nuclear weapons, he spent his last year finding a way to unleash the power of the young. 2. Enthusiastic physicists love to tout fusion as the miracle nuclear energy source. But humans have so far failed to crack it, and furthermore, writes Daniel Jassby, the claims about a fusion reactor’s safety and lack of waste aren’t as promising as they sound. A closed nuclear power plant in Snowdonia National Park in Wales could be replaced by small modular reactors. The fight is on to stop it. We visit Trawsfynydd. (If you are watching HBO/SKY “Chernobyl”, check out our many Chernobyl articles.)                                 ——————-
+++6. Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NVLA) have media release welcoming Renfrewshire Council’s resolution that urges divestment of Council pension funds from companies involved in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. It also notes support for the ICAN Cities Appeal and outlines its seminar on climate emergency resolutions, Just Transition and wider divestment issues held in Dundee City Chambers. http://www.nuclearpolicy.info
7. Los Alamos Study Group http://www.lasg.org/:Bulletin 255: Special Report: “Draining the Nuclear Swamp”
Bulletin 256: The Great Transformation: Nuclear Weapons Policy Considerations for Congress

 Bulletin 257: Pentagon pit study: The Trump plutonium pit schedule is impossible. NNSA: 2 warheads are delayed                                                                                                                  —————-                                                                                                                                                 8. Australia: Walkatjurra Walkabout click here                                                                                ——————–                                                                                                                                      ++++9.NPT update https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/us-agreement-will-be-tough-at-2020-nuclear-treaty-review/2019/05/10/70dd0584-738d-11e9-9331-30bc5836f48e_story.html?utm_term=.fdba213722e3

and a reminder that the ‘Citizens Committee on the Arms Trade’ event will take place at 6pm on May 22 in the Atlee Suite in Portcullis House, Westminster. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/citizens-committee-on-the-arms-trade-tickets-61091455187

Edinburgh CND News May 2019

NEW LEAFLET Available at all Edinburgh Events! People Power not Military PowerIMG_4375EVENTS IN MAY
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has confirmed it will go ahead with protests against a Royal Navy thanksgiving service to mark 50 years of Britain’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD) at Westminster Abbey on Friday. Further details on the CND web site and below News item 2
1. Saturday 4th May: Edinburgh May Day March and rally (supported by Edinburgh CND). Assemble 1130 Johnston Terrace and march off (with the Edinburgh CND banner) at 1200.  Rally 1230 at the pleasance theatre. Penny Stone will be singing for Edinburgh CND and we will have a stall.
2. Sunday 5th May: Stall at May Day book fair Kirkgate Community Centre Leith 12 noon to 6pm
3. Tuesday 7th May: regular organising meeting 6pm at Peace and Justice Centre. NOTE new address: 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX
4. Friday 10th May: NVLA meeting in Dundee (see main post)
5. Saturday 11th May:12 30, Leafleting at the East End of Princes Street JOBS NOT TRIDENT. This will run alongside Edinburgh Stop the War’s ‘Solidarity with Palestine’ stall.   After both: 140,000 Origami Peace Cranes Workshop 2 – 4pm at the NEW Peace and Justice Centre
6. Wednesday 15 May. Conscientious Objectors Day Vigil 5 – 6pm. NOTE VENUE CHANGE: Now at:Outside Register House, by the Wellington Statue, East End of Princes St
Remember COs of the First World War who were not released until 2019 and those of all wars, including present day COs. With songs by Protest in Harmony, reading of names of COs and brief talks by a few descendants of COs. If you are a CO descendant or a CO yourself and would be willing to speak or if you would like to bring a poem to read or song to sing please contact us here.
7(a).Friday 17th May: CAAT and Transition Edinburgh: DSEI 2019 Awareness Raising 5.30-8.30pm Fri 17 May St Leonards Land EH8 8AQ
7(b)Saturday 18 May, 9.30am to 5pm How We Win: Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigningalso at St Leonard’s Land Rm 3.24,
8. CANCELLLED Saturday 18th May: Edinburgh Yes Hub are having a rally St Katherines Park CANCELLED
9. Friday 24th May: Youth Strike for Climate 10am Scottish Parliament
And in June: Here’s an updated link to the page where you can book tickets for the Edinburgh film screening event. Please feel free to share among your networks.Tuesday 11th June  6:30 PM – 9 PM Grassmarket Community Project Candlemaker Row: Film screening “War School: The Battle for Britains Children”
1. A statement from Scottish CND on Chernobyl disaster – April 26 2019 is the 33rd anniversary of what is known as the Chernobyl disaster .
This was a catastrophic nuclear incident that occurred in the No 4 nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant . The location was the town of Pripyat , in northern Ukraine .This incident is considered the most disastrous nuclear power plant incident in history , both in terms of costs and casualties . According to the World Nuclear Association – two Chernobyl plant workers died on the night of the incident and a further 28 people died within a few weeks as a result of acute radiation poisoning .
According to a 2006 study by Elisabeth Cardis of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon by year 2065  the incident at Chernobyl will have caused 16, 000 cases of thyroid cancer and 25,000 cases of other cancers . Research by the European Parliament also indicates that the incident caused a major release of nuclear radioactive material into the atmosphere .This research also shows that the incident had a major impact on both agricultural and natural ecosystems in Belarus , Russia and Ukraine .
the thoughts of Scottish CND members and supporters and the wider Scottish Peace Movement were with our fellow human beings who have been affected by the Chernobyl incident as this sad anniversary comes about .                                            Reminder: we will be having a meeting on Chernobyl as part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival in October
2. From CNDUK: With Easter services at Westminster Abbey now over, preparations are in full swing for a nuclear weapons thanksgiving service set to take place on May 3.
We are doing everything we can to get the Abbey and the Defence Secretary to reconsider their plans to host this morally repugnant service. Our campaign has already garnered much attention in the press.
Nuclear weapons should not be celebrated. Their use would lead to the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of thousands of people and provoke a nuclear exchange that would threaten all life on our planet.
It is incumbent on us all, at every level of society, church and government, to work towards of nuclear-free world.
Take action: Please write to the Dean of Westminster to ask him to reconsider his decision to host the service. It takes just 1-minute using our lobby tool.Thank you to the thousands who have already written in.                                                           Join the CND No Thanksgiving for Nuclear Weapons protest outside Westminster Abbey on the day of the service                                                                                                               During the church service there will  be a ‘die-in’ to represent the millions killed in the event of nuclear war.                                                                                                                  Christian CND will conduct a service of repentance led by CND vice-president Bruce Kent.     Westminster Abbey Protest: No Thanksgiving For Nuclear Weapons  Gather at 11am outside Westminster Abbey on May 3 Look for the CND banner • Share the event on Facebook
3. The long-awaited Report of the House of Lords International Relations Committee on “Rising nuclear risk, disarmament and the NPT”  has now been published:    House of Lords – Rising nuclear risk, disarmament and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – Select Committee on International Relations  Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to a new report by the House of Lords International Relations Committee into the rising threat of nuclear weapons use.  Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:
“We welcome the report which calls on the UK government to endorse the principle that ‘a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.’ With increasing geopolitical tensions, destruction of fundamental arms control treaties, and the continued development of new nuclear weapons, the UK must do more to support global disarmament initiatives. The report is right to criticise the government’s lack of engagement with the UN’s new nuclear weapons ban treaty. It calls out the ‘aggressive tone about the treaty’ which in practice has meant the UK boycotting talks and offering little encouragement to countries that have embraced this exciting diplomatic initiative. The report does however fail to address the hypocrisy of the government in continuing to waste money on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system. The replacement of our nuclear weapons is contrary to our Non-Proliferation Treaty commitments and is set to cost at least £205bn which could be better spent on jobs, homes, education and health.” “The report does however fail to address the hypocrisy of the government in continuing to waste money on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Notes Threat of nuclear weapons use has risen, says Lords Committee Click to download the “Rising nuclear risk, disarmament and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty” report. (24/04/2019)

4. The Basle Peace office, PNND and UNFoldZERO co-sponsored organised a very successful international conference on April 12-13, Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: Invest in the Future, which was hosted by the Basel City Kanton/government (see conference report below), and we are co-sponsoring a Move the Nuclear Weapons Money side event at the 2019 Non-Proliferation Treaty prep com at the United Nations on (May 7, 2019 (details below).

this unique event which was hosted by the City of Basel on April 12-13. The conference brought together legislators (parliamentarians and city councilors), climate change and disarmament experts, investment fund managers and activists to address and reverse the corporate and financial interests which are maintaining a fossil fuel based economy and a nuclear arms race.The conference advanced two key tools:          Divestment from nuclear weapons and fossil fuel industries:                                         Investment in peace and sustainability, with a focus on investments by governments, pension funds, cities, universities, religious organisations and banks.  For more information see:

UNFOLD ZERO and the Basle Peace Office also  encourage participation in the Abolition 2000 Annual Meeting in New York on Sunday 5th May.

5. The May issue of nuClear News is now available for downloading at:
6. Beyond Nuclear International: US nuclear plants aren’t prepared for extreme floods and earthquakes. But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s majority Republican commissioners just decided that’s not necessary, changing its own staff’s recommended safety enhancements from required to voluntary. Eduardo Soto Pérez’s 30-minute drama imagines a future where a nuclear accident that could have been prevented actually happens. His feature film — La Fuga (The Leak, in Spanish with English subtitltes) acts out the consequences of a serious accident at a nuclear waste storage facility.                        —————
7. CNDUK: The Office of Nuclear Regulation has announced a decision to prosecute Devonport Royal Dockyard, where Trident submarines are refitted and refuelled, over health and safety breaches. In December it was reported that cranes that lift nuclear fuel at the dockyard had been halted amid a series of safety alerts. It has now emerged that the dockyard had breached crane regulations during work on the HMS Vanguard nuclear weapons submarine in September 2018 when a weight narrowly missed a worker. The case is due to open on 23 July at Plymouth Magistrates Court.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “News of this safety breach is alarming, not least because it is just the latest in a long list of incidents that have occurred over many years. Indeed, unsafe practices have dogged not only Trident submarines but the nuclear weapons infrastructure overall. The very least we should expect from the Ministry of Defence is the highest level of safety standards in dealing with such dangerous weapons. No one wants to see a nuclear accident.”

8.Update on Hunterston B  

On April 25, EDF (Électricité de France) gave notice to the Hunterston Site Stakeholder Group (SSG) that they have submitted a safety case for restarting one of the two reactors that make up Hunterston B, ie reactor 4, and it declared a restart date for reactor 4 of May 14th. Reactor 4 has less cracking in its graphite core than reactor 3. Note that EDF is legally required to give notice to the National Grid of any proposed restart date and EDF’s declaration does not mean R4 actually will restart then. For more info email edinburghcnd@yahoo.com

Other Events:
1. CAAT Edinburgh – Schools Sessions Planning Group
Thursday 9 May at 7pm to 9pm
Please email us on CAATEdinburgh@live.com for location details!                                    2.World Fair Trade Gathering 
Saturday 11 May at 5pm
at Usher Hall, Edinburgh
Concert and ceilidh with loads of exciting bands and musicians

4. Organised by Lloyd Russell Moyle MP, member of Parliament’s arms export control committee (CAEC), an alternative ‘Citizens Committee on the Arms Trade’ event, at 6pm on May 22 in the Atlee Suite in Portcullis House, Westminster.


5. Securing China’s Northwest Frontier Identity and Insecurity in Xinjiang A talk by Dr David Tobin of Manchester University Tuesday 14th May at 7 p.m. in The Brass Monkey 14 Drummond St, Edinburgh EH8 9TU


+++++6. Scottish CND are delighted to say that Francis Daehoon Lee – a founding member of the South Korea People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy organisation is speaking at a pubic meeting organised by Scottish CND on Wednesday May 15 at 7 pm in the Unite the Union Building at 145 – 165 West Regent Street Glasgow G2 4 RZ

Edinburgh CND News: April mid-month (and later) update

IMG_3095This month Scottish CND are emphasising Climate Not Trident in their leaflet campaign. We need to get the message out to other organisations and events. Here are some events coming up which people can attend:

1.Monday 15th April Extinction Rebellion Scotland are holding the ‘Festival of Climate Reality’ at the Lister Learning and Teaching Centre, Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU – a day of workshops, talks and trainings, 10-5pm: come and hear the truth about the climate crisis and learn how you can do something about it. This is important work, possibly nothing has ever been as important.Tell The Truth. Act Now.                                                                         —————-                                                                                                                                                  2. Wednesday 17th April: SCND fringe meeting at the STUC conference 1230pm Room 2 City Chambers Dundee: Developing Sustainable and Socially useful jobs in today’s economy.                                                                                                                                                            —————-                                                                                                                                           ++++++2 (a). Saturday 20th April: Leaflets available at the Love Culture, Hate Racism event at the Augustine church 12-4pm                                                                                ————–                                                                                                                                                    3. CHANGE OF DATE: THURSDAY 25th APRIL: Edinburgh CND will join the Don’t Bank on the Bomb outside the RBS AGM is at their corporate HQ on Glasgow Rd at Gogarburn EH12 1HQ;  meet at the road entrance 1 – 4pm that day with a few placards etc.    +++++ To get there take a bus to Gogarburn A8 Bus stop on the Glasgow Rd: Stop ID: 36232428. This stop is just past the RBS Bridge. View the Bus stop and find a list of buses that stop there on Google Maps at: https://goo.gl/maps/Be2ruP7FM3J2 .                                                                                                       —————                                                                                                                                                   4. Saturday 27th April 2019 (the day after Chernobyl day). Surround Springfields Salwick, near Preston in Lancashire The outline timetable for the day is as follows:          12:00-1:00 Assemble outside Springfields Nuclear Fuels            1:00 Speakers, live music,                 3pm forming of human chain to surround the base              Exhibition in the nearby village hall            5:00 Live link with indigenous communities resisting uranium mining, in the village hall       7:00 End.  Veggies will be providing food and hot drinks during the day, and there is a nearby pub.  That said, it is advisable to bring plenty of water and you may like to bring hot drinks in a flask.  April weather is of course unpredictable, so be prepared for rain or shine.      Please note that trains will not be running between Edinburgh and Carlisle that day (replacement bus service) so it may be necessary to travel down the day before   +++++There will be a minibus pick-up from Preston railway station at 1100, 1200 and 1300.  When you exit the station look for a minibus with a ‘Surround’ sign in its windscreen.    +++++++those who can’t make it to Springfields may be interested in the anti-fracking demo outside the SNP conference in Edinburgh: Gies a Legal Ban! 9:00 am– 11:00 am  EICC—                                                                                                                ————                                                                                                                                                                     5. Trouble Ahead: Risks and Rising Costs in the UK Nuclear Weapons Programme This 60 page report reveals in detail the grave risks and dramatically rising costs emerging in the UK’s nuclear weapons upgrade programmes. The 12 month study identifies precarious interdependencies, critical safety and project risks, and flawed cost projections in a programme that looks increasingly unlikely to meet its targets. Implications for policy-makers are outlined along with a set of recommendations Please register to confirm a place at the 30th April launch.                                                                  —————-                                                                                                                                                  6. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre : Earth Day Monday 22nd April:  Peace & Justice News this month focuses on the relationship between security, peace and the environment. Our Editorial calls on the Scottish Government to step up CO2 emission targets in the Climate Change Bill to ZERO by 2040 and link the budget to the Climate Change Plan.  Send an email to your MSP here.  Peace & Justice News Read the full pdf here                                                     —————                                                                                                                                        7.Beyond Nuclear: https://beyondnuclearinternational.org6.1. A factory churning out small modular reactors like Lego pieces may sound appealing in theory. But small reactors were rejected decades ago, are untested designs still on the drawing board, are too big an upfront investment, and can do nothing in time or at all to address climate change. We devote this week’s issue of the Digest to two stories on SMRs and our fact sheet debunking their myths and deceptions.   6.2.     Dr. Helen Caldicott won’t back down. Or is it that we won’t let her? We profile an extraordinary woman, a fighter who wants peace, a militant who confronts the military industrial complex. And a moving Cuban dramatic film looks at what happened when children sickened by Chernobyl were brought to a Havana hospital.  ++++6.3 A landmark new book on the true extent of Chernobyl health and environmental impacts, and how these figures were downplayed and diluted, deserves to be read and disseminated widely. One who lived through the experience, Chernobyl liquidator, Natalia Manzurova, tells her story and describes her own dire health outcomes due to her work.                                                                                                             —————-                                                                                                                                                  8. The recent Fridays for Future protests demonstrate a global dissatisfaction with the continuing failure of governments and industry to protect the climate. And the setting of the Doomsday Clock hands to 2 minutes to midnight in January this year indicates a continuing high risk of a nuclear conflict. However, ‘devastating climate change and the risk of a nuclear war will not be prevented unless the international community tackles the economic and political influence of the fossil fuel and nuclear weapons industries’, according to participants of Move the Nuclear Weapons Money, an international conference held in Basel, Switzerland on April 12-13, 2019.                                                         —————–                                                                                                                                                9. For an interesting take on the Chernobyl affair and nuclear accidents, we recommend the following novel. Alex will be talking about his book at ECND’s meeting as part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival 1st October

Other News:
1. Anti-nuclear campaigners have criticised a debate held in the House of Commons to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Continuous at Sea Deterrent (CASD). Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: 50 years after the first British submarine carrying nuclear weapons on board was deployed, the world has changed fundamentally. But judging by this debate, the attitudes of most of our politicians haven’t evolved at all. We have heard 50-year old arguments from the government today which ignore the rapid pace of technological change which render nuclear weapons submarines obsolete. We need a new vision of security for the 21st century not a tired repetition of past dogma. CND is working hard putting the finishing touches to the first leg of theirGlobal Dangers speaking tour, with which we’re mobilising opposition to the new and alarming nuclear threats that the world is facing.

2.On Saturday April 06 2019, two activists from the Faslane Peace Camp successfully blockaded the South entrance to HMNB Clyde (Faslane) for four hours between 2pm and 6pm. An intermediate court diet has been set for 9 May (10am), with an initial trial date set for 17th May (10am) at Dumbarton Sheriff Court. All are encouraged to join us at court and show your support for the peace movement. For more information please contact the Faslane Peace Camp: Phone: +447376188216 Email: faslanepeacecamp@protonmail.com

3. Nuclear disarmament/ TPNW was one of the themes of the Bristol Peace Lecture this year download the slides from the SGR website: Science for a secure and sustainable future http://www.sgr.org.uk/resources/science-secure-and-sustainable-future
4. Yorkshire CND produced a guide to local to campaigning on the TPNW,
5. ICANUK had a very good discussion of what is being done for the Ban Treaty and disarmament now and in the run up to May (NPT etc) from many different perspectives.  There was a short but useful session at the end with some initial strategising looking further forward to 2020 and beyond. hope t next meeting, likely to be in September in London.
6. Hebden Royd Town Council has become the third UK Council to formally pass a resolution to support the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the ICAN Cities Appeal.
7. Sad news from Australia: due to some unforeseeable circumstances the Walkatjurra Walkabout will not be happening this year.
++++8. Nuclear News is fundraising for it’s useful work. You can donate by PayPal. For details see here:
+++++++9.CAAT Edinburgh meeting Monday 29 April at 7pm to 8.45pm at the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House: newcomers welcome!

Edinburgh CND News April 2019

1. Tuesday 2nd April: regular organising meeting 6pm at Peace and Justice Centre. NOTE new address: 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX
2. Thursday 4th April: Scotland out of NATO, NATO out of Scotland. Demonstrate from 1pm to 2pm junction of Castle Street with Princes Street https://www.facebook.com/events/278894109700986/
3. Saturday 13th April: 1230, Leafleting at the East End of Princes Street: Climate Change theme

4.Edinburgh Stop the War: (a) Saturday 13th April Stop the War Coalition is very excited to be part of the Return of Lowkey Tour which starts in less than a month, touching down in towns and cities across the UK. A dedicated activist for Stop the War Coalition since our early years, Lowkey is also one of the most talented rappers on the scene today.Book the Edinburgh Gig here https://www.seetickets.com/event/lowkey/summerhall/1308474                                                (b) Monday 15th April: 7.30 – 9pm: monthly meeting. Peace and Justice Centre located at the Epworth Halls, Methodist Church, Nicolson Square


We live in increasingly dangerous times. International norms on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament are collapsing before our eyes.
Donald Trump has trashed anti-nuclear treaties with Iran and Russia. North Korea appears no closer to denuclearising. And a new generation of nuclear weapons is being developed by all nuclear-armed states. Alarmingly, these issues are being under-reported and under-scrutinized in the media. So together we need to do everything we can to raise awareness of them, to pressure governments to de-escalate and disarm.                                  In the past two weeks, we’ve seen US bombers arrive in Britain for provocative NATO exercises ahead of the nuclear-armed alliance’s 70th anniversary. Meanwhile EDF has been forced to put off restarting two reactors at Hunterston for fear of an accident, showing the importance of our campaigning against nuclear power.                           EXTRA 03/04 Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to a new report by the National Audit Office which highlights the Ministry of Defence’s failure to dispose of twenty obsolete nuclear submarines. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:
“We welcome this very frank NAO report which puts MoD incompetence and negligence in the spotlight. The MoD is overreaching itself financially: it clearly cannot afford to buy a new nuclear weapons system and maintain its other spending requirements. Spending on Trident replacement when it can’t afford to safely dispose of old nuclear subs is grossly irresponsible.http://www.cnduk.org (for more on all stories in this section.

What are we doing? 
1. To mark the 70th anniversary of NATO, campaigners will gather at the military alliance’s London HQ in Northwood in North West London and in other places including: Glasgow (4th April, 12 noon, Buchanan Steps) and Edinburgh (see events above).
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has expanded territorially, changed its mission statement from a defensive to an aggressive posture and embarked on a series of wars, of which their intervention in Afghanistan is getting on for two decades long.

STOP PRESS: https://cnduk.org/how-we-marked-70-years-too-many-at-natos-london-hq/

2. It looks like EDF (Électricité de France) is on a charm offensive of trying to normalise the unexpectedly large number of cracks in the graphite around the nuclear reactor by use of slick video. They have still not produced their safety case for restarting but perhaps it is about to happen soon. In this video released by EDF  Their efforts include normalising cracks getting wider. As Ian Fairlie pointed out to me, they are apparently proud to show a crack which widened by 1.8mm in just SIX MONTHS: 1.1mm on 23/9/2017 – 2.9mm 17/3/2018?  Crack footage begins @ 02:20 minutes in:’ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hlaUky_v55I HunterstonB  got a lot of publicity around the 7th – 9th of March. The BBC put out a report on the cracking that included some inaccuracies concerning jobs and demand for electricity should Hunterston B be permanently closed. Ian Fairlie and David Toke corrected this in the item below.  Ianfairlie 8th March 2019 https://www.ianfairlie.org/news/incorrect-statements-in-bbc-news-hunterston-b-pictures-show-cracks-in-ayrshire-nuclear-reactor/ https://scote3.wordpress.com

3. As part of Scottish CND ‘s campaign to Scrap Trident – Local Groups and individual members and supporters are being asked to consider taking some action under the theme of Climate not Trident. Climate change is one of the main threats the world faces today . The Earth’s increasing temperature will have devastating consequences for our world . Urgent action is needed by Scotland and the international communities to reduce carbon emissions . The Scottish share of the capital cost of Trident will be at least 5 billion pounds over the next ten years . Some of this money could be much better spent in responding to climate change by investing in things such as renewable technologies see for example https://scote3.wordpress.com   As well as the Edinburgh event on the 13th (see above) The following activities have been arranged: Friday April 5 – Ayrshire CND street Stall in Bridgegate Irvine from 1230pm- 2 pm  Friday April 5 – Scottish CND street Stall at Donald Dewar Statue in Buchanan Street Glasgow from 4 pm – 6 pm

Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland launched a guide to nuclear weapons divestment in Scotland last year. Since then, we have been engaging with different organisations in Scotland on the issue. As a result of our discussions with RBS Group, we learned that the bank is currently undertaking a review of its defence sector investment policy. Information about the bank’s investments in nuclear weapons and its current policy can be found in the attached notes and on our website: https://nukedivestmentscotland.org/royal-bank-of-scotland-group/ RBS Group has acknowledged the TPNW but its position is that it won’t change its policy to exclude all nuclear weapons producers unless the UK ratifies the treaty. However, the bank is concerned about reputational risk and we’ve been told that customer concerns are passed to the team undertaking the current review. So over the next couple of weeks I will be tweeting some information about RBS from the @nukedivestscot account and encouraging people to write to the bank to request that it change its policy. I will link to the template letter which is attached and on our site but it’s better if people can compose their own: Template letters and briefing sheets

More news from CND:  1.CND is horrified at Royal Navy plans to host a National Service of Thanksgiving to mark 50 years of the so-called ‘Continuous At Sea Deterrent’ (CASD) in Westminster Abbey on the 3rd of May.  It beggars belief, but plans are still afoot for a major celebration of Britain’s Continuous at Sea Deterrent (CASD) nuclear weapons system at Westminster Abbey on May 3rd. Our campaign to pressure the Royal Navy and Church authorities to cancel the Thanksgiving Service has been widely reported in the media. Now we are now ramping up our activities.
Take action: (A) 
We invite all CND supporters to write to the Defence Secretary to tell him to cancel this repugnant service. It takes 1-minute using our lobby tool. (B) A parliamentary debate was scheduled for Wednesday 3rd May on the 50th anniversary of the Continuous At Sea Deterrence and celebrations to take place next month. It has been moved to next Wednesday 10th April and we must do everything possible to ensure that each and every Scottish MP attends.                                     2. We extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the victims of the truly awful attacks reported  on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand where 49 people have been killed. CND stands with the Muslim community against racism and Islamophobia wherever it is found. We must all unite against the rise of far-right terrorism and hate and not allow their pernicious ideology to divide our communities. We must also redouble our efforts to build a world of peace. The wars Britain has been involved in over almost two decades have not only grown the threat of terrorism but they have increased the demonization of Muslims both at home and abroad. The wars must end immediately.                                                                                                                           3. Help with developing local trade union work. You can find more information in the reports and briefings in the trade unions section of the CND website, and see the leaflets we have available on the CND shop website.
4. ADDED 5th April: Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to a new report by the Defence Committee into the breakdown of the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. (1) Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “This is a very disappointing and unbalanced report, which fails to address the new reality of a US President who is abandoning the international rules-based system.
1. Sunday 7 April. 1 – 4pm. Fly Kites Not Armed Drones Meadows Pavilion Cafe. Make & Fly Kites. Fun, Family Friendly. All Welcome. Volunteers Needed. There is music too, lets hope the rain keeps away.

Come along for a fun family friendly day to Make – Decorate – and Fly Kites on the Meadows. We supply kite kits and help making them or bring your own kite. Donations support Peace & Justice Centre programmes.
For the third year running Kites Not Drones is in conjunction with Refugee Community Kitchen’s Spring fundraiser: soup,crafts, music & more kids’ activities in support of RCK, still serving 1000’s of destitute refugees in northern France. Volunteers appreciated: contact the peace and justice centre. http://peaceandjustice.org.uk       1 (a) Letters for Peace – a work of music with string trio, inspired by the stories and letters of conscientious objectors who refused to fight during the First World War. St James, John’s Place, Leith – Friday 12 April, 8pm. Red Door at St Peter’s Linlithgow, Friday 26 April, 8pm. Tickets £15/£10(16 and under). 1(b) Crane-making in the Land J Sat 13th 2-4pm

2. The Basel-Stadt Canton (Switzerland) and the Basel Peace Office  have the honour to invite you to Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: Investing in a sustainable futurean international conference on divestment and other actions by cities, universities, parliaments and religious institutions to reverse the nuclear arms raceand protect the climate. A deteriorating security environment in Europe has arisen over the past few years from a number of factors including unresolved conflicts between Russia and the West, increased refugees from regions of armed conflict, impacts of climate change, challenges to the European political institutions and democracy, modernization of nuclear weapons and related military systems; and provocative war games and nuclear threat postures. This conference will bring legislators at federal, state/cantonal and city levels (parliamentarians, mayors and city councilors) to Basel to engage with security experts, financial managers and civil society representatives on key issues which are driving the regional and global nuclear arms race, and how to reverse these.  A principle focus of the conference will be on ending public investments in nuclear weapons and fossil fuel industries and encouraging sustainable investment policies and practices. Manufacturers of nuclear weapons and producers of fossil fuels are powerful lobbies moving governments to escalate the nuclear arms race and to keep pumping carbon into the atmosphere. We can change this by ending investments in the nuclear weapons and fossil fuel industries. The conference is part of the Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign, a global initiative to cut nuclear weapons budgets and investments, and to reinvest these to support climate protection, peace, economic development and sustainable development. PNND adds: CllrAudrey Doig, Member of the Renfrewshire City Council and Vice Chair of Nuclear Free Local Authorities Scotland, is speaking at the event.  Full programme, languages and speaker list now available. Click here to see accomodation possibilities and to register. For inquiries please contact info@baselpeaceoffice.org                                                                                                                2.(a) Basel Peace Office : invitation to the Abolition 2000 global webinar on nuclear disarmament events and campaigns, and encourages you to participate in it.
The webinar, which will take place on April 10, will provide an overview of nuclear disarmament processes and events happening in 2019, and the main nuclear disarmament campaigns and actions by parliamentarians, mayors and civil society.

3. A Friends of Faslane Peace Network a meeting has been arranged on Saturday April 13 at 2 pm in Helensburgh Parish Church Colquhoun Street Helensburgh G84 8 UP . The church is in the centre of the town and easy to get to. N.B> Scottish Christians Against Nuclear Arms are holding their annual Peace Witness on Saturday 13th April at Faslane Nuclear Base North Gate from 12:00pm until 1:00pmbefore the Friends of FPC meeting. All welcome to attend. 

4. The next ICAN in UK meeting will be held for 3 hours in the afternoon of Thursday 11 May in 1pm to 4pm at the Friends Meeting House Friargate  York YO1 9RL. AGENDA NOW AVAILABLE   N.B. One of their sister networks, INEW (International Network on Explosives Weapons) would like help and support over the coming days following their launch tomorrow of a new Parliamentary Appeal for #StopBombingCivilians

5. There is another update in the run up to the  Surround Springfields event on Saturday 27th April 2019 (the day after Chernobyl day).  Facebook event for this big day:
CND adds: Britain’s nuclear power industry is in crisis, while the government is wasting billions on a strategically useless nuclear weapons system. Both industries create dangerous radioactive waste, which is processed at the Springfields plant in Lancashire. Stop New Nuclear write for this month’s magazine about a protest that has been called at the plant on April 27th. 
In this edition, you can also read about an upcoming visit to the UK by a prominent South Korean peace activist.
Read Campaign: April edition
Download Campaign: April edition
1. UNFOLD ZERO encourages action to ensure the Korean peace and denuclearisation process does not unravel and return the region to the nuclear confrontation we saw as recently as 2017. Without some reciprocal good faith action by the US and the UN Security Council – such as limited sanction relief – it’s quite possble that the peace process will fail. Indeed, on March 15, North Korea’s vice minister for foreign affairs said that Pyongyang is considering halting the diplomatic process. (See Arms Control TodayWhat Comes Next in U.S.-North Korean Negotiations?)
South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet with US President Trump on April 11 in an effort to rescue the Korean peace and denuclearisation process, which is in dire trouble following the failed summit between the US and North Korea in February this year.
The Basel Peace Office encourages you to help ensure the Korean peace and denuclearisation process does not collapse Click here for a list of contact emails of representatives of UN Security Council members plus North Korea, South Korea and Japan. If the peace process fails, the region could return to the frightening nuclear confrontation we saw in 2017.

2. nuClear News No.115 March/April 2019 is now available for downloading at:www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/NuClearNewsNo115.pdf


 3. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org: are launching a new campaign asking for support!  Climate change is finally getting the attention this crisis deserves, spurred on by an energetic youth movement across the world. But the nuclear lobby is pulling out all the PR stops to try to force its way into any climate plan, “Green New Deal” or otherwise.  Propping up old nuclear power plants — and allocating billions of dollars to research and build new ones — squanders precious time and our money when renewable energy and energy efficiency can do the job faster and far more safely. It is now 40 years since the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. But the truth about its health impacts has never been fully aired. Beyond Nuclear’s Cindy Folkers explains why. To add insult to injury, ratepayers who have already borne the cost of the meltdown, cleanup and ongoing decommissioning, are now being asked to bail out the last TMI unit to keep it running. Eric Epstein advocates for its closure. The Hunterston B reactors in Scotland have at least 370 cracks in their graphite cores. But they could be restarted any day. The FAA finally grounded the US Boeing 737 Max fleet, but the NRC still allows US reactors that are the same design as those that exploded at Fukushima to keep operating. Why do we give a free pass to such an inherently dangerous technology? To truly understand the meaning and consequences of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster, we need to hear from the people it affected. A letter from a teenage girl, ‘Yumi’, who evacuated Fukushima with her mother and who has emerged as a new young voice in Japan’s anti-nuclear struggle. In London, UK, a group of Japanese residents, Japanese Against Nuclear, will hold their annual protest events, while every Friday they still stand vigil outside the Japanese embassy.

This is not an April Fool’s prank. A proposed new nuclear reactor — Sizewell C — would be built on an English beach, where climate change-caused sea level rise will consume it, if natural, on-going erosion doesn’t first. How crazy can things get? Ecofeminist and author, Heidi Hutner, wondered why women’s voices have been suppressed when speaking out against nuclear energy. She decided to make a film to find the answers.

4. NFLA media release, for immediate release, 1st April 2019 The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) has submitted its comments of the Radioactive Waste Management’s (RWM) ‘Site Evaluation’ criteria. These criteria are supposed to assist RWM in the process to deliver a suitable site for a deep underground radioactive waste repository should prospective volunteer communities / Councils interested come forward. NFLA Website: http://www.nuclearpolicy.info – includes links to NFLA Facebook and Twitter pages Mayors for Peace Website: http://www.mayorsforpeace.org NFLA Radioactive Waste Briefing 77 will be on the homepage of the NFLA website – http://www.nuclearpolicy.info STOP PRESSES (also on website): (a)NFLA media release, for immediate release, 2nd April 2019NFLA frustrated at delays in dealing with the Ministry of Defence’s radioactive waste legacy in Rosyth, Devonport and Dalgety Bay (b) 5th April NFLA media release commenting on the NAO report on the submarine dismantling programme.

5. Los Alamos http://www.lasg.org/

Press release 20th March updated on the 27th: Trump requests a 12% increase in nuclear warhead spending, with wide variation between sites

Edinburgh CND news March 2019

5. Thursday March 21st.  Court date for Faslane Peace Campers (see below or events) and the campers will be holding a party at the camp afterwards, to which all are warmly invited.
6. Wednesday 27th March Edinburgh CND, Edinburgh Stop the War and Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign are having a meeting on NATO withdrawal. 7pm Augustine United George IVth Bridge EH1 1EL https://www.facebook.com/events/2330283743914828/


Further details of all events available under EVENTS
1. Tuesday 5th March: regular organising meeting 6pm at Peace and Justice Centre.
2. Thursday 7th March: An Evening with Prof Paul Rogers.                                               3. Saturday 9th March: 12 30, Leafleting at the East End of Princes Street: Housing not Trident theme.
4. Monday 11th March: Stop the Global Arms Trade see Global Net https://www.gn-stat.org/
Magdalena and her colleague from Germany will be here to discuss this campaign with all who are interested at 7.30 -8.30 on 11th March  in room G02, 50 George Square at the University of Edinburgh.  safe_image-1.php
Please note: Edinburgh CAAT have moved their monthly meeting to Wednesday 13th March at 7.00 pm in Room G.06, 50 George Square, Edinburgh, to facilitate attendance at the Global Net Meeting.
1. Scottish CND are (a) organising days of action in 2019 to highlight the ways money saved by scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons programme could be better spent on essential public services in Scotland. This campaign launches with Housing Not Trident in March, you can check in with the Facebook event to find out about events around this message happening near you. We are hoping our members and supporters might want to hold street stalls, gatherings and other activities surrounding the following messages: March: Housing Not Trident, April: Climate Not Trident, May: Jobs Not Trident, June: Transport Not Trident, July: NHS Not Trident and in August: Education Not Trident.                       (b) also holding a spring sale and coffee morning on Friday 8th March 2019 to make room for our new stock and campaign materials for 2019. We have a number of existing items in stock which we wish to give our members and supporters a chance to purchase at low prices. There will also be the chance to grab a coffee and have a chat over our latest edition of Nuclear Free Scotland.
(c) Peace Education Scotland will be hosting a series of film screenings this year throughout Scotland. The first will take place in Glasgow at the CCA on Thursday March 07. Find a link to the facebook event below. Please feel free to share among your networks. https://www.facebook.com/events/420652725408326/
STOP PRESS X2 (d) Saturday March 30th – 11am -130 pm 

– Public Meeting on – What’s Wrong with NATO at the Unite the Union building at 145 West Regent Street Glasgow .

(e) Sunday 31st March at the Glasgow Autonomous Space (53 Kilbirnie Street, Glasgow, G5 8JD) from 12 noon until 3:00pm.
This will be family event and we will have Scotland: A Peace of History exhibition on display as well as our new game – Bin the Bomb! and badge making with, of course, birthday cake and sandwiches! We hope to see you there.

2. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org: (a).Scotland plans to return radioactive waste it reprocessed at Dounreay to Australia. Regina McKenzie is fighting on behalf of her Aboriginal people to stop it. Welsh politician, Paul Flynn, used both wit and wisdom to rail against proponents of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, often within his own UK Labour Party. We remember him and his work. (b) The threat of nuclear war, and the very real and devastating consequences when nuclear weapons are used, was a constant in the headlines this past week. March 1 marked 65 years since the US exploded the massive Castle Bravo atomic bomb over the Marshall Islands, a crime from which the region has never recovered. Meanwhile, heightened conflict between India and Pakistan, and the failure of the Trump-Kim meeting to produce denuclearization, reminded the world that the possession of nuclear weapons anywhere is a threat to our survival everywhere. (c) Uranium and its decay products get into our bodies and when they do, embark on a damaging and sometimes deadly journey. We map out where uranium, thorium, radium and other isotopes go, and what they can do to our health. Danger also comes from the sea when man-made radioactive effluents are discharged there, then blow back to land via sea spray, to be inhaled and ingested by humans. Tim Deere-Jones explains. (d) Added 11th March: To truly understand the meaning and consequences of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster, we need to hear from the people it affected. This week, we publish a letter from a teenage girl, ‘Yumi’, who evacuated Fukushima with her mother and who has emerged as a new young voice in Japan’s anti-nuclear struggle. In London, UK, a group of Japanese residents, Japanese Against Nuclear, will hold their annual protest events, while every Friday they still stand vigil outside the Japanese embassy.
3. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre is moving!  On 22 March they’re moving to City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX where they’ll still be able to provide meeting space for community groups in the centre of Edinburgh and carry on organising Peacebuilders for Schools, the Opposing War Memorial, the Cranes project and programme of events including:
a.. Peace & Justice Book Sale Friday 8 March. 10am – 1pm. Saturday 9 March 2 – 4pm. Wednesday 13 March. 10am – 2pm. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre. 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN We’re holding a Book Sale before we move to streamline our library. You can pick up books for a donation.
b. Scottish Climate Action Network Skillshare Saturday 2nd of March. 9:30 registration for 10am – 5pm Rm 3.24, St Leonard’s Land Holyrood Rd
c. Tweeddale Peace Group Second Hand Book Sale March 9, 2019 10:00 am – 10, 2019 4:00 pm. Burgh Hall, High St, Peebles EH45 8AG
d. 140,000 Origami Peace Cranes Workshop Sat 9 March. 2 – 4pm. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN
e. Kites Not Killer Drones 12noon – 4pm. Sunday 7 April
Meadows Pavilion Cafe. Melville Dr. EH9 1JZ Organised by Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre with Meadows Pavilion Cafe.  Make, decorate and fly kites. Facepainting. Live Music. Family friendly. Soup and more activities to be announced soon.
Volunteers Needed We really need a couple of Volunteers to help for about 8 – 10 hours in the weeks prior to the event to help with publicity and prepare materials and organise this event. Volunteers are also needed on the day. To find out more or to volunteer for this or other P&J roles contact Brian Larkin: coordinator[at]peaceandjustice.org.uk.
4. CNDUK: (a). We live in increasingly dangerous times, where nuclear dangers are growing alarmingly. The Doomsday Clock is currently set at two minutes to midnight. The hands have never been closer, even at the height of the Cold War. But there is an alternative. Instead of wasting billions on new nuclear weapons, a better and safer world can be created. Read in the magazine about how CND is highlighting these global dangers and how we overcome them in a national tour this year. We also cover the recent summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.
Read Campaign: March edition Download Campaign: March edition                                 (b) In order to support International Women’s day, CND will be celebrating the women of CND by highlighting female individuals who have supported and worked for the campaign, showcasing the vital role women play in resisting nuclear weapons!
The CND office twitter account will be sharing a few tweets featuring the profiles of women that have been involved in the movement, using the hashtag #IWD2019 and #WomenOfCND.
(c) Anti-nuclear campaigners have commented on the stalled Trump Kim summit in Hanoi. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “It is regrettable that (the) talks have stalled, but it is good news that relations between the US and North Korea don’t appear to be returning to the dangerous tensions of 2017.“There is clearly the potential for further talks. Though it remains to be seen how the US President who has spent the last year weakening and tearing up crucial arms control treaties can make diplomacy work on the Korean peninsula. “The US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the expected ending of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is not a strong foundation for a new era of diplomacy.”
(d) Anti-nuclear campaigners also commented on the threat of nuclear war in the India Pakistan conflict. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “In the context of increased tensions between two nuclear states, there is a danger that a misunderstanding could lead to a nuclear exchange. “We’ve been here before. India and Pakistan came close to nuclear war in the 2001-2002 standoff, where one side refused to rule out a first strike.
“That Pakistan’s Prime Minister has met today with his country’s nuclear weapons body, is a strong indication of how real the threat of nuclear war is. “Nuclear weapons, far from deterring war, make conflicts more dangerous than they would otherwise be. There is an urgent need for diplomacy in this precarious situation.”
(e) Other News: (i) On Sunday April 27th we’ll show the strength of opposition to the government’s push for new nuclear plants at the Surround Springfields demonstration in Lancashire. The plant near Preston is pivotal to the government’s nuclear plans, as it manufactures nuclear fuel and processes the waste material, so it’s vital that we take a stand here. We have Surround Springfields leaflets, so please get in touch and we can post them out to you. You can also contact the organisers at springaction2019@stopnewnuclear.org.uk. The organisers add This is another update in the run up to our Surround Springfields event on Saturday 27th April 2019 (the day after Chernobyl day).  We have now created a Facebook event for this big day:  Surround Springfields (ii) We’re also gearing up for our Global Dangers national speaking tour see Home page – Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (iii) The United States has announced its withdrawal from the INF treaty. This is a very dangerous moment for the whole world.To keep up our campaign to save it we have launched a new actionurging people to ask their MP to sign EDM 2073, which demands the INF treaty be brought “back into full legal force.” Click here to see the action page and please share it widely. (iv) Lastly, and just in time for this unseasonably warm weather, we are delighted to unveil our new eco-friendly CND logo water bottles.

6. International News:

(a) Parliamentarians, mayors, city councillors and representatives of civil society organisations are invited to participate in Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: Nuclear disarmament & investment for a sustainable future, an international conference on divestment and other actions by cities, universities, parliaments and religious institutions to reverse the nuclear arms race and protect the climate. The conference will take place in Basel, Switzerland on April 12-13, 2019, organised by the Basel Peace Office and co-hosted by the Basel-Stadt Kanton (a member of Mayors for Peace), IPPNW Switzerland and the World Future Council. As the second Trump-Kim Summit began in Hanoi on Feb 27 2019, legislators and NGOs around the world are calling for concrete progress for peace and denuclearization in North East Asia. 
U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna along with Rep Barbara Lee (member of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament) and seventeen other Democratics, introduced a resolution into the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday calling for a final settlement of the Korean War, now officially in its 69th year.
Members of the Korea Peace Network staged  events across the USA on the eve of the Summit calling for peace and diplomacy to prevail.Korea Peace Now: Women Mobilizing to End War, an initiative of the Nobel Women’s Initiative and Women Cross the DMZ, have sent a letter to Presidents Trump and Kim, endorsed by women from 33 countries, calling on them to ‘Declare an end to the Korean War, establish an inclusive peace process toward the signing of a peace agreement, and normalize relations by establishing reciprocal liaison offices, lifting sanctions that harm vulnerable individuals, and facilitating people-to-people engagement.’                                                                         PNND Co-President Bill Kidd says that the UK should take a lead by ending their reliance on nuclear weapons. ‘The Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland firmly reject the hosting of weapons of mass destruction on Scottish soil,’ Mr Kidd told the Sunday Post.  ‘Westminster should heed those calls. By taking a stand on immoral nuclear weapons, we can set a powerful example to the world, influence others and help shape the global agenda,’ said Mr Kidd who also serves on the Global Council of Abolition 2000, the global civil society network to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The PyeongChang Global Peace Forum also adopted a Declaration for Global Peace which supports the Korean Peace Process, reinforces the Hague Appeal for Peace adopted in 1999, and supports diplomacy and demilitarisation worldwide in order to free resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

(b) via ICAN: (i) South Asia Solidarity Group (Indians, Pakistanis, Kashmiris and UK citizens of South Asian origin) issued a statement endorsed by a number of organisations urging the Indian and Pakistani governments to work for peace not war. South Asian peace activists also gathered in Tavistock Square at the same time as other activists in Karachi, New Delhi, Washington D.C, New York, Mumbai, Lahore, Boston, Kolkata and San Francisco in a display of anti-war unity. Here’s Satyajit Ray’s famousanti-war song from the film ‘Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne’ which won many awards. The song was shared by the South Asia Solidarity Group.

(ii) February 2019 edition of the NFLA Newsletter, which outlines core areas of activity .
It is also available on the website – http://www.nuclearpolicy.info/wp/wp-

26th February 2019 NFLA welcomed the global launch of the Bike for Peace tour in Westminster, as South Africa becomes the latest state to ratify the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty

7. Two Events on Thursday 21st March: 1. Scottish ICAN Partners’ Round Table will be on 21st March, from 3 p.m. to 4.30 pm. in United Nations House Scotland 44/3 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EX. 2. The Faslane campers are up in court on Thursday March 21st. This is likely to be the final court date, and the campers will be holding a party at the camp afterwards, to which all are warmly invited.
 9. Australia: Walkatjurra Walkabout click here

Edinburgh CND News 11th February

Saturday 23rd February: The third Radical Fair, a  festival for groups campaigning for a fairer Scotland is in the Augustine Church George IVth Bridge EH1 1EL 12 noon – 3.30pm. FOR MARCH EVENTS see EVENTS TAG

+++++Additions 15th February

  1. The Peaton Peace Pirates affinity group of Trident Ploughshares invite you to join us in an event in Edinburgh on Monday 18th February, beginning at 10 a.m. and concluding in the mid-afternoon. https://www.facebook.com/EdinburghCND/ or Contacts: Janet on 07795 594573 David on 07876593016 email: lazybeds@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Update on Hunterston B (see item 5 below)
  3. Also update to item 8
  4. The final court date (trial) for the Hiroshima Day Blockade at Faslane last year takes place at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on the 21st. Hope to see some of you there at 9:40 or so.

NEWS and Other Events

1. 1.1 Anti-nuclear campaigners will protest Donald Trump’s visit to Britain for a NATO summit in December. CND has announced that it will work with British and international partners to co-ordinate protests in London. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “In the last few days, President Trump began the process of US withdrawal from the INF treaty. This has already sparked a ratcheting up of a nuclear arms race. “The NATO summit will be a crucial opportunity for our movement to oppose Trump’s nuclear warmongering and highlight the dangerous role NATO, as a nuclear alliance, plays in raising international tensions.”
1.2 NATO has it’s 70th Anniversary in April. On Wednesday 27th March Edinburgh CND, Edinburgh Stop the War and Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign are having a meeting on NATO withdrawal. 7pm Augustine United George IVth Bridge
1.3 Scottish CND also invites discussion of these topics with our European friends; Ann Patterson (Belfast Peace People – Nobel Laureate), Roger Cole (Irish Peace and Neutrality), Dave Webb (CND UK, Keep Space 4 Peace) and Anne Palm (Wider Security Network Finland). Tuesday 12th February 2019 – 7:00pm – Yes Hub (31 Lasswade Road, Edinburgh, EH16 6TD Wednesday 13th February 2019 – 6:30pm – Glasgow              Thursday 14th February 2019 – 7:30pm – Quaker Meeting House (7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2JL)

2.  2.1 The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced that the Doomsday Clock is still very close to midnight. Sara Medi Jones, CND spokesperson, said: “With President Trump’s announcement that the US will withdraw from the INF treaty, it sadly comes as no surprise that the Doomsday clock is still very close to midnight. “The landmark INF treaty saw the elimination of nearly 3000 nuclear weapons and if it is scrapped there is a danger we will see the return of US nuclear missile here in Britain. Tearing up the treaty threatens to ramp up the arms race between the US and Russia, with Britain caught in the crossfire. The British government should immediately make clear that it will refuse to host US missiles if the treaty is scrapped. The response we’ve received so far from the government has not been particularly encouraging. We must make clear it would not be tolerated.
 2.2 Responding to Donald Trump’s decision to begin US withdrawal from the INF treaty. Sara Medi Jones, CND spokesperson, said: “This is a very dangerous decision. The US beginning the process of withdrawal threatens to ramp up a nuclear arms race between the US and Russia. Let’s remember this decision comes after the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, so Trump appears to be attempting to break with all forms of international arms control. From a UK perspective, we could now see a return to US nuclear missiles on British soil like we did in the 1980s. The British government must step up over the next six months to do all it can to save the treaty. It should also guarantee that it will not offer to host US nuclear missiles if the treaty is scrapped – to do so would massively increase the threat of nuclear war here in Europe. NATO’s decision to place the blame solely with Russia is highly irresponsible. Both Russia and the US have concerns that the other side isn’t fulfilling their obligations. These concerns must be discussed and resolved, but it will be much harder to do that now the US is withdrawing.”
Watch our video to find out about Donald Trump’s latest decision.
In these busy and dangerous times, read about CND’s campaigns and how we can campaign together for a better world. We also write about Hitachi’s decision to halt work at two nuclear power stations and its wider implications for UK energy policy.
Read Campaign: February edition
Download Campaign: February edition
3. Mayors and parliamentarians call on the U.S. and Russiato preserve the INF Treaty. Mayors, parliamentarians, policy experts and civil society representatives from forty countries – mostly Europe and North America –  sent an open letter on 30th January, the Basel Appeal for Disarmament and Sustainable Security, to Presidents Putin and Trump and to the leaders of the Russian and US legislatures, calling on them to preserve the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, prevent a new nuclear arms race in Europe and undertake measures to reduce the risk of a nuclear conflict and support global nuclear disarmament. (Appeal also available in FrenchGermanRussian and Spanish). EdinburghCND supported this.

Will it change their minds? Not likely. But the appeal was also sent to the leaders of US congressional and Russian parliamentary committees in charge of armed forces (defense) and foreign relations. It calls on them to refuse to authorize or allocate funding for nuclear weapons systems which the INF Treaty bans, for example ground-based intermediate range nuclear missiles, or weapons systems which could provide similar capability and be similarly destabilizing, such as air or sea launched nuclear-armed cruise missiles. This could be the key to preserving the arms control measures of the INF Treaty even if it collapses. If the relevant committees refuse to authorize funds for these nuclear weapons systems, it makes it next to impossible for them to be developed. The appeal also outlines a commitment by the endorsing mayors and parliamentarians to build support from cities and parliaments in nuclear-armed and allied States (which includes NATO countries) for nuclear risk reduction measures such as “no first use” policies.                                                                                                                                                     A joint statement is being issued on 13th February by European and North American Vice Presidents and Lead Cities of Mayors for Peace, in support of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on our concerns with the suspension of the INF Treaty on nuclear weapons. It is going on the Mayors for Peace website, NFLA website and you are encouraged to promote it through your own civil society networks.http://www.nuclearpolicy.info – includes links to NFLA Facebook and Twitter pages Mayors for Peace Website: http://www.mayorsforpeace.org

Extra from PNND: We mourn the death on February 6, 2019 of PNND Co-President Paul Dewar (Canada), an amazing humanitarian, educator and parliamentarian. Dewar joined PNND just after being elected to parliament in 2006, and became PNND Co-President in 2015. He played important roles in advancing nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament in the Canadian House of Commons and also at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.


4. Beyond Nuclear International https://beyondnuclearinternational.org:  4.1. American lawmakers just introduced a Green New Deal Resolution, pushing a progressive climate agenda that also addresses social, economic and environmental justice. But can the deal withstand the propaganda of the nuclear lobby? The US and Russian withdrawals from the INF Treaty could make Europe a nuclear battleground once more and risk sabotage, accidents and deadly mistakes, writes Nobel Laureate, Rebecca Johnson. 4.2.The astronauts who saw Earth from space were forever changed. Now, with a soaring combination of music and visuals, musician, Kenji Williams, takes us there on a virtual journey, with dramatic and sometimes disturbing views of Earth from, and in, space. Meanwhile, President Trump continues his obsession with weaponizing space with his latest Missile Defense plans. These, coupled with the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, could worsen the likelihood of war in space as well as on the ground.

5. Hunterston B update see: https://scote3.wordpress.com/2019/02/06/more-on-hunterston/ NEW: 14/2/2019  EDF who own and operate Hunterston B have still not provided the Office of Nuclear Regulation with an updated safety report following their discovery of an unexpectedly high number of fractures in the graphite barrels that enclose the fuel rods in the nuclear reactors.  The two blogs below report on Ian Fairlie’s most recent meetings.  https://www.ianfairlie.org/news/why-hunterston-b-nuclear-power-station-should-not-be-restarted/  https://realfeed-intariffs.blogspot.com/2019/02/scottish-minister-pressed-to-back.html  In some countries, authorities routinely issue iodine to residents and schools near nuclear power stations https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2019/01/07/nuclear-safety-group-to-look-at-stockpiling-anti-radiation-pills-in-more-toronto-schools.html https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/pgd-potassium-iodide-65mg.pdf

6. Future Event: An Evening with Prof Paul Rogers. Title: Risks of Conflict and Options for Peace in the 2020s. Chair: Simon Barrow, Director, Ekklesia. Venue: Sanctuary, Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL Date: Thursday 7 March 2019. Time: Registration: 6.30pm-7pm. Event: 7pm-8.45pm. Event Description: What will be the most likely causes of international conflict in the 2020s, what are the best ways of responding to them and improving the prospects for a less violent world, and what roles can Scotland play?

7. A Bike for Peace tour will start in Westminster and then go on to Kent, France, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the United States and Norway.
The global launch will be in Room W2, Westminster Hall in Parliament (access through the Cromwell Green entrance) from 10.30am – 12pm on Wednesday 27th February.


8. Surround Springfields, 27 April 2019 Springfields is the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant, based in a small village near Preston, carries out civil and military nuclear contracts for facilities across the UK:  Production of nuclear fuel

Storage and processing of waste (including Uranium Hexafluoride DUF6)
Decommissioning of plant and facilities
It is intended for demonstrators to dress as barrels

STOP PRESS: Here is a little film we made about how to make a radioactive waste barrel costume: www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5TZXxcXPDw Since we first made them we have refined the design and made them even easier to make and wear there is a little clip from our most recent workshop at Maple Farm, near PNR Fracking site, there are some photos of our workshop and you can see a little of how we’ve refined the design (a change in how the barrel sits on you) here: youtu.be/RZrkRBIWRqA


9. Trouble Ahead. UK Nuclear Weapons Programme: Event to be held at the following time, date and location: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 from 14:00 to 15:30 (BST) Palace of Westminster Committee room 6 SW1A 0AA London United Kingdom

10. Australia: Walkatjurra Walkabout click here
11. Bella Caledonia on Twitter for some interesting discussions


Edinburgh CND News 21st January 2019 Updated 3 times!


1. Monday 4th February http://peaceandjustice.org.uk/8329-2/   for details of demo on  the INF TREATY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2. (a)Tuesday 5th February: New meeting about the serious nuclear safety issues at Hunterston B in the University of Edinburgh at 4pm The Venue: LG 11 David Hume Tower Learning Hub – LG stands for lower ground – the basement. Get there via steps from the entrance on the east side of George Square or via lifts or stairs at the back of the main foyer of the David Hume Tower 4pm to 5.30pm. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/update-on-nuclear-risk-at-hunterston-b-nuclear-power-station-scotland-tickets-55175764196                       N.B. Ian’s technical report (discussed at the January meeting is available on request edinburghCND@yahoo.com                                                                                                                .  2 (b)Tuesday 5th February: regular organising meeting 6pm to 7pm at Peace and Justice Centre.  5 Upper Bow                                                                                                                              3. Thursday 7th February Edinburgh Stop the War have called a demo against US (and British, EU backed) intervention in Venezuela at 5.30pm,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4. Saturday 9th February: 12 30, Leafleting at the East End of Princes Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                5. Saturday 23rd February: The third Radical Fair, a  festival for groups campaigning for a fairer Scotland is in the Augustine Church on 12 noon – 3.30pm. ECND will have a stall and it is not too late for other groups to book.

(Old)1. Saturday 26 January:SCND’s ‘Scotland: A Peace of History’ exhibition launched in Glasgow in mid December. They’re pleased to say that everybody seemed really pleased with how the timeline has come out and it is planned to have a round Scotland tour this year. The tour will begin in Edinburgh at the Quaker Meeting House.7 Victoria Terrace Edinburgh EH1 2JL The Timeline pop-up event will take place from 3pm-5pm  Saturday 26 January in the Meeting Room upstairs. 
1. Three Faslane Peace camp campaigners – Sofa, Willemien and Jamie – are up in court this week as part of the ongoing proceedings following the peace camp blockade of Faslane’s South Gate on 7 August last year.
All 3 were charged with breach of the peace. Willemien refused to accept bail and spent a total of 29 days incarcerated last year. The court appearance this week is part of the Intermediate diet, and the ‘final’ date is set for next month. At the AGM last year SCND reaffirmed the pledge to support the peace camp in whatever ways we can. This support is needed now more than ever. Sofa and Willemien remain the camp’s only current full-time residents, and the council is breathing down our neck and talking about ‘bringing the bulldozers in’. You’ll probably see plenty of emails from me in the months to come about different ways that we can support the camp in this struggle. For now, I’d like to invite you to publicise the court dates to your networks and encourage anyone who may be free to join us in Dumbarton to give a little moral support to the campers at their court appearances.
Date 1: (intermediary) Thursday, 24 January (campers have been told to be there for 10am but they’re not sure what time their case will be heard) at Dumbarton Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court.
Date 2: (final + sentencing) Thursday, 21 February (time to be confirmed) at Dumbarton Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court.
The courthouse is located on Church Street, a 5 minute walk from Dumbarton Central train station.

2. On the 2nd February, President Donald Trump will decide whether the US remains in a flagship arms treaty with Russia that has reduced the chances of nuclear war taking place in Europe.                                                                                STOP PRESS: MPs and celebrities will launch a campaign to save the flagship arms control agreement in Parliament Square on Wednesday 23rd. The launch will mark 10 days before Donald Trump announces whether or not the US will withdraw from the INF treaty. The INF treaty was signed by the US and Russia in 1987 and led to the elimination of almost 3000 nuclear weapons. Tearing up the treaty could lead to the return of US nuclear missiles in Britain and make nuclear war in Europe more likely.
The campaign will call on the British government to take diplomatic steps to save the treaty and guarantee that it will not offer to host US nuclear missiles if it is scrapped 

CND’s new video tells the story of how the treaty was won by an international movement that rose up to stop moves towards nuclear war. They are encouraging our supporters to share the video so that as many people as possible tell the British government to do all it can to save the treaty. US nuclear missiles must not be allowed to return Britain. Share the video on YoutubeTwitter or Facebook by clicking these link   Read about what they’re doing in Campaign magazine. In this edition, they also explain how your local community could officially support the global nuclear banRead Campaign: January edition Download Campaign: January edition

CND are also encouraging local groups and supporters to submit letters to newspapers.With Brexit continuing to dominate the news cycle, a co-ordinated Save the INF letter-writing campaign will help to raise the profile of this crucial issue. This is part of a series of activities  planned to get the message through to a wider audience. Some of the points you might want to raise

  • The 1987 INF treaty showed that diplomacy works. It led to the destruction of nearly 3,000 nuclear missiles.
  • After many year of tensions between the US and the Russia, the INF reduced the threat of nuclear war. Scrapping it will escalate tensions again and make nuclear war in Europe more likely.
  • The British government must speak out in defence of the INF, and use all available diplomatic channels to save it.
  • If the INF is scrapped on the 2nd February, the day of Trump’s announcement, the British government needs to guarantee that it will decline to host US nuclear missiles.

CND’s Save the INF Guardian advertwill be published on the 2nd February, the day Donald Trump announces whether the US will tear up a treaty that has reduced the threat of nuclear war in Europe. The advert will call on the British government to refuse to host US nuclear missiles if the INF treaty is scrapped.If you donate your name will be included in the full-page Guardian advert.                                                Please see the campaign page and resources for further information about the INF.

“Donald Trump” is pictured tearing up a giant copy of the INF treaty – joined by “President Putin” while “Theresa May” stands idly by. Parliamentarians, celebrities and campaigners held a “10 days to save the INF treaty” banner.

UPDATE: 1. Basle Peace Office and PNND add : Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Congressman Ted Lieu (CA-33) held a press conference on Tuesday January 29 at 11:30am US Eastern Time to discuss limiting the ability of President Donald Trump or any U.S. president to launch a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war by Congress. The press conference was streamed live HERE: https://bit.ly/2Hczrm2Senator Markey, who is Co-President of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, and Rep. Lieu are introducing S.200/ H.R.669, the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act, legislation that would prohibit the President from using nuclear weapons except in response to a nuclear attack. For more on this, and other initiatives to reduce the risks of nuclear weapons being used, visit the Abolition 2000 working group on nuclear risk reduction.                                                                                                                    2. Seven major peace organisations in France released a joint statement on 24th Jan commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the first resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, Resolution 1 (1) adopted on January 24, 1946.


3. Hitachi has announced it will suspend work on the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station in Anglesey. Anti-nuclear campaigners have welcomed the announcement. Sara Medi Jones, Acting General Secretary of CND, said:
“(The) decision is good news because it opens the door to investment in the renewable technologies of the future, and to leave behind dirty and dangerous nuclear power. “Hitachi’s decision proves once again that there isn’t an economic case for new nuclear – certainly not when renewables like offshore wind are cheaper sources of energy. The Japanese firm has also withdrawn from a second plant at Oldbury in Gloucestershire. “There also isn’t an environmental case for nuclear. Governments avoid talking about nuclear waste because there is no solution to it, and the threat nuclear accidents pose to the environment and human health are as real as they were before the Fukushima disaster in 2011.
“Now that Wylfa Newydd has fallen by the wayside, we call on the government to make a plan for investment in renewables to create the jobs and the environment the people of Wales need.”                                                                                                        “The government’s nuclear energy policy is in tatters. Two major international investors have now suspended plans to build nuclear reactors here in Britain. Toshiba withdrew from the Moorside plant just a few weeks ago, and now Hitatchi appears to have reached the same conclusion, that new nuclear isn’t economically viable. “This should be a moment of reckoning for the government, forcing a nuclear policy rethink. Even in France, where nuclear power is dominant in the energy sector, government agencies are waking up to reality. A new report out last month by the French environment agency says there is no economic case for new reactors. “Governments that back new nuclear avoid talking about nuclear waste because there is no solution to it, and the threat nuclear accidents pose to the environment and human health are as real as they were before the Fukushima disaster in 2011.” “With offshore wind now cheaper than nuclear it’s clear there is a clean and workable alternative. We just need the political will to make it happen.”  With Wylfa Newydd suspended, it’s now time to scrap all nuclear power.

——————                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              4. On January 15, leaders of Mayors for Peace (Europe),  Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, the Basel Peace Office and partner organisations, meeting in Basel, Switzerland at a European Regional Meeting of Parliamentarians and City Leaders, adopted the Basel Appeal on Disarmament and Sustainable Security. (and held a Webinar on 17th January)
They invite other parliamentarians, mayors and representatives of civil society organisations to endorse the appeal
The Basel Appeal is focused strongly on nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament between USA and Russia and in Europe, preservation of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and on the role of legislators (mayors and parliamentarians) at local, state, national and regional levels. However, the appeal also addresses nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament globally, and so is open for endorsement from around the world.
Please let them know by Tuesday January 22 whether you can endorse the appeal. 
After that they will be sending the appeal to Presidents Trump and Putin, as well as to leaders in the US Congress and Russian Duma and other leaders as indicated at the top of the appeal.                                                                                                                                                  ——————-                                                                                                                                              5. nuClear NewsNo.114 January/February 2019is now available to download here: www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/NuClearNewsNo114.pdf

——————-                                                                                                                                           6. Beyond Nuclear International: https://beyondnuclearinternational.org                   1. Newly seated House Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with at least 45 other members of Congress and the Sunrise Movement, want a Green New Deal for the US to tackle climate change. Establishment Democrats moved to block it. Why can’t the US just go green already? In Ethiopia, one man’s determination led to villages lit with solar energy. A profile of Samson Tsegaye Lemma.                                                      2.The British “tested” their atomic bombs on Australians, then used them as guinea pigs. A new art exhibition evokes the suffering, legacy and injustice of Maralinga. And two anti-war campaigners make the case for US demilitarization and the need for a green and peaceful planet.                                                                                                   3. The Jones family refused to sell their 300-year old family farm to Hitachi’s Horizon for a proposed new nuclear plant in North Wales. Now Hitachi has put the two-reactor project on hold, vindicating the farmers and reprieving an area of natural beauty and rare wildlife. But a planned 6-reactor site in India is being given a fast-track green light by the French and Indian governments, with too many financial and safety questions still unanswered, write Suvrat Raju and M.V. Ramana.                                                                                            NEW: Canadians living within the emergency planning zone of an American reactor are provided potassium iodide tablets, which, if taken in time, protect the thyroid from fast-traveling radioactive iodine-131, released during a severe nuclear accident. But Americans are denied equal protection. Beyond Nuclear and groups in Michigan are moving to change that. Jonathon Porritt writes that dreams of a nuclear “renaissance” are now definitively dead, even though, like Monty Python’s pet shop salesman, the industry insists the nuclear parrot is just resting.

7. Peace and Justice Centre News: 7.1. Resistance to the First World War Exhibition Event Friday 25 January. 1:30 – 3:30pm. St Mungo Museum. 2 Castle St, Glasgow G4 0RH. This event will showcase the work of WEA Scotland adult learners in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow who investigated the experiences of First World War Conscientious Objectors from their communities.  Booking Required. Email a.campbell@wea.org.uk with “Legacies of Resistance to the First world War:  The Stories of Conscientious Objectors – Event and Exhibition” in Subject line.                    7. 2.Peace in Action: get the skills to change our world  with Dr. Scilla Ellworthy Sat 15 June for 3 days in Findhorn.This course will demonstrate what it would cost to systematically prevent war at local, national and international levels, and the kind of self-knowledge and inner work that are essential to the effectiveness of whatever you decide to undertake. For more information and to book go to: https://www.findhorn.org/programmes/peace-in-action-skills/ 7. 3. Pathways to Peace 8-10 March 2019 Hinsley Hall, Leeds LS6 2BX For further programme information or to book a place http://www.for.org.uk/events/pathwaystopeace/

8. If you read some of the recent local letters to their more active New Mexico members you will get a more detailed idea of some of the concerns, some regarding issues that are the subject of legislation now pending in the USA.
UPDATE: Bulletins 253 Emergency climate mobilization; a “green new deal”and  254: Preview of problems to come with Los Alamos pit production http://www.lasg.org/:
9. https://edinburghcaat.org.uk  For CAAT news

10.FCO Secretary on his misleading claim to Parliament that the government had in 2014 tightened up arms export controls, when CAEC, the committee responsible for scrutinising export control policy, had found they had in fact been loosened  (tweet here).                                                                                                                               ————–                                                                                                                                                            NEW: 11. Drone Network News Jan 2019: https://dronecampaignnetwork.wordpress.com

and 12 Feb 8th joint meeting organised by the NFLA / Mayors for Peace and ICAN UK being held in Meeting Room 2, Level 2, Manchester Central Library. The meeting will be chaired by the Lord Mayor of Manchester.