Edinburgh CND News 8th October (update 15th)

Entertainment at the EWJF: (ADDED 15th)

Fri 16th Oct Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DD
An evening of music for justice with Voces del Sur, Samba Sene and more. Get tickets on Eventbrite £8/£5

Sun18th Label jars not people: Disability Justice 6.30 – 9.30 Sun 18th The Constitution Bar, Constitution Street, Leith EH6 6RS Radical Voices Inspiring radical songs from talented local singers

We will be leafleting at the East End of Princes Street Saturday 10th. 1230 (before Women in Black)

The First of 3 Peace Meetings was held on Monday. The next 2 are:
Women Surviving Violence in conflict zones
19.30 Mon 12th
Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JL
Scottish WILPF and Amnesty International
Learn about campaigns for sexual and reproductive rights in war zones
Resource Wars
7.30pm – 9.30pm Mon 19th
Quaker Meeting house, 7 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JL
Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition
Jonathan Neale looks at how competition for strategic control of resources fuels war
Also opening Friday: Egalitarian Frames
Oct 9 Opening Night, 5.30pm – 8.30pm.
October 10th – 15th, 11am-5pm
Whitespace Gallery, 25 Howe Street, Edinburgh EH3 6TF
An exhibition which will bring to light issues which are in the spirit and theme of the festival.

1. CND has labelled David Cameron’s assertion that the government will order four new Trident submarines as “arrogant” and “bypassing the democratic process”.
The Prime Minister made the statement in a speech delivered to the Conservative Party conference today ahead of a parliamentary decision due in 2016 on whether Britain will replace its nuclear weapons system.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:
“This is complete arrogance on the part of the Prime Minister, bypassing the democratic process and showing contempt for parliament. The parliamentary vote, expected in 2016, is long-awaited – first promised by the Labour government in 2007 and reinforced by subsequent governments.”

2. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament joined a major anti-austerity demonstration on Sunday organised by the TUC and supported by campaign groups including the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. Commenting on the death of Denis Healey CND also reminded us that in 2008 Healey told the BBC that he would never have authorised the use of British nuclear weapons should he have been in a position to make the decision as Defence Secretary. Healey also said in 2006 “I don’t think we need nuclear weapons any longer”.
Come along to the Scrap Trident Skillshare days and sharpen up your anti- Trident campaigning. We are holding two skillshares of lively and interactive workshops to share knowledge about Trident nuclear weapons and the grassroots campaigns working to scrap them.

3. SCRAP TRIDENT EDINBURGH Skillshare – SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th St Thomas of Aquins RC High School, 2-20 Chalmers St, EH3 9ES
Timetable : 10am:Registration. 10.15am:Introduction to Trident.11am – 4pm:Workshops. Lunch at 1pm (Tea & Sandwiches available). 4pm:Conclusion 4.30pm:finish.
Workshops: Outlawing nuclear weapons worldwide
Nukewatch – tracking nuclear bombs on our roads
Political campaigning & divestment
Faith based activism & resistance
Presenting the arguments – how to talk about Trident
What about the jobs and alternative employment
Short intro to Nonviolent direct action.
Creative campaigning – Making your message visible
All are welcome, from complete beginners to life-long activists
Book a place at eventbrite The skillshares are free but donations to cover costs are welcome.
Lunch available.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ScrapTrident
Twitter account is @ScrapTrident #ScrapTrident #BairnsNotBombs

4. Scottish CND Annual Conference and AGM this year will be held at St Columba’s by the Castle in Edinburgh on 7th November 2015. Deadline for motions and nominations 10th October 2015. You can join SCND.
On 21st October there will be a meeting in Glasgow on Defence Diversification.
Representatives from SCND visited Holyrood last month to witness the First Minister. Nicola Sturgeon, signing the Global Parliamentary Appeal for a Nuclear Weapons Ban . This is an appeal form current parliamentarians for ‘all national governments to negotiate a treaty banning nuclear weapons and leading to their complete eradication’.
‘We call on the UK Prime Minister to respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland and cancel the £100 billion plan to renew Trident.’ This is the wording of a declaration launched in Glasgow on the 2nd Ocotber Look out for events around Scotland in the coming months to publicise the declaration.
Sandy and Cindy continue to tour Scotland and SCND have supported Jeremy Corbyn’s comments on Nuclear Strikes.
A new specialist section of Scottish CND has been set up for members of the Scottish Green Party. If you are a member of the Scottish Green Party and would like to be in Scottish Green CND please let us know by replying to this email. There is also an SNP CND group. They held a successful conference on 3 October. For information on SNP CND contact snpcndsecretary@gmail.com )

5. Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative has now launched its share offer – giving everyone in Edinburgh (and beyond) the opportunity to buy shares in what will become the UK’s largest community-owned urban renewables project.
The co-op is looking to raise around £1.8 million for the project, which will fund the installation of solar panels on 25 public buildings across the capital.
Everyone who buys shares will become a co-owner of the scheme. Everyone living in Edinburgh, from young people to pensioners, as well as local businesses, are being encouraged to participate.
The majority of buildings – all owned by the City of Edinburgh Council – are schools, although community and leisure centres are all involved. For a full list please see the Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative web site.

6. Scottish Stop the War have organised a meeting to coordinate activity on a range of pressing issues; details are
Scotland Stop the War – open meeting of the steering group. 7pm Tuesday 13 October at the Lebanese Centre / Ahl al Beit Society 25 Woodside Place, Glasgow G3 7QL

7. The Scottish Peace Network began planning for events around the imposition of conscription a century ago during 1914-18 War including having a peaceful presence at Parliament Square, on the Royal Mile next to St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh on Sunday 8th Nov during the main Scottish Remembrance Parade. Assemble at 10.30am to hold banners during the parade and ceremony. After the official ceremony we will laying a White Poppy wreath to remember all those who have died and suffered in wars and continue to do so. All welcome.

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