EdCND News 12th November (update 17th)

There will be a Don’t Bank on the Bomb photo / stunt 10am Tuesday outside the RBS Registered office on the East side of St Andrews Square. It would be great to have a small crowd there to stand with the banner. Essentially we have written to RBS requesting a meeting re our concerns about their investments so this will be the start of campaigning here in Scotland on this issue.

and: Leafleting outside Spokes meeting in the evening.

Reminders about up and coming meetings:

1. Scrap Trident Skillshare: Saturday 14 November, 10.00 am – 4.30 pm St Thomas of Aquins RC High School, 2-20 Chalmers St, Edinburgh EH3 9ES
A day of lively and interactive workshops to share knowledge about Trident nuclear weapons and the grassroots campaigns working to scrap them. All welcome. Lunch provided. Book Your Place Now.                         +++There will also be leafleting 1230 at West End Princes Street.
2. Peace is Possible: That’s the theme for Radical Voices Sunday evening, 15 November, at the Constitution Bar, Constitution Street, Leith. All welcome to bring a song, poem or story, or just interest and enthusiasm.
PLEASE NOTE that we’ll be starting at the earlier time of 6 pm. And do pass along the attached flyer to anyone who might be interested in coming.
3. Launch of the Don’t Bank on the Bomb Campaign: Monday 16 November, 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, Nicholson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX
Speakers: Wilbert van der Zeijden, Pax (Netherlands). Rebecca Sharkey ICANUK. Richard Dyer, MD, Medact.
Phil Lucas, CAAT. Speaker from Edinburgh University People & Planet. Chair: Brian Larkin, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre. Please Book a place here so we have an idea of numbers for catering. Tea and cake provided. At the meeting on 10th November it was areed to draft a letter to be submitted to RBS and the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. Next meeting 9th December.
Other news:
1. Please do encourage people to use CAATs e-action to email MSPs about their pensions: http://act.foe-scotland.org.uk/lobby/63

2. nuClear News No.79, November 2015 is now available for downloading here: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo79.pdf

3. News from CND (UK): The Chief of the UK Defence Staff criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to launch a nuclear strike, amidst the growing debate on Trident replacement. CND is joining calls for the Defence Secretary to take action against this political intervention, as – in our democracy – the military is required to be politically neutral.
General Sir Nicholas Houghton’s comments are the latest example of the flagrant disregard for due process regarding the UK’s nuclear weapons system; just weeks after the Prime Minister David Cameron’s arrogant assertion, ahead of a Parliamentary vote, that the government will order four new Trident submarines.
CND needs your help to challenge these attempts by the political establishment to bypass democratic channels and pre-empt the debate. Right now, they’re organising meetings across the UK to give the people a voice in the debate on whether Britain should have nuclear weapons or not. And on February 27th, there will be a huge national protest in London to demonstrate the massive opposition to Trident replacement. Following the lobby on the 4th there will be a Constituency lobby on 22-23 January to keep up the dialogue and pressure for an anti-Trident vote.
Saturday, 6th February
In the run up to 27th February, we’re planning Stop Trident days of action. Please use these opportunities to raise awareness and mobilise for the big demo! Organise a street stall, public meeting, film night or stunt on these days – or at other times if these dates don’t work for you. If you need speakers or help with any planning, don’t hesitate to contact me at campaigns@cnduk.org.
Please book coaches to the demo! I’m pleased to report that there are already coaches coming from Norwich, Bath, Exeter, Northampton and Edinburgh. Let me know the details of your coaches and I’ll promote it on the CND website. Also, if you would like a local media pack to promote your days of action and coaches to the demo, please contact pressoffice@cnduk.org. You can also join CNDs letter writing media activists
4. Tuesday, 17 November, commemoration of the 1915 rent strikes and the march through Glasgow on 17 November 1915 that led to the Rent Restriction Act freezing rents for the duration of the war (see earlier post)

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