Edinburgh CND News 25th November updated 1st December

Two events on Wednesday 2nd December when it is expected that there will be a vote at Westminster on Syria

Scottish Parliament – Don’t Bomb Syria – Build Peace Not War: assemble midday to stand with MSPs to say no to bombing.

Wellington Statue – East End Of Princes Street, 5pm – 7pm Vigil Don’t Bomb Syria


1. These are dangerous times and it looks likely that there will be a House of Commons vote on Syria early next week.
Don’t Bomb SyriaEdinburgh Rally between 5pm and 7pm on Monday 30th November at the East End of Princes Street. Bring candles, torches, placards and banners.
Contact your MP – in particular ask SNP MPs to adhere to the policy passed at their conference on not bombing Syria
Use the 2-minute lobby tool http://bit.ly/1T4T6Uw to tell your MP Don’t Bomb Syria. LOBBY YOUR MP

2. This Saturday (28th) we will be at Scotland’s Climate March with our Scrap Trident Replacement fund Climate Jobs banner. Meet with us 12noon at the meadows. There is also an STUC March in Glasgow: Refugees Welcome to Scotland Assemble: 10:30am Glasgow Green
March Off: 11am

3. Public Meeting After the Paris killings: NO TO RACISM; NO TO WARWednesday 25 November Friends Meeting House 7 Victoria Terrace Edinburgh
EH1 2JL 7.30pm Organised by: Stand up to Racism, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, Edinburgh Stop the War

4. The UK government has announced a further hike in the cost of replacing Trident in its Strategic Defence and Security Review published today.
The cost of replacing the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons submarines is set to rise to £41 billion. The government previously stated four new submarines would cost £25 billion.
The new figure comes after the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee reported last month that Trident replacement could rise to £167 billion when maintenance of the system is costed in.
CND is calling a major national demonstration to Stop Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system.
Stop Trident Demo: 27th February 2016
and Stop Trident Days of Action: Saturday, 6th February
Constituency Lobby: Friday & Saturday, 22-23rd January
Invite Bruce Kent to your Stop Trident event!
Check the CND website for updates! The Stop Trident Days of Action and Constituency Lobby are up on the website, where you can register to meet with your MP at the Constituency Lobby, find out where coaches are coming from, and get lots more information. You can also find out which other organisations are supporting the demo so you can link up with them for local actions and events. Just check the website
Join the Thunderclap! Help raise the awareness of the Stop Trident Days of Action and Demonstration by joining the Thunderclap – a mass mobilisation of people on the internet – all you need is Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr! Check the CND website for details
#StopTrident is the hashtag to use for the demo and related events
Just a reminder: if you would like a local media pack to promote your days of action, events and coaches to the demo, please contact pressoffice@cnduk.org.
Leafletting! Let us know if you need more postcards for leafletting in your area. There’ll be a lot of it going on around the country – please help in spreading the word to make sure everywhere is covered.

5. Drone Campaign Network’s monthly email
website here.

6. Edinburgh CND Benefit night on Tuesday 221st June 2016 at The Stand here in Edinburgh (watch this space

7. Battle of the Somme centenary to be marked by UK vigils

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