Edinburgh CND News 18th March (reupdated 29th)

Please click on events to see details of our benefit at The Stand, May Day celebration and dates of hustings ( go and ask your potential MSPs about their views on Trident): 

Note 29th May:  Please go along to any you can: Trident questions on the waste of money are always relevant! Please help us to keep the list up-to-date by e-mailing new information to edinburghcnd@yahoo.com.

Here are a few suggestions for questions:
1. If elected will you join the Parliamentarian Network for Nuclear Disarmament (PNND: http://www.pnnd.org/) and sign ICAN’s Parliamentary Appeal? ( http://www.icanw.org/projects/appeal/) The idea here is to give a clear and concrete expression to the Scottish desire to stand aside from the nuclear weapon states (particularly the UK) and show solidarity with the majority world which favour a global ban. It ties in also with continuing hopes for independence and national status at the UN.
2. Will you commit to working in collaboration with other parties and individuals in other parties on the common platform of disarmament so that the Parliament’s rejection of nuclear weapons is not weakened by inter-party strife?
3. Will you push for the legality of Trident to be properly examined within Scots Law?
4. Will you do what you can to ensure that the Scottish Government takes action on emergency planning in relation to Trident weapon convoys through Scotland?                There are some more ideas from Don’t Bank on the Bomb in the previous Newsletter.

Please tell us of any other Hustings and we will add them to our list edinburghcnd@yahoo.com

Sunday 20 March. 1 – 4pm.  Fly Kites not Drones. On the Meadows.By the Pavilion Cafe. Supported by EdinburghCND

Afghan children traditionally fly kites on Now Ruz (New Year). But the blue skies of Afghanistan are now a fearful sight to the children who no longer want to fly kites, due to fear of a drone strike. Drones are now extensively used in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Yeman, Mali and Somalia too, with untold civilian casualties. We will Fly Kties in solidarity with all who live under the threat of drones.Bring a kite or come along and make one.

Drone Campaign Network’s monthly email newsletter is available. Each month, they send an email containing the latest information, campaign updates and links to resources to help you campaign on the growing use of armed drones. To receive monthly email newsletter, sign up via website http://dronecampaignnetwork.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=f4b7a7e4e1dc9a526bdcef140&id=96c08d27ce&e=a4fa904f48

Other Events this weekend                                                                                                             1. Saturday 19th Refugees Welcome are Welcome Here demonstration  assemble 11am for 11.30am start at George Square in Glasgow. 2.Later on some of us will join the solidarity with Syria demo and rally that leaves Parliament Square in Edinburgh at 1pm and then rallies at the Parliament until 4pm.
3.Sunday 20th The Scottish Defence League want to march in Edinburgh on a viciously anti-refugee, Islamophobic and racist platform.  Support the call from UAF to assemble at the Mound at 12.45 to say no to the SDL (and go to the Meadows after)

Ask Your MSPs to Sign Motion Calling on Scottish Government to Recognise International Conscientious Objectors Day.
A motion calling on Scottish Parliament to recognise International Conscientious Objectors’ Day 15 May has been lodged by Alison Johnstone MSP. Read the full text of the Motion S4M-15865 http://peaceandjustice.us7.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=6e39b7d66c916d69d27cb405f&id=fd64b5d495&e=c2ba2454a

Syria petition at https://www.scribd.com/doc/298238583/Syria-Petition
(The petition on Military visits to schools is still open: see previous news)

CND condemns cuts made to welfare as government ploughs ahead with £100+bn Trident replacement
In light of cuts to welfare in George Osborne’s 2016 budget, anti-nuclear campaigns have reissued their demand for the government to cancel plans to replace Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “This budget is a total disaster for some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. The government has announced cuts to welfare for disabled people, cuts to pensions for nurses and teachers, and cuts to local government. Yet it remains committed to replacing Trident at a cost of over £100 billion.”
Don’t forget that People not Trident – which looks at what else Britain could spend £100billion on, other than Trident – is available for using at your local demonstrations and events. You can order it from the CND shop.
If you disagree with Osborne and the Tory government’s pursuit of nuclear weapons at the cost of support for the disabled, pensioners and Local Government make your feelings known: Write to your MP to tell them you want to stop Trident replacement. You can contact your MP using the CND website Tweet your support for the #StopTrident campaign, perhaps using some of the facts above Join our People not Trident bloc at the People’s Assembly demonstration on Saturday, April 16th

We are sad to announce the death of EdinburghCND supporter Sylvia Marshall. Sylvia’s funeral will be held at 1.30 on Friday 1 April at Morton Hall Crematorium followed by a memorial meeting at 3pm at the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House where Sylvia was a member.


  1. Monday 21st March Edinburgh Stop the War monthly meeting at the Quaker Meeting House. Report back from the Scottish Stop the War meeting, discussion and planning on antiwar campaigning andcompare notes and draw threads together with SACC on campaigning plans around Islamophobia and Prevent at the end of the evening.
  2. Next meeting of the Don’t Bank on the Bomb network to 22 March 2pm at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.
  3. Trident Ploughshares NVDA workshop Saturday March 26th 10am – 5pm
    Glasgow Quaker Meeting House 38 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow G2 4PS Trident Ploughshares invites you to join a day long workshop to prepare for taking part in Nonviolent Direct Action against the Trident nuclear weapons system and considering joining TP. For more info and booking go to http://tridentploughshares.org/trident-ploughshares-members-training/ People who can’t risk arrest but would like to do practical hands on support are very welcome.
  4. Nukewatch Edinburgh meeting will be a 7pm on Thurs 31 March in the Peace and Justice Centre.wwrk out some practicalities about watching the by pass and how to make the most of Tridents proximity in local campaigning.
  5. New Item: Please see the following message on a peace forum in Nineveh this Thursday and Friday and kindly consider forwarding to contacts:
  6. Saturday (2 April): Edinburgh stop the war have a campaigning stall at the East End of Princes Street (by the Wellington Statue opposite the Balmoral), 1pm – 2.30pm  – if you can get a long to help, even for a short time that would be great. Hope to see
  7. Next Meeting of Edinburgh CND 6pm on 4th April in ACE
  8. Next Meeting of the Scottish Peace Network 6th April at 2 pm in Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2JN
  9. The People’s Assembly National Demo: Join Our ‘People Not Trident’ Bloc
    Details Saturday 16 April 2016

Other News:

1.CND is hiring! CND (London Office) is looking for a new Office & HR Manager to sustain a supportive and efficient working environment for everyone at CND. Please share the ad far and wide.

2.Petition: Make planting trees a priority to reduce flooding by improving soil and drainage
View on petition.parliament.uk

3. New Website: Scotland Stop the War has a new website at http://www.scotlandstopwar.org

4.Ban Ki-moon will end his 10-year term in December 2016. The campaign for the next UN Secretary-General has begun. Seven candidates have already come forward, and there are possibilities of additional nominations. You can question the candidates
​ There are three easy ways to submit your question.
Fill out an online form, Tweet using #UNSGcandidates , Email askSGcandidates@unngls.org, Perhaps your question will be about nuclear disarmament?

5. New Item: Date 23 March 2016 Local Authorities Investments in Arms (City of Edinburgh Council) In August 2015 Common Weal South Lanarkshire submitted a Freedom of Information request to all 32 local authorities in Scotland to establish which councils had investments in companies designing, manufacturing or selling arms in the UK and worldwide.


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