Edinburgh CND News 1st April

April Edinburgh CND meeting is on Monday 4th April 6pm in ACE 17 W Montgomery Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5HA

There is much to discuss (including the events below):

Click on events to see details of events including: Our benefit at The Stand,                         May Day celebration and                                                                                                                           Dates of hustings ( go and ask your potential MSPs about their views on Trident). Please go along to any you can: Trident questions on the waste of money are always relevant!

Please help us to keep the list up-to-date by e-mailing new information on Hustings to edinburghcnd@yahoo.com and we will add them to our list.

Here are a few suggestions for questions:
1. If elected will you join the Parliamentarian Network for Nuclear Disarmament (PNND: http://www.pnnd.org/) and sign ICAN’s Parliamentary Appeal? ( http://www.icanw.org/projects/appeal/) The idea here is to give a clear and concrete expression to the Scottish desire to stand aside from the nuclear weapon states (particularly the UK) and show solidarity with the majority world which favour a global ban. It ties in also with continuing hopes for independence and national status at the UN.
2. Will you commit to working in collaboration with other parties and individuals in other parties on the common platform of disarmament so that the Parliament’s rejection of nuclear weapons is not weakened by inter-party strife?
3. Will you push for the legality of Trident to be properly examined within Scots Law?
4. Will you do what you can to ensure that the Scottish Government takes action on emergency planning in relation to Trident weapon convoys through Scotland?                       5. Hustings Questions from Don’t Bank on the Bomb Q.1 SNP / Labour / Green Party is against Trident renewal but the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme (administered by Fund Managers Baillie Gifford) have invested £244,517 in Rolls Royce which manufactures the propulsion system, (reactors) for Trident submarines. Would you support divestment of the SPPS from companies such as Rolls Royce that manufacture components for Trident and other nuclear weapons systems?
Q.2 With the global movement for a ban on nuclear weapons now supported by 123 countries production, possession and deployment of nuclear weapons is becoming increasingly stigmatized internationally & will sooner or later be illegal. This means investments in nuclear weapons is increasingly a financial risk. Would you agree that it would therefore be prudent for the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme to divest from companies producing nuclear weapons.

Other News:

  1. Global Day of Action Against Military Spending.
    The purpose is to raise awareness on military spending issues and to make the event more visible and more attractive to the public by having several groups working together, thus raising awareness more effectively, which would benefit all groups.
    All groups could have information stands and leaflets to give out, although it would be great to also have a common leaflet to give out on the day. We have asked Rhythms of Resistance and others if they could come and play some music on the day, and there may be some speakers too. If you have any other ideas for the programme, fire away! Nothing is set in stone yet, and collaboration is key to make it a nice event.
    When: Saturday 16th April, 11am – 3pm
    Where: On the Foot of the Mound (Or if the current construction work is still on on the day, the East End of Prince’s Street)
    Who: Groups working on military spending related agendas, hopefully you
  2. Trident Ploughshares: SEE NUCLEAR WEAPONS . .
    they’re vile and stupid and costly. We want to do our bit for global disarmament. So we told them about it, again and again. We blockaded Faslane and took to the streets. We elected an anti-Trident Scottish Parliament. We elected anti-Trident MPs in May last year and shook a saltire at the big demo on 27th February this year . AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T PAID US ANY ATTENTION so now we are heading for Berkshire for 7th June for the Scottish Day in the Month of Peaceful Direct Action against the nuclear weapon assembly plant at Burghfield where people from all over the UK and beyond will be doing their best to put A GENTLE SPANNER IN THE WORKS. People will be doing different and imaginative things to disrupt the ongoing work of the plant. Some of these things could lead to arrest but there are also support tasks to be done and people doing these will not be risking confrontation with the law. JOIN US IF YOU CAN To give real support to peace folk down south (including our MPs) who have to face a much more apathetic and even hostile response compared to Scotland To show our commitment to ridding, not just Scotland, but the UK and the world of nukes, To signal to the UK government that resistance to Trident will continue, whatever Westminster decides. There will be shared transport to and from the area and accommodation when we get there. We are also holding a special prep meeting on 19th APRIL in Edinburgh from 1.30 to 3 pm in the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN, close to the castle. FOR MORE INFO scotland@tridentploughshares.org                                                                                                    3. A Trident Warhead convoy that arrived in Scotland on 10th March was stopped briefly in Balloch. If you see this convoy on the road let Nukewatch know on 0345 4588 365. Videos and more information from Nukewatch or see the briefing from Scottish CND                                                                                                                                          And for anyone who couldn’t get to the big Stop Trident demo in London in February you can still catch a bit of the action on Live Stream (see earlier post).                            4.The President of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Christine Blower, this week called for an end to Trident as she addressed her trade union’s annual conference. The NUT is just one of many organisations which has supported CND’s People not Trident campaign, agreeing with us that the government’s cuts aren’t based on the needs of the economy, but on politics. It is unacceptable that the government can spend well over £100 billion on a weapon of mass destruction, but it can’t find the money to pay teachers and nurses a decent wage, build enough homes or invest in safe and secure energy sources. Join CND as we march against Trident and in favour of health, homes, jobs and education in London on Saturday, April 16th. (N.B. See last news for job in London Office)                                                                                                     5. Link to the Drones campaign in Germany.  http://www.ramstein-kampagne.eu/appeal/  On the link it asks you to sign the petition and share on fb.          6. Scottish Parliament Elections  Women’s Voices The SWC is holding a women’s voices hustings event on Saturday 9th April. Women will be given the opportunity to discuss key issues, concerns and priorities not only with other women, but with representatives from Scotland’s main political parties. Those attending will participate in a Question and Answer session with those standing for election to the Scottish Parliament.  Date: Saturday 9th April Venue: Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor, 1-9 Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow G12 0TA Timings: 10am – 1.30pm

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