Edinburgh CND News: 25th January 2017

Following the huge anti-Trump demonstrations in Edinburgh and across the country last weekend, as well as a media frenzy following the news of the Trident missile crisis cover up (see 1 below), it is an extremely busy time for all CND groups. It’s also a huge opportunity to get our message out wider too.
+++++ See our Facebook page for more Trump activities:https://www.facebook.com/EdinburghCND/

The next Edinburgh CND meeting will be on Tuesday 7th Feb 6pm Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow EH1 2NJ. All invited. We will be discussing our future activities including our contribution to the worldwide Week of Action from 10th to 17th Feb (see 2 below).
STOP PRESS: also see 13 below for a Parliamentary debate on the 8th and 14 for a meeting in Inverness on the 3rd

1. Trident is a disaster waiting to happen:
The news that Theresa May covered up a failed Trident missile test in 2016 is a crisis for our democracy as well as a crisis for the security of Britain. Michael Fallon continued the denial.
As CND’s Kate Hudson said to the media: “this is a very serious failure of the Trident system and there’s absolutely no doubt this would have impacted on the debate in Parliament on Trident replacement. The government’s motivation for holding back this vital information is therefore clear.
“Instead of crucial information being given by the government at the appropriate time to inform the MP’s debate, it’s been revealed by a senior naval figure months after it took place.” Write to your MP to demand an inquiry into this crisis.
“Both Parliament and public have the right to the truth, which is why we’re calling for a Trident Inquiry. Thousands of letters have already been sent to MPs to demand that an inquiry is conducted. It’s time for the government act.”
Parliamentary CND Chair Caroline Lucas has tabled an Early Day Motion calling for an inquiry.

2. Last year Scotland held numerous demos to oppose the Trident vote. Now we found out that Theresa May covered up this failed Trident missile test right before the vote. We must challenge the UK’s bad decision. Negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty start in March at The United Nations meeting in New York. The Ban is supported by most member states – but not the UK, and the UK media are not reporting it so far. It is up to us to tell the good news.

ICAN call for a worldwide Week of Action from 10th to 17th Feb.
SCND and others are working with the Scrap Trident Coalition to make a big impression!
Are you willing to organise a street stall or arrange a photograph opportunity in your local area after work one evening or during the weekend in the week of action?
We have postcards and leaflets to tell the Ban Treaty story (from the SCND and Edinburgh Peace & Justice offices). We need everyone in Scotland to see them. You can ask your local MSPs to get involved and get everyone to register on http://nuclearban.org.
SCND and the Scrap Trident Coalition will post about activities and the contact person in each area. Please let us know if you’d be interested in coordinating a stall. We will offer support.
We are asking everyone to make sure that we can get pictures of the whole week, make Facebook events and share these on Facebook, Twitter etc. If this is new for you we can help you get started. We will use social media to publicise all the activities, and it is really important that ICAN has our photographs with placards or statements supporting the Global Ban Treaty to share in New York!
Reminder: If you haven’t signed the petition urging UK government participation in the talks: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096
There is a lobby of MPs organised on Wednesday 1st March to call on the UK government to play a constructive role in the negotiations, and this is your chance to persuade your local MP.

STOP PRESS: (I)Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to the announcement made by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that the Doomsday Clock has moved to 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “The Doomsday Clock has moved closer to midnight. The twin threats of nuclear war and climate change pose a greater danger to the world in 2017 than in 2016. We agree that the provocative statements made by Donald Trump have broken international conventions and made a new arms race a real possibility.It’s now absolutely vital that Britain supports negotiations for a global nuclear ban taking place at the United Nations this year”. Meanwhile, a few blocks away in Washington DC on the same day as the Doomsday Clock announcement, UNFOLD ZERO and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) held a consultation with arms control experts and disarmament activists on how to reduce nuclear risks and advance nuclear disarmament. The meeting was part of a series of consultations in Geneva, Vienna, New York, Washington, London and other centres, focusing on upcoming multilateral processes, including United Nations negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, the resumption of the Non-Proliferation Treaty review cycle and the 2018 UN High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament.

STOP PRESS: (II) Anti-nuclear campaigners called for an end to the Special Relationship – particularly its nuclear elements – ahead of Theresa May’s meeting with US President Donald Trump. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “There is widespread recognition that President Trump poses an increasing nuclear threat to the world. He has encouraged proliferation and a new nuclear arms race, and calls for a major increase in the US nuclear arsenal. This is a disastrous direction for US foreign and military policy – and for ours too, as we are tied to the US in the Mutual Defence Agreement. Signed in 1958 this is the most extensive nuclear sharing agreement in the world.

3. On Tuesday morning (24th) at 06.45 AM, four anti-nuclear activists blocked the ongoing morning traffic at the south gate of HMBB Clyde in Faslane. Action was recorded by activists from the nearby Faslane Peace Camp, a protest site dedicated to campaigning against nuclear weapons since 1982. The protesters interrupted the morning routines by walking into the line of traffic and pulling a banderol over the road. Edinburgh CND will be visiting the camp in February (watch this space)

4. Audacious Women festival : Scottish WILPF Exhibition at Ocean Terminal
If you haven’t seen the Dangerous Wome Exhibition yet it will be at ‘The Little Shop of Memories’ Ocean Terminal 1st February to 3rd March. If you are not in Edinburgh and would like the Exhibition for a local venue please contact Scottish WILPF.

5. Peace and Justice Centre News:
(a)Burns Supper and Ceilidh Sat 28 Jan 2017. 6pm. Burns Supper. 8 – 11pm Ceilidh.
(b) Alternatives to the local authority debt crisis Friday 27th January. 6 – 8:30pm. Augustine’s United Church on George IV Bridge.
(c) Another reminder: Ask your MP and MSP to sign these parliamentary motions on Military Recruitment of Under 18s (see earlier post on this site).
(d) Paper crane-making every Saturday afternoon from 2pm.

6.January’s Nuclear News at http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/news/21-january-2017

7. Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) are taking the government to Court.
For nearly two years the government has refused to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia, ignoring overwhelming evidence that UK weapons are being used in violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen.
Campaigners put the government under unprecedented pressure – but it has continued to do all it can to maintain its relationship with Saudi Arabia, the UK’s biggest arms customer. CAAT are asking people to write to their MPs.

8. Join Helesnburgh CND Life after Trident Conference on 11 Feb, 1 – 5 pm (Helensburgh Parish Church Halls, Colquhoun Square, G84 8UP).

9.The monthly vigil of the Scottish Peace Network will take place this Thursday, January 26, from 5 to 6pm at Dewar’s statue, Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre. This year the official Armed Forces Day event will take place in Liverpool on June 24. Stirling is holding its usual military show on Saturday, June 17, this will be raised at their next meeting on February 20.

10. CND is organising an ‘NHS Not Trident’ block at the ‘Our NHS’ march to Parliament on Saturday 4th March. We are anticipating massive interest and a huge turnout, and we want all CND groups to be part of it too.

11.++++++News from Italy: Submarine Crashes Through Streets Of Milan In Creative Publicity Stunt: http://www.boredpanda.com/submarine-crash-milan-mc-saatchi-europ-assistance-italia/

12.More News from Australia:
Last week the Environment Minister approved the Yeelirrie uranium proposal – ignoring the EPA advice that the project doesn’t meet objective under the Environmental Protection Act – as the project could make 11 species extinct!!!!+

13. Trident and its Successor Programme – The Case for non-renewal, employment diversification and contributing to peace
The Jimmy Reid Foundation published the above Report on 24 November, read at http://reidfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Trident-Report-24th-Nov-1.pdf .
Bill Kidd MSP with cross party support has tabled the motion below supporting the findings of the Report. Jackie Baillie MSP has tabled an amendment opposing the motion. The motion will be debated in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 8 February at 5.00pm. There will also be a public discussion afterwards in Committee Room 5 from 6.00pm to about 7.30pm. The lead author of the Report, Professor Mike Danson will be present to facilitate discussion. MSP’s will also be invited to attend. The Committee Room is booked in the name of Bill Kidd MSP.
My purpose in writing to you is to invite you to attend the debate in the Public Gallery and/or participate in the discussion afterwards. Also please forward/facebook/twitter any acquaintance you think may be interested in attending.
If attending the debate arrive no later than 4.30pm to allow time to go through security. If attending the discussion you require a visitors pass and need to email your name to JennyElisabeth.Holt@parliament.scot .

14.The HANT (Highlands Against Nuclear Transport) AGM
When: Friday 3rd February, 19:30 Where: Concourse Room Spectrum Centre
1 Margaret Street Inverness IV1 1LS (Ground floor with disabled access)
Refreshments: will be provided! Everyone welcome – come along to learn about our efforts in stopping the transport of nuclear waste by rail, sea and air!

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