Edinburgh CND News 8th February 2017

The International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)has called for a “Week of Action’ from the 10th to 17th February (further details below). As part of this Edinburgh CND will be holding a stall on Saturday 11th at the anti-Trump event at the Meadows: meet 11.45 on Middle Meadow Walk outside Sainsburys (see below)
We will also be leafleting from 1230 at the East End of Princes Street before Women in Black
On Monday 13th there will also be leafleting at East End of Princes Street 5.30 to 6pm (prior to Scottish wilpf meeting) and on Friday 10th a stall from 5pm also at the East End of Princes Street.
More events on http://banthebomb.org and more information on http://nuclearban.org. and below:

The United Nations is starting to negotiate a nuclear weapons ban treaty at the end of March in New York. This presents an opportunity to end the threat of nuclear annihilation and for the nine countries that have nuclear weapons to join the international consensus in favour of scrapping them. The negotiations are supported by a huge majority of the world’s governments but the UK Government say they want multilateral disarmament and they won’t take part. The Scottish Parliament would support the treaty, but is misrepresented by the UK. The international campaign, ICAN, has supported ordinary people across the world as well as at the UN to get the ban treaty this far, and has called for the Week of Action. Everyone should know about the ban, but the UK media are not reporting it so far, so it is up to us. There is now a Scottish working group to support activity here, and provide information and resources. We hope you will join in. Add the Ban twibbon to your profile. http://banthebomb.org
The recent revelation that a Trident missile test had to be aborted after the missile veered off course towards Florida highlights the continuing danger nuclear weapons pose to the world. Coupled with the many erratic statements from President Donald Trump, the time has come for international action to eliminate nuclear weapons everywhere.Contact your MP to arrange a meeting and make sure the voice of those who support a ban on nuclear weapons is heard.
On March 25th – the eve of the conference CND will print an advert in a national newspaper, to raise awareness of this vital development. If you can help fund the advert with a donation, we’ll add your name to it. If 500 people donate £20 each, the ad will be fully funded, but any amount will help towards getting it published. http://www.cnduk.org

Reminder: If you haven’t signed the petition urging UK government participation in the talks: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175096

+++CND has published a new report this week which examines the security implications of Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system. The Security not Trident report was published in Parliament yesterday at a meeting with Caroline Lucas MP (Green), Kelvin Hopkins MP (Labour), Margaret Ferrier MP (SNP), Paul Ingram (BASIC), and Richard Norton-Taylor (writer for the Guardian on defence and security).

Scotland Against Trump – National demo Saturday 11th, 12 noon at the Meadows, Edinburgh
With the exception of Iran, Trump’s ban targets countries that the US has bombed. He is continuing bombing campaigns across the Middle East. There have already been confirmed US attacks in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, where one US commando was killed and two were injured in a failed US raid. US policy towards Iran has returned to the hostile and aggressive posture that was the norm until recently. Furthermore, 350,000 children are trapped and at risk in the US-supported siege of Mosul.
Since Trump’s election, CND has stood in solidarity with the protests against racism, misogyny, and we now stand in solidarity with those protesting against Islamophobia. Our message of stopping Trump’s nuclear arms race and ending the special nuclear relationship between the US and Britain are a vital part of these new movements. There is a report and 20 photos from last Saturday’s Edinburgh march against Trump’s Muslim ban.Edinburgh March Against Trump’s Muslim Ban | Aotearoa Indymedia
Edinburgh CND has participated in the Edinburgh protests and will also be there on Sat 11th (see above)
Other Actions: Sign the letter from the world to Donald Trump https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/president_trump_letter_phtesttr/
Petition: Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

Other News:
1. Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to news about further reliability issues with the Trident II D5 missiles.
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:
“It’s time for the government to end its silence about the Trident missile crisis. It’s not enough for officials to send out press statements saying we ‘we have absolute confidence’ in Trident when there is now a catalogue of very serious failures that the government needs to address.
“We are calling for a Trident Inquiry. The public have a right to know the details of these cover-ups and failures.”
Ask your MP to sign EDM 877 calling for a Trident Inquiry
As news emerged over the weekend that Trident missiles have been experiencing issues with navigation for some time, the government remains silent on the failed test and the cover-up that followed.
The Sunday Times reported that a United States test of the Trident missile also failed and was covered up by the US administration.

2.nuClear News No. 92, February 2017 is now available for downloading here: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo92.pdf

3.Peace and Justice Centre February news with a Women’s Day theme http://peaceandjustice.org.uk/

4. Drones Campaign News Feb: dronecampaignnetwork@riseup. net

5.(a) Faslane peace camp is holding an open day you are all most wholeheartedly welcome to come along and please feel free to share this information with whomever you would like to.
We are visiting on the 12th also.
(b) Starting at 06.30 AM on 2 Feb 5 anti-nuclear activists blocked the morning traffic at the south gate of HMNB Clyde in Faslane. The activists locked-on to one another using arm tubes and formed a blockade on the road leading to the gates. The MoD police cutting team arrived at the scene at 07:00 AM, while MoD officers blocked legal observers’ access from the activists. The morning traffic was directed to the North Gate of the naval base. At 07.30 AM, at the time of the first arrest, the tailback of the traffic stretched from the North Gate beyond Shandon, a distance of over two miles.

6. Benchmark 6 is an old Ministry of Defence term for a worst case accident with a Trident submarine. A Scottish film-maker, David Newbigging, is planning to make a fictional documentary exploring just such a scary scenario, right here, on the Clyde. David approached the Executive of Scottish CND to explain his project and they have agreed to lend it their support. https://socialscreen.co.uk/films/benchmark-6/support

7.Campaign Against Arms Trade is challenging the UK government in a judicial review for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia for the production of a humanitarian disaster in Yemen. The hearings started yesterday, more to follow today and on Friday.
Please write to your MP here, today:
And please sign the petition, too: https://www.caat.org.uk/get-involved/act-now/petition/stop-arming-saudi !

8. We are saddened to announce that Atsuko Betchaku died suddenly last week.
Atsuko was a much loved and valued volunteeer at the Peace and Justice Centre. She organised and ran many peace cranes workshops around Edinburgh remembering Hiroshima and the wish of a little girl called Sadako for future peace and disarmament. The workshops were always a joy, with much laughter, happiness and beauty. The last post she created on her Cranes project website announced the hope that there will be an exhibition of the 140,000 Cranes in Scottish Parliament in 2018. Atsuko’s website is at:https://origamicraneproject.jimdo.com/
Her funeral will take place: Thursday 16 February 3:30pm at Warriston Crematorium

9. The next meeting of the Countering Recruitment of under-18s to the armed forces campaign will be on Tuesday 14th Feb

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