Edinburgh CND News 12th April (Latest Update 19th)

Please note this months May Day meeting is on the 17th (one week early).
As part of GDCOMS on Saturday 22nd Edinburgh CND, Scrap Trident and other groups will be undertaking actions in Edinburgh including leafleting the March for Science and Pedal on Parliament. There will also be leafleting in the city centre, including at the East end of Princes Street. We will be assembling 12 noon at the East End of Princes Street.
More information below.

By the last day of the first session of the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty discussions in New York, there was an exuberant excitement in the room at the enormous significance of what is under way.
132 UN Member states participated in this meeting to agree the elements for a nuclear weapons ban treaty. This important treaty is a real step towards general and complete disarmament, leading to peace, security, and human rights, so it is not an end itself, but a tool.
When the nine states that possess nuclear weapons exhibited no good faith commitment to nuclear disarmament and chose to boycott the conference, their absence did not have the effect they had intended but allowed thoughtful deliberation and exchanges, and a useful example of how the United Nations can operate in terms of open, fluid conversation amongst states, international organisations, academics, and non-governmental organisations. This was particularly helpful around the discussions of positive obligations that states would commit to, such as ensuring the rights of victims and survivors of nuclear weapons activities, and identifying actions to address damage to affected environments and providing for international cooperation and assistance to meet the obligations of the treaty.
Member states showed their concerns that the devastating effect of nuclear weapons can never be contained by national borders or their governments and they listened respectfully to survivors describing the awful reality of nuclear weapons and tests, and the expert advice from organisations like the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.
All of the key points that ICAN hoped the states would raise were discussed and hopefully will be incorporated into the draft treaty that the chair will now compile for further discussions in the second session , which takes place from the 17th of June till the beginning of July.
Ensuring that the information is available for the diplomats, encouraging them to work together in groups to resist the financial pressure and threatened removal of military supprt by the nuclear weapons states, organising or participating in the many side events to help people to be well informed, and keeping track of who is there who is speaking and what they are saying is a lot of work, and we need to ensure that civil society and parliamentarians who support the treaty are there, speaking out. Lots of people are pinning hopes on Scotland succeeding in disarming the UK, and it is essential that we share this news here – the mainstream media are not listening in the UK.
Already, the conference is starting to change the norm and stigmatise and delegitimise nuclear weapons in the eyes of the world.
Thanks for the info on the talks to:

There is a Scottish Working Group which has open meetings in Glasgow contact SCND http://www.banthebomb.org for details.
The last Working Group meeting decided to write a ‘brief’ on the Nuclear Treaty Ban. A folded A4 leaflet has been proposed which would serve several purposes, the actual briefing as a series of questions and and is constructed of eight ‘boxes’ which can easily convert to PowerPoint if necessay, the same ‘boxes’ can also easily be sent out on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. As it stands it can of-course also be given out as a leaflet which is eye-catching and presents the arguments as a series of easily absorbed main points.

Also see below for a Scottish fundraiser. http://www.banthebomb.org and meeting on 17th May. Other fundraisers are happening and planned.

The April 2017 edition of CND’s Campaign magazine is out. CND was present at the UN last month to witness the historical negotiations on a nuclear weapons ban treaty. Despite the UK government boycotting the talks in March, there is still a chance to participate at the next session. It is more important than ever to increase the pressure on the government. If you haven’t already, please write to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and your local MP, expressing how important it is to attend the final round of talks.
The also attended the Liberal Democrats’ Spring Conference to hear the party discussing their policy on Trident. Read about what happened in this month’s magazine, as well as an update on Britain’s disastrous attempt to build more nuclear power stations. http://www.cnduk.org/cnd-media/campaign-magazine
For yet more on the talks see:
http://www.mayorsforpeace.org/english/ has some interesting material


1. April 18-28 are the Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS). Civil society organisations around the world will take action to reduce military spending in order to help fund social and environmental needs, including the Sustainable Development Goals.
Internationally, UNFOLD ZERO is partnering with GDAMS to ‘Move the Nuclear Weapons Money’. We encourage you to take action in your community to highlight the $100 billion global nuclear weapons budget, and ‘move the nuclear weapons money’ to better purposes.

1.1 On Saturday 22nd Edinburgh CND, Scrap Trident and other groups will be undertaking actions in Edinburgh including leafleting the March for Science and Pedal on Parliament. There will also be leafleting in the city centre, including at the East end of Princes Street. Watch this space for more details.
1.2 From Scotland with Shame: Demonstrate to call for an end to Arms Exports from Scotland Scottish Parliament.
The EP&JC is joining CAAT Edinburgh on this Day of Action outside the Scottish Parliament. All invited to come along for all or part of the time.
++++1.3 Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS)#FromScotlandWithShame
12-2pm, Wednesday 19 April, outside Scottish Parliament
https://www.facebook.com/ events/100896443796519/
There will be a pre-meeting from 11.30am – to allow us to collate all our materials, banners, props, assign a few tasks and even possibly do a bit of dressing up! Serenity Café Space
The UK has been supplying the Saudi-led coalition with Paveway IV missiles produced by arms manufacturer Raytheon at its factory in Glenrothes. These Scottish-made “smart-bombs” are being used in coalition attacks on Yemeni civilians that violate international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes. The same Raytheon bombs have also been used previously by Israel during assaults on Gaza (there will be an Edinburgh event on 16th)
1.3 CAAT Creative Campaigning Workshop Quaker Meeting House
Sat 15 April. 10:30am – 3pm. Anyone wanting to hone their creative campaigning skills ahead of the Day of Action and plot strategy for ending arms exports from Scotland is invited. To express interest email Mark Bitel at: eventscaatedin@gmail.com
1.4 The next quarterly CAAT meeting will be on 14th June 2017 from 7-8.45pm. Previous minutes available

2. Actions around the Global Ban (see above)
2.1. Local Edinburgh meeting with report from Janet Fenton Wednesday 17th May 7.30pm at the Peace and Justice Centre.

2.2 Fundraiser event for the whole family on Sat 29 April, 4 – 8 pm in St Peter’s Church Hall, 46 Hyndland Street, Glasgow, G11 5 PS (Chancellor St entrance)
Music & special guests including actor David Anderson
Circus workshops & performance by Ringmaster Parties (plate spinning, hula hoops, juggling, pedal go’s & much more) Short drama Games for all ages
Refreshments & food available Raffle
The money raised will help send delegates to negotiations on a Global Ban Nuclear Weapons Treaty which will take place in June/July this year in New York. Most countries in the world are supporting the proposed treaty – and if the talks in New York are completed successfully this will be a major breakthrough in getting rid of nuclear weapons from our world.
This will be a fantastic day for all ages so please come along and bring your children or grandchildren. Tickets: £5 waged, £3 unwaged Free for under 12s & asylum seekers £10 supporter ticket Book your ticket online at the link below or phone/text Arthur West on 07826127759.

2.3 On the same day: Glasgow Launch event for Scotland against militarism campaign 29th April 13:00 Quaker Meeting House Glasgow https://scotlandagainstmilitarism.com/

+++++3. http://cnduk.org/cnd-media/item/2722-will-there-be-a-nuclear-war
Wednesday, 19th April 2017. 5.30pm to 7pm US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London
Nuclear war has never been so possible and never so probable.

4. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference, Vienna May 2-12
States parties to the NPT, plus registered non-governmental organisations, will be meeting at Vienna International Centre (the United Nations) from May 2-12 in the First Preparatory Committee Meeting for the 2020 NPT Review Conference.

5. Challenging Military Recruitment of Youth Saturday 27 May. 11am – 1pm.
LG 09, David Hume Tower, George Square, Edinburgh
All invited to arrive early (10:30am) for a cup of tea and networking time.
Two short Films, Speakers and Discussion Screening “Engage” Forces Watch film about Cadets in schools and Woodcraft Folk campaign against it.
Screening Quaker film “The Unseen March” that outlines the UK governments concerted campaign to improve its image – from Armed Forces Day events annually to the expansion of the Cadets programmes.

5.1 Saturday 17th June will see Women marching Worldwide to Ban the Bomb.
http://www.womenbanthebomb.org This is part of a Global Day of Action in support of the Global Nuclear Ban, which CND groups are supporting. A rally and march has been arranged in New York on Saturday, June 17th.
5.2 There is a national conference in London (also on Saturday, June 17th) to discuss how renewable energy can and should replace nuclear energy production. Experts say renewable energy is safer, healthier, more sustainable, quicker and cheaper

6. This month’s Edinburgh CND trip to Faslane was on Wednesday 5th April.
2 members with a carload of stuff that had been collected and a load of food bought as a donation. Had a good chat with the campers and a look around, then went along, with one of them to the vigil at the North gate. Spent an hour there with a saltire and CND synbol, got lots of waves from cars.
The campers are in court today (Thursday) about their recent action and we send them a message of support.
The Wednesday weekly vigil from 4pm outside the Faslane Trident base – North Gate, Faslane – organised by Helensburgh CND, Faslane Peace Camp and Trident Ploughshares

+++7.Cooperative Games & Conflict Resolution Skills for Schools Facilitator Training: Saturday 22 April. 9am – 1pm. Central Edinburgh Venue peaceandjustice.org.uk

8. Next meeting of Scottish Peace Network:Tuesday 30th May at 6 pm in the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.Minutes of last meeting available. ++++At present they are preparing a new leaflet about Syria for use at their next vigil Thursday, April 27, at 5pm at Dewar’s statue on Buchanan Street. Previous minutes available.https://www.facebook.com/events/1342951059129022/

9. In Australia: This years Walkatjurra Dates are now set for the 4th of August leaving Fremantle and returning on the 3rd of September. They are hoping for a really good turn out this year ad hopefully it will be a celebration of a Ban on uranium mining.

10. Pugwash meetings (London):
25th April – ‘What underlies North Korea’s drive to acquire nuclear weapons?’ – A talk by John Everand, former diplomat – UCL – More info here – Facebook here
27th April – ‘Global Climate Finance: Securing a low carbon future’ – Seminar with Federico Mazza from Climate Policy Initiative

0. Next Edinburgh Stop the War Meeting, Monday 17th April
We are meeting at 7.30pm at the Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN
There’ll be a general discussion about current events. The escalation of the bombing in the Middle East is leading to thousands of civilian casualties and a dangerous military stand-off is developing between Russia and the West. Trump is also escalating tensions in the Asia Pacific and on the Korean peninsula, including through the deployment of warships to Korean waters. We’ll be planning for activities over the next few weeks – if you haven’t been to one of these meetings before you will be very welcome.

1. The EP&JC invites applications for the post of part time Administrator,
15-16 hours per week negotiable.Salary: £18,940 to £21,220 / year pro rata (£10.38 / hour) Job Purpose To provide support and assistance to the Coordinator – ensuring all the day-to-day aspects of running the Centre work smoothly – from membership records to event management to recording financial transactions of the charity.
FESTIVAL CO-ORDINATOR Play a central role in the world’s only world justice festival! Freelance contract, June – October 2017 – £6,000
The Festival Co-ordinator will work with the Steering Group to organise the EWJF 2017 programme, taking responsibility for planning the festival, compiling the programme, overssing promotion and supporting delivery of the festival. The festival has been run until noe entirely by volunteers; we now wish to expand its reach and impact.

A PETITION: a better way to use government funding? https://petition.parliament.uk /petitions/195077
N.B. The petition to appoint a minister for peace and disarmament only made489 signatures BUT THERE IS TIME TO ADD YOURS!

RECENT NEWS ITEMS (updated often)
Please email edinburghcnd@yahoo.com

Click to access assuring-destruction-forever-2017.pdf


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