Edinburgh CND News 9th August 2017

STREET ACTIVITIES (please help if you can)
1. On Saturday12th August  Edinburgh CND will be leafleting from12 30 at the East End of Princes Street.
2. Scottish CND has received permission to hold stalls in Edinburgh on Fridays in August. The probable format is as follows. Please help if you are able:
i) set up table with some leaflets at far end of Princes Street across from Balmoral Hotel – formerly North British Hotel .
ii) run stall from 2 pm – 6 pm on Friday August 11 , Friday August 18 and Friday August 25
iii) as table and leafleting is running – do some collecting with cans.
iv) have space on stall for locally based groups to put literature and other materials on the stall (that they bring)
v) anyone who can be at the stall or rattle a collecting can on the designated dates – even for a short while will be most welcome
++++3. Next trip to Faslane Peacecamp will be on Wednesday 16th or 23rd. E-mail edinburghcnd@yahoo.com if you wish to go
 ++++4. Stop Press: Listen to Radio 4 Sunday, 9 am, ‘Broadcasting House’ on catch up. Bruce Kent and Rebecca Johnson talking about the current situation between America and North Korea.
Today (9th August)  is the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. Last Sunday we remembered Hiroshima. CND reminds us that this is a time to reflect on the horrific consequences of nuclear weapons. It is also a chance to move our campaign forward. This year, the anniversary of the bombings is particularly poignant, as the UN has recently adopted a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, which will be open for signature on 20th September. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days remind us of the importance of campaigning for a world free of nuclear weapons, and this treaty is a step towards that goal. CND, SCND and ECND are working to hold the government to account on this treaty, but we need everyone’s help.
ICAN has published a Parliamentary Pledge to try and get our elected representatives publicly supporting the treaty. I know Parliament is currently in recess but please spread it amongst your network so that campaigners have it in their toolbox: http://bit.ly/2uBHKR1
There is a short UK focused video linking the pledge with Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the UK so please spread it on social media.
++++++STOP PRESS from CND Donald Trump has threatened North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” as the world remembers the 72nd anniversary of the US atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. Carol Turner, CND vice chair, said:
“It’s Nagasaki Day today, when the world remembers the US atomic bomb that hit a Japanese city unleashing a fire storm and winds of 9,000 miles an hour and killing 100,000 people. “It beggars belief that the US president has chosen the 72nd anniversary to threaten North Korea with ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’. These words mark the real possibility of a nuclear confrontation. “Trump’s outrageous statement in the present climate cannot be interpreted as simply words. He has ratcheted up international tensions, already high, taking the world closer to nuclear warfare than we’ve been for many years.
“The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament condemns Trump’s comments and we call on the British government to take swift action to de-escalate this terrifying crisis before it’s too late.”
1. Origami Cranes Workshops Saturdays in August 2-4pm at the peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN
2. CAAT Drumming workshops.We know your drumming itch is getting worse and worse since last week’s workshop had to be cancelled due to adverse weather.
Since many of us are either at the demonstrations against the Israeli government funded Festival of Shalom (see https://www.commonspace.scot/ articles/11435/yvonne-ridley- israels-dark-arts-are-play- edinburgh-nicola-sturgeon- should-be-wary for more info) or out of town, you will have to build up your drumming muscles in other ways for one more week and on the 15 August we can finally hit things with a stick together again. You know what I mean!
So far it looks like next weekend and the start of next week will be dry, so fingers crossed we’ll have the weather on our side. Some drizzle won’t matter as we’ll be sheltered by the Pavilion Café again!
So see you on Tuesday 15 August 2017, 6.30-9pm at the Pavilion Café in the Meadows, for the final collaborative drumming workshop with RoR and CAAT!

3.Glasgow: Info workshop and Nonviolent Direct Action Training around the DSEI Arms Fair 11am-5pm Sat 12th August 2017 CALL OUT to take part in the No to Nuclear Blockade of the DSEI Arms Fair on Wednesday 6th September 2017, Excel Centre London.
Trident Ploughshares invite you to a day of information on the DESI Arms Fair and Non-Violent Direct Action Training on Saturday 12th August 2017 in Glasgow. The info session and training will take place at Glasgow Autonomous Space. 11am-12.30pm: Info on the DSEI Arms Fair and Stop The Arms FairWeek Of Action against it. 12.30-1pm snacks and tea (please bring something to share) 1pm-5pm NVDA Training The call-out is with a view to invite Scottish participants to the No to Nuclear blockade day of the DSEI Arms Fair on Wednesday 6th September. Please come along even if you are unsure but would like to know more. There will be no pressure to sign up and NVDA Trainings are always fun and interesting! For those who do wish to participate, Trident Ploughshareswill be working with Yorkshire CND and others to facilitate the No to Nuclear Day of Action, travel and crash space near London. To register for the training or for more information email: leonnaoneill@gmail.com

4. Plays at the Fringe: (a) an anti-nuclear lawyer suspiciously dying in an accident
1 year post Hilda Murrell @ New Town Theatre,  Freemasons Hall in Hill Street.3,000 Trees Death of Mr William Macrae is about an anti-nuclear man who died in suspicious circumstances a year after Hilda Murrell from6th August at 14.50 daily. (b) Worth catching if you missed it last month (same venue) http://www.developingartists.org.uk/our-projects/and-here-i-am:-palestine
(c) STUC women’s Committee recommend  story of Edith Rigby Suffragette & advocate of workers’ rights, education for all  (d) https://www.eif.co.uk/2017/spiritofunity#.WZCazK2ZOb-
5. Ban Treaty Working Group  NEXT MEETING. 5th September at 4 p.m. in SCND offices in Glasgow. Minutes of the August meeting are available.
We are hoping that our September Open meeting will be a report back from the Ban Treaty conference. Watch this space.
Nagasaki: Midori’s Rosary – a poem by Rowan Williams

The air is full of blurred words. Something
has changed in the war’s weather. The children
(whose children will show me this) have been sent
to the country. In the radiology lab,
Takashi fiddles, listening to the ticking bomb
in his blood cells, thinks, once, piercingly,
of her hands and small mouth, knotting him in
to the long recital of silent lives
under the city’s surface, the ripple of blurred Latin,
changing nothing in the weather of death and confession,
thinks once, in mid-morning, of a kitchen floor, flash-frozen.

When, in the starburst’s centre,
the little black mouth opens, then clenches,
and the flaying wind smoothes down the grass
and prints its news black on bright blinding
walls, when it sucks back the milk
and breath and skin, and all the world’s vowels
drown in flayed throats, the hard things,
bone and tooth, fuse into consonants of stone,
Midori’s beads melt in a single mass
around the shadow with its blackened hands
carved with their little weeping lips.

Days earlier, in Hiroshima, in what was left
of the clinic chapel, little Don Pedro, turning
from the altar to say, The Lord be with you,
heard, suddenly, what he was about to claim,
seeing the black lips, the melted bones,
and so, he said, he stood, his small mouth
open, he never knew how long, his hands
out like a starburst, while the dialogue
of stony voiceless consonants ground across
the floor, like gravel in the wind, and the two
black mouths opened against each other,

Nobody knowing for a while
which one would swallow which.

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