Edinburgh CND News 16th August

Show your opposition to Trump’s nuclear war mongering. Friday 18th and Friday 25th August from 2pm – 6pm at the east end of Princes Street by the Wellington Statue. Scottish CND, Edinburgh CND and Edinburgh Stop the War are joining together to leaflet and petition and demonstrate our opposition to Trump’s policy and the support it seems to have from the Westminster government.
PETITION: http://act.cnduk.org/petition/StopNuclearWar
A general leaflet and petition on arms sales to Saudia Arabia and the impact on Yemen can both be downloaded from the ESTW resources page at http://www.scotlandstopwar.org/
+++++++18th August: CND Press release: Tensions continue to run high between the US and North Korea, yet the Prime Minister hasn’t thought it fit to comment.
The world is probably closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis after Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un engaged in a terrifying war of words over many days. See Website for letter to Teresa May
The US Embassy declined to accept a letter from a delegation of journalists, writers, and peace activists. The letter calls on the United States government to stop its nuclear brinkmanship in the crisis with North Korea.
Millions of people around the world are concerned about the growing threat of nuclear war. Civil society organisations are calling on the British government to call for restraint and a different approach by Britain’s main ally. British Prime Minister Theresa May has been silent about the crisis, despite tensions continuing to grow.
The letter:
We the undersigned are extremely concerned about the growing international tension and the dangerous threats that have been exchanged between the Presidents of the U.S. and North Korea.  
We strongly urge President Trump and the U.S. government to employ the utmost restraint and to immediately engage in diplomatic talks with the aim of defusing the current situation. 
It is unthinkable that the threat of nuclear annihilation should be considered as acceptable. At this time people around the world are remembering the effects of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. We are reminded of the death, pain and suffering that occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and are determined that people should not have to suffer like that again.
Negotiation and talks to increase understanding between the U.S. and North Korea and to ease the tension must be the way forward. May we humbly remind you that in 2010 a cross-party group of parliamentarians from Japan and South Korea proposed the negotiation of a North East Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone as a solution to the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. This remains a sensible and productive way forward, especially in light of the recent agreement by 120 nations in the United Nations to recognise that nuclear weapons, and threats of their use, are unacceptable and should be made illegal.
People around the world are extremely anxious for their future and we request that you convey our plea for calm and peace between nations to President Trump. We trust that statements defusing the situation can be issued immediately and a diplomatic solution will be sought as soon as possible.
The letter was handed in by: Giles Fraser, journalist and priest; Victoria Brittain, writer and journalist; Bruce Kent, peace activist; Jan Wolf, playwright; Helen Drewery, Quakers in Britain; Carol Turner, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition; Murad Qureshi, Stop the War Coalition
At approximately 1.15pm, the letter will be read out by a member of the delegation. Other members will make verbal contributions before the letter is handed in to the US Embassy. The letter itself will be published tomorrow morning on the CND web site and sent out as a press release and there will be Visuals for photographers
Supporters of civil society organisations involved in the delegation are expected to be in attendance. They will hold placards calling for an end to the race to nuclear war.
Watch Bruce Kent’s BBC 1 discussion about the growing crisis between the United States and North Korea on BBC 1.
Bruce was also interviewed for Radio 4’s Broadcasting House program – he was asked how worried are you?
The Scottish CND Global Ban Treaty Working Group are organising a public meeting on on Wed,  23rd of Aug at 7 pm in the Rainbow Room of the Quaker Meeting House (38 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow, G2 4PS).
The United Nations Treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons was adopted in July in New York. A Scottish Civil Society Team, including Scottish CND, and other Scottish partners in the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons attended and participated.
This will be a participative meeting, so following a report back from those involved, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and raise issues.

UNFOLD ZERO writes:  UNFOLD ZERO is working with our co-founding organisations, in particular Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (PNND) and the Global Security Institute, for a diplomatic solution to the North Korea nuclear crisis We are also working to reduce the threat of a nuclear catastrophe in other regions (such as Europe and South Asia), and to advance United Nations initiatives and processes to achieve the global prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

1.’The increasing tensions and threat of military conflict over North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities makes a diplomatic solution of vital importance and highest priority,’ according to Alyn Ware, Global Coordinator for Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (PNND). In the United States, 64 members of the US House of Representatives have endorsed a letter to President Trump led by PNND members  John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), Barbara Lee (D-CA), and Congressman Jim McGovern, reminding the President that military strikes without Congressional approval would violate the Constitution, and urging him to follow a diplomatic approach. In May 2010, a cross-party group of parliamentarians from Japan and South Korea proposed the negotiation of a North East Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone as a solution to the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. The group included a number of former Foreign Ministers as we as the current Foreign Minister Taro Kono, a Co-President of PNND at the time.                                                                                                                                                           2. (with Basle Peace office) August 12 is the United Nations International Youth Day. The theme this year is Youth Building Peace. One important way youth can help build peace is to promote the global abolition of nuclear weapons. August 12 is the United Nations International Youth Day. The theme this year is Youth Building Peace. One important way youth can help build peace is to promote the global abolition of nuclear weapons.

News from other organisations:                                                                                                   1. Los Alamos (brief) Bulletin 234: Los Alamos Study Group

2. ICAN  A.. UK and Ireland Mayors for Peace Briefing which outlines activity at last week’s Mayors for Peace General Conference in Japan. It should be of interest to disarmament NGOs and ICAN / NTR group members BNFLA media release on the Nagasaki Appeal and Special Resolution from the 9th General Conference of Mayors for Peace. 

3. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists articles on the North Korea nuclear crisis.

4. AUSTRALIA: the activities against Uranium mining continue:For the latest update: https://walkingforcountry

5. Labour CND has prepared two Contemporary Motions which they hope Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) will submit for debate at September’s Labour Party conference. You can download the motions from their web site.

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