Edinburgh CND AGM

The 2020 Edinburgh CND AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 15th DECEMBER and will be held at 6pm by Zoom (joining instructions to follow)

There will be 2 main items for the Agenda:

1. Plans for next year (see below for a January activity). There will also me a meeting with Medea Benjamin (details to follow)

2. The election of new ‘officers’ for the group. We will need a new Treasurer and more Secretarial help (especially in the area of social media).

To aid the Secretarial work we are considering hiring a part-time Admin assistant  at a wage of £10/hr x up to 10 hours per month = 1,200 per annum (with consideration that National minimum wage is £8.72) so please pass this to anyone who maybe interested and ask them to contact us, at this address (edinburghcnd@yahoo.com), for more details.

Penny Stone is collating a video to celebrate the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on 22nd Jan, and you’re all invited to contribute. This email has all the information you need. There are lots of possible instructions, but the simple information is just: Listen to the can-can track and video yourself dancing along for 30 seconds. Or there are two photo options for those of you who would find a video too much of a challenge. If you’re feeling fancy, you can record some audio, but it’s the dancing that is the thing we need most of!

All of the information is copied below and is also on my website here www.singlouderthanguns.com/campaigning-videos/

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