Edinburgh CND January 2021(updated mid-Jan)

Wishing all our supporters a peaceful New Year

On Sunday 31 Jan Helensburgh CND are having a big “Beyond Nuclear” conference. All invited.: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/beyond-nuclear-tickets-134540645693 

The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons comes in on 22nd January.

Scottish CND is planning a “week of action” leading up to Entry into Force, with a different call to action each day. They are  aiming to publicise this in newsletters and on the website(www.banthebomb.org). Edinburgh CND will be supporting Scottish CND actions.

Please follow us on social media (look for Edinburgh CND on FB and Twitter and Scottish CND on Instagram), if you don’t already, as we’ll be mostly doing this through social media. Please share our messages.

As part of the build up:Edinburgh CND will be holding a Zoom planning meeting on Tuesday 12th January at 6pm. Please see website or Face Book for details.

On Monday 18th January Medea Benjamin, of the US Peace Group ‘Code Pink’, will be speaking on ‘Prospects for War and Peace after the US elections’ https://www.facebook.com/events/185797639930823?

Sadly, this event has had to be postponed because Medea is ill.more news to follow.


  1. We welcomed Lauren McSwiggen who will be our new admin assistant from 1st February.
  2. .Members have been forwarded several emails with details of activities leading up to TPNW (Treaty on theProhibition of Nuclear Weapons) ratification on the 22nd January, eg bell ringing, writing to the press etc. from SCND and ICAN(international Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons). See above 3.
  3. 18th January online talk by Medea Benjamin of Code Pink (see Facebook event above), Ken offered to send out a link to part of her evidence at a Congressional hearing. NB

Sadly, this event has had to be postponed because Medea is ill.more news to follow.

‘ Beyond Nuclear’ online day conference 11.00am-4.30pm Sunday 31st January (SCND)-sliding scale of ticket prices on Eventbrite,.

Scottish Parliamentary Elections Thursday 6th May-most campaigning will be online

£20 sent on our behalf for UK CND’s appeal for a newspaper ad. 

We have contacted AUOB (All Under One Banner) to try and alter AUOB’s chosen date for their Glasgow march of Saturday 1st May, which clashes with Edinburgh May Day. There was discussion around the difficulty of communicating with AUOB and the likelihood of whether and when large gatherings of people will restart.

Fundraiser’s Report. Malcolm still sorting and selling bikes etc to raise funds, can sell almost anything on Ebay or Gumtree, more donations always needed. ECND are still booked for a stall at the Corstorphine Fair on Saturday 5th June, and will attend the Meadows festival on Sunday 6th (and Leith Festival) if they run.

4.Covid Situation. Member Rab updated the meeting on his work with Educational Institute of Scotland on safety issues in schools in the current pandemic. Note also There is a Zero Covid conference on Saturday 16th recommended:
5.. Upcoming 10th Anniversary of Fukushima, Japan, Nuclear Crisis following the Tsunami (11/3/11). Rika agreed, if her work commitments permit, to give a brief presentation to members at our March meeting (Tuesday 2nd at 6pm, Zoom) on the situation today at Fukushima.
6.. Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd February at 6pm on Zoom

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