Minutes of Edinburgh CND meeting – Tuesday 1st March

Present: Anne Milne, Akiko Haga, Ken Benjamin (Chair), Malcolm Bruce, Lynn Jameson, Isobel Smith, Lee Gates, Mary Archibald, 

Apologies: Barbara Maver

1. Ukraine. There was a discussion of the war in Ukraine after introductions. 

The group agreed to donate £100 to the International Red Cross Appeal.

MB to ask BM to send ICRC a cheque.

2. Ukraine Demo Sunday 6th 3pm, assemble junction of Castle Street and Princes St.

Bring placards etc, blue and yellow. MB to deliver Edin CND banner to KB before Sunday.

3. Mayday Saturday 7th May 

Rally at Pleasance after march from Johnstone Terr.

Speaker from Peace camp, tribute to Eileen Cook, Penny Stone to sing.

Edin CND stall at Pleasance.

4. Corstorphine Fair

Saturday 4th June, Edin CND stall selling plants etc.

Lee Gates may provide cards for sale.

Volunteers needed on day and before.

5. Treasurer’s Report

MB to request report for February from BM

6. Website. MB to ask Lauren if she’s consider doing light touch regular updates.

7. Date Of Next Meeting. Tuesday 5th April 2022.

Some discussion of Face to face vs Zoom or alternating.

Face to face agreed.

Suggested venues:

LG to investigate Walpole Hall

KB to investigate Ryries Bar and Mercat Bar

KB to decide venue and inform Lauren by Tuesday 29th April

8 AOB. MB suggested a getting a small business card or postcard printed with group info and contact info on it.

For handing to people at stalls etc and pinning on notice boards.

ACTION ALL: copy for this please, also artwork. Have you any designer contacts?

There was further discussion of the situation in Ukraine.

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